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2020/07/10 18:00:00


NTPC trade approach:

The stock is trading near the support of curve line.
It has already formed a M-top pattern that is double top.
The stock is trading in between 100 and 90 price.

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free commodity gold chart calls

Gold Long-term Trend Analysis, Tips, & Chart

free commodity gold chart calls

As per the chart above, gold is trying to take a U-Turn. It can slip for 47460 – 46760 – 46260 levels.

As per the S-RSI, it will start running upside soon for the dynamic resistance level of 53900. Hence, targets: 49560 – 50000 – 52000 – 53000+

Don’t forget to keep your eyes on downtrend level 46260.

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free commodity zinc tips chart

Zinc Trading Strategy & Tips with Hourly Chart

free commodity zinc tips chart

As per the above chart, the parallel channel’s uptrend line can use as a stop loss.

Hurdle: 162.6

Based on the current trend:
Uptrend targets: 165 – 170+

Based on Fib. Retracement:
Downtrend targets: 158.2 – 152.2 – 149.2

Accurate entry-level, targets, and stop-loss will update for the premium members only by Moneymunch’s mobile app.

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INFY modernize plan explication:

On INFY there is a perfect channel is formed. The stock is revolving between the channel.
Price is currently near the control line. It is expected to move from the current level to 752 price point, that is till B point.

Below 723 price can be bearish .

free forex gbpusd chart tips

British Pound (GBPUSD) Struggling At This Support

free forex gbpusd chart tips

Keep your eyes peeled at the support trendline. It could fly from here for 1.25300 level. But this can happen only after two consecutive positive close.

As per the S RSI, it’s under downtrend. Hence, complete breakout means a direct target of 1.21000.

Note: beware to fakeout.

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  • murlidhar

    is there any profitbooking now near 10900 what is the last trgt up move do not understand last ur guide on 10550 profit booking increase 400 point but not any sugession how nifty run?

  • siva rama gopala krishnaiah Talluri

    Beautifully presented. I'm learning. Thanks

  • Ankan Roy

    Your idea is very strong and your plan is great.

  • Akhil Yog Sagar

    I booked good profit based on your idea for SBI card few days back, will watch out for any dip in infy.

  • Arun Govil

    The keyword here is "predictive" and "getting it right." Of course, the probability of this going the other way is also there. If that happens, it is part of learning. Thanks for your charts, I always learn something new...

  • Mofida Yasmin

    Good analysis and predictive. What sets you apart is you are getting it right most times.

  • Piyush Rana

    I earned good money from your this research. its perfect.

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