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NSE Adani, Apollo, & Ambuja Cements – Acceleration Phase

Free NSE ADANITRANS tips chart elliott wave

Adani Transmission in Final 5th Wave (Closing Price: 1869.9)

According to Elliott Wave projection, Adani Transmission price will hike and touch 2118 – 2304 – 2364 levels. And the day traders can expect 1920 – 1946 levels.

Invalidation and accurate entry-level are available for premium members only.

Apollo Hospitals Technical Analysis – Bullish double bottom appears to have formed (Closing Price: 4164)

APOLLO HOSP has formed double bottom pattern formation by retesting strong support of the 4010 level. And if we see consecutive closing prices above to current closing level, then Apollo Hospitals’ shares may come to hit the 4300 – 4400 levels before the month end.

Or if it will break the support level, then don’t buy because that’s the demand zone. And this breakdown can hit hard to this stock. Apollo Hospitals’ stock price may collapse up to 3896 – 3780 – 3670 – 3460.

Ambuja Cements: Head-And-Shoulder Pattern Kick Starts Bearish Outlook (Closing Price: 375.9)

Strong Resistance: 392
NSE Ambuja Cements price recently created a bearish head and shoulders pattern, meaning it will fall. But if it will bounce back and touch 392 level, then invalidation. Otherwise, be ready for the following levels: 360 – 352 – 346.

Freemium: DLF, Jubilant Foodworks, & Naukri Tips

free nse JUBLFOOD stocks tips chart

Jubilant Foodworks May Break Apr 2020 Parallel Channel (Closing Price: 3671.05)

JUBLFOOD is running under the parallel channel from Apr 2020. But this time, its downtrend power is more compared to the previous corrections. Hence, we may see an excess here likes spotted on the resistance trendline. Once it gets done, it will start an uptrend and come back to the control price.

Further information I will update due to market hours for the premium members only.

DLF: Falling, Beginning of a New Downtrend? (Closing Price: 401.15)

If you bought DLF, then don’t take it lightly. The last trading session closing price is below to support level of 407. And if it remains below that, then a downtrend will initiate again. Moreover, DLF prices may decrease up to 386 – 374 – 360.

Invalidation: the downtrend can stop at yesterday’s high.

Naukri Continues To Grind Lower (Closing Price: 5955.70)

Strong Resistance: 6182
When will Naukri stock price stop declining? The uptrend will resume after a breakout of the strong resistance level.

Next Support Level: 5500
Be ready for the levels of 5796 – 5700 – 5660.

NSE – HDFC, Tata Consultancy, & Tech Mahindra Ready to Blast

HDFC Elliott Wave Chart Tips

HDFC – 5th Wave Opportunity (Closing Price: 3492.95)

According to Elliott Wave theory, HDFC stock price will keep drilling upward. And we may see Housing Development Fin price at the following levels: 2986 – 3049 – 3153. But intraday traders should worry about the support trendline of the parallel channel because HDFC price may try to retest the support trendline before the trend continuation.

Accurate entry-level + Stop loss = Available for premium subscribers only.

TCS: This Rise Is A TRAP (Closing Price: 3492.95)

According to the last trading session, TCS prices may hike up to 3560 from here. But this can be a trap for buyers. Technically, we cannot see an upside rally before retesting of 3400 – 3360 – 3320 levels.

Tech Mahindra Trying To Break All-Time High (Closing Price: 1524.10)

Technically, TECHM is trying to make a new all-time high. The day’s candles are making long wicks from the past four trading sessions. And if you look into volume, tech Mahindra stock is trying to throw out the sellers. We may see 1590 – 1636+.

Moreover, if it breakdown the level of 1460, then beware because this level breakout can stop upside rally. And the stock price may fall up to 1430 – 1380.

Unlocking The Next Targets of MCX Gold, Crude oil, & Aluminium

free gold 4hour daily chart tips

Gold Price Slowly Going Upside

Key levels: 48113 – 47616
MCX gold has been moving under the range of 48113 – 47616. It’s a very crucial point. We may see a continued uptrend ahead if it breaks and close above 0.382 retracement level. That can be up to 48260 – 48490 – 48600 – 48700.

And if it breakdown the 0.5 retracement level, then we may see 47496 – 47300 – 47160.

Kindly note, 47616 is strong support.

Beware, Crude Oil Bulls – That’s the Beginning of the End

crude oil tipsBarrier: 6290 level
Crude oil may keep running upward for the levels of 62360 – 6500+. To maintain an uptrend, it has to crossover the hurdle level of 6290 by closing above.

And if it breaks the level of 6060, then wait for my update.

Aluminium Is Going To Test Critical Technical Support Levels

MCX Aluminium is coming back to the strong support of 226.6. Be ready to jump on it.

Read more

Will Nifty Hit 18480 Before Weekend?

free nse nifty live intraday chart tips


Click here and read the day before yesterday’s live nifty call.

I had written in bold words, “If nifty breaks the upper band of the parallel channel, our following targets will be.
Target 1: 18164
Target 2: 18241

free nse nifty stocks tips chart


Today nifty has made a high of 18293.35 in the opening bell (in 1 minute’s time frame). And touch the last target of 18241.

Jindal Steel & Power:

Click the below link to read the Jindal Steel & PWR call:

I had written, “Key level: 406
…It needs to break/close above 406 level to touch the 416 – 426 – 432+ levels”.

Jindal Steel & PWR has made a high of 442.55 and touched all targets.

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Nifty & Angel Broking Tips Updates

free nse stocks angel broking tips chart


Did you read the previous Elliott Wave projection of Angel broking? Click the below link to read that report again:

I had written in bold words, “The target for Swing Traders:
Target 1: 1525
Target 2: 1632
Target 3: 1764

free angel broking daily chart tips


Angel broking’s first (1525 level) and second target (1632 level) has reached today. Will it hit the last target price?

free nse nifty live intraday chart tips


We are recommending to buy nifty while it was at 17000 level. That means from the September month beginning. First, read yesterday’s analysis of Nifty by clicking here: Nifty Sellers Crushed Again

I had written in bold words, “If nifty breaks the upper band of the parallel channel, our following targets will be:
Target 1: 18164
Target 2: 18241

free nse nifty daily chart tips


Nifty has touched the first target today.

You must read the below article:

free nifty stock tips daily chart


Click below link to read 2nd September 2021 Full Report of Nifty:
EWT – Will nifty hit 18000 before September end?

In the first newsletter, I had written that extending wave (5) should easily travel above 18000 and is likely to continue toward 18480.
Target 1: 18000
Target 2: 18142
Target 3: 18350
Target 4: 18480

free stock market nifty daily chart tips updates


Nifty has touched the second target of the positional call. Do you think it will hit all targets? I will update you soon.

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