No need to worry if short wave is up for spot nifty.

Nifty is following our trend channel.

No need to worry if the short wave is up, finally if it’s up then it will not brak 12072 below.

But since today, nifty has taken resistance as the previous R.

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We will think short side only trade below 12070 below for spot level

Lets achieve our target by nifty spot.

Last call was nifty future on the way of long(buy) side.

The price is moving toward the channel target 12150 nearby at value high and control price has stronger gravitating. Be careful after reaching nearby 12150 (Resistance) for long traders.

Above the Control Price (12085), its clear way to move 12156

Below call was given to subscribers only.

Buy Nifty future Nov. 12000 above for targets 12100 ad 12172


free crude oil tips chart

Counter-trend Rally: MCX Gold, Silver, Crude oil & Jeera

free gold calls chart

Gold & Silver: Decision Time

Gold prices stuck in the range of 37500 – 38600 levels. What will happen next? The full Gold report will be updated soon for the premium subscribers only.

Silver’s traders can read our last report. It’s very close to our levels: MCX Silver Intraday Trend Analysis & Tips

free crude oil tips chart

Crude oil Golden Long-Term Opportunity

As per the chart, the resistance trendline is crucial here. You can take the 4140 levels as a trend changer. Above resistance trendline, looks for further upside with 4240 – 4360 – 4440+.

But in the week beginning, 4100 – 4060 expected levels.

ncdex jeera calls & charts

Jeera – What Next?

Jeera’s next support level is 15700 level. After the breakout of support, we can expect 15500 – 15300 levels as targets.
Above 16340 (or upper trendline breakout) looks for further upside with 16600 – 16900 – 17160+ as targets.

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free silver tips chart

MCX Silver Intraday Trend Analysis & Tips

free silver tips chart

It’s Time to Get Serious about Silver

This chart is enough for advance traders to initiate a position on silver today. Subscribe now to get accurate entry-level, stop loss, and targets during the market hours.

Did you read yesterday silver’s intraday call report? If not, click here.
Its first target achieved yesterday.

Even our premium subscribers also bought silver at 44680 levels and booked full at 44840 levels.

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free silver tips charts

MCX Gold & Silver: Charts & Tips for today

free silver tips charts

Time to pick up Silver

As per this chart, silver has created a tail under the control price line. Under the control price line, we can expect the following targets: 44360 – 44000 – 43500 levels below.

And above to the control price line, targets are 45000 – 45500+.

It’s just a short-term outlook of silver. If you watch out the below chart, the current trend of silver will come out. But for the intraday traders only.

free silver tips chart

Only for the advanced traders:
Hurdle: 44580
Upward: 44800 – 44860 – 44900+ levels
Downward: 44500 – 44400 levels

free gold tips charts

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Intraday scenario for spot nifty

Since few days, we did not provide any research or call after EDELWEISS researched and achieved target 128 from 97. We are working o strategy which can you give profit of consistancy. Almost all our energy applying behind Tail Trade Strategy which will be launch shortly.

These all levels are important for day traders today. 12022 is easy to reach if trade 11962 above.

To read all reports from 2009 to 2019 years


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