mcx natural gas intraday tips

Commodity Natural gas, Copper & Mentha oil Calls – Money Making Time

Copper: Overbought?

free copper tipsYesterday copper’s price climbed 11.5 rupees moreover it has broken last two-month resistance (432.8). If copper doesn’t close below resistance in next trading session, it will hit 446 – 450 – 454 – 460 levels.

Natural gas Intraday Tips / Update

natural gas intraday tipsFirst, we would like to know how many of you bought the natural gas? You must read the previous report of NG: Click here

I had written, “Today Natural gas can move upside up to 206 – 207.5. It may also try to touch 209 level”.

Natural gas Intraday Call’s all targets has come. What will the next targets? To Read the full report, subscribe now.

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mcx mentha oil tips

Mentha oil: Divergence

Mentha oil’s current month contract opening price and closing price is the same and it interprets that the previous trend is coming to an end.

Further information will update on the next newsletter.

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Intraday nifty Future 19th Sept 2018:

Wait for break down level and resistance.

NIFTY opened 40 points and till not have strength… just be careful while long position. Yesterday we have seen huge selling in last hrs of trading over the Nifty.

Intraday nifty has Resistance is too far in downtrend flag, so just be careful in trading. We ll alert when clarification in Nifty future with exact level.

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Updated on TIME: 12:45 PM (19th Sept. 2018)

NIFTY future has support 11291-11301 nearby, if nifty not break down 11300 below and stay for 5min.. then we can see this support is good for 48-76 points up move.

Incase, breaking 11300 and stay few min below will harmful for long traders.



free nickel tips chart

Trend Analysis: Gold, Silver, Crude oil, Natural gas & Nickel Forecasts

free silver tips

Silver Awaits Fundamental Shift

If silver will crossover and show closing price above 37580, we may see the following levels: 37900 – 38160 – 38300 – 38500+

Level 37580 is a hurdle. Below to this hurdle, a downtrend is waiting. How much? I will update if it requires.

natural gas tips

Natural Gas New Intermediate Cycle: Bullish?

Today Natural gas can move upside up to 206 – 207.5. It may also try to touch 209 level.

More information will update on Market hours for the premium subscribers only.

free commodity mcx nickel tips updatesNickel: Cautiously Bullish [Update]

Keep your eyes on Nickel. A complete breakout of 884.6 can initiate a storm. For further information refer our previous article of Nickel by click here.

Gold vs. Crude oil: A Big Move Coming up

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free forex USDCAD index forecast


free forex USDCAD index forecast

Position Above 1.28991 with targets 1.31733 – 1.32595 – 1.33381 in extension.
Below 1.28991 look for further downside with 1.28104 – 1.27378 as targets.

Have you missed the exact level for EURUSD and USDJPY? Click here for previous report.
What is next For EURUSD and USDJPY?

free forex eurusd forecast and update

A buyer could enter between 1.15295 – 1.15127 levels?
Position Above the buyer zone with targets 1.16040 – 1.16502 in extension.
Below the buyer zone look for further downside with 1.14731 – 1.14360 – 1.14062 as targets.
EURUSD index may strongly support found at 1.15127 level.

EURUSD : Chart for smart traders, we will provide you Entry level on the application.

usdjpy free forecast

USDJPY : Follow Chart, Next target 113.010 level.

Position Above 110.998 with targets 111.204 – 111.304 – 111.548 – 111.689 in extension.
Below 110.998 look for further downside with 110.898 – 110.792 – 109.759 as targets.


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Did you enjoy our last daily nifty future updated?

In the last, we clearly mentioned 11304 is the support from where Nifty started to recover, Are you till waiting to use our level!

Now, nifty opened with gap up and we have seen in last secession sharp buyers, who is was them! Well,….

Just, 1st hours to clear the direction of nifty future. Intraday resistance 11496-11511 and buyers expected 11436-11451 if nifty till stronger, then you will not see breaking 11430 below…


Resistance of NIFTY is cleared 11496 and another trade is at 11520.

For targets 11449-11432

Be careful of NIFTY future, because if this is perfect trade then, nifty will start to move down side before 11:30


17th Sept. 2018 (updated on)

We have received a lot emails and messages from Free subscribers because, we give you email and updated on Moneymunch, that Nifty last Resistance is 11546 nearby which triggered Friday in last 30min. Of trading. YES we sent message to paid Subscribers to sell Nifty 11520. We found hundreds of Free Subscribers holding position on Nifty Short. THEREFORE, we are going to update for you soon.

Nifty is weak and weak… Don’t exit from short position…. We ll update chart… here soon.


  • koadigant

    sir i subscribed you yesterday 3 years package, i recived today you buy call on nifty 11297 but i bought at 11301 and till holding should i wait for 11358 or more?

  • murlidhar

    Thanks to all of you we must keep control on mind our aim always gain more and more .Recommondation 100 % accurate .

  • Lakshmi Tripathi

    Nifty it was 11370 and i have bought and solde at 11400 and got a great profit..... thankyou sir

  • Umair Abuhusaina

    I am Umair Abuhusaina and buy 300 lots in nifty call and booked a great amount of profit..... where you told support ......

  • narayana swamy

    Your support was very perfect and i am still holding some of my position and waiting for the resistance......

  • Anand Sharma

    In nifty i have taken 5 lots where you have gave suppor and booked a profit it was very perfect thank you sir ....... some more like this

  • MoneyMunch

    We have sent you an email with the required details. Thank you!

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