Intraday chart and setup with option trade on NIFTY.

If remember our 3 days before, then spot nifty exactly following it. Let me add here link of that.

Following link updated daily:

first update

second update

third update

Observer project in a chart.

Nifty is going to open 35-45 points positive, Resistance can be 11490 nearby and support 11428 nearby.

Trade-in options can generate a good amount of profit.

Positional side:
Price not far from 11560-11625 which is the long term channel resistance. The controlled price is too far from it. You can check the daily chart updated by us for clarification about this.

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Everything from Long to short time-frame footprint of PEL.

This stock can full your packet.

(Piramal Enterprises Ltd)

  • Flag Pattern
  • Unclear Head and shoulders pattern (Price is trading at neckline)
  • Channel with control price


Cycling Observation:
For Oct. 2017, Over-Reaction observed in Nov and Dec 2017.

The month of Oct and 2018 have been seen Over-reaction with the change of the Volume.

Currently the Oct 2019, a price is out of the channel and it has been just 10 days of this month.


A sharp look at Volume:
Volume for the last 10 days is equal to the Average Volume of the last 5 months.

There are still 20 days left until the end of the month of Oct, even though the 10 days volume and price is outside of the channel. This is the clear sign of TAIL before ending this month.


Question is, Why the price is outside of the downtrend channel?
-> Before the answer this question, you must understand the sentiment of the investors. If we talk technically, price breaking 50 days M.A. the fear of spreading within the investors. Informed and Uninformed both investors having fear but Pro Investors will take action when price over-react.

If you have little knowledge of technical analysis, then you can easily understand the above weekly chart of (Piramal Enterprises Ltd).

The daily chart of Oct. 2018

Looking at Oct 2018 and comparing it with Oct 2019, we get an idea of the upcoming movement of this stock. Shortly, I will update for paid Subscribers this daily chart and 30-min chart for taking action.

Intraday trade plan for NIFTY.

Yesterday, We have predicted Resistance 11395 (high made 11420) and reversed to the level 11312 after this resistance. It was closed 11331.

Above 11292 is good for (5) wave, therefore support 11297 nearby for up move. Break this support intraday will new downward move can start.

Note: (5th) is not confirm wave.

We going to trade PEL (Piramal Enterprises Ltd). You will get free research shortly about this stock.

Intraday trade setup for spot nifty free

As per pullback wave predicted wave, Nifty intraday resistance 11385 and target for wave (4) at 11275 nearby.

As per previous high is also intraday resistance 11362.

Best trade is to short against informed traders 11375-11385 with little higher stoploss and target 11285-11265

3rd wave is not actually clear, therefore we have mentioned in 2 points of it.


above all level for spot nifty, future level for actual trade for subscribers as per below.

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Intraday two trade setup plan for NIFTY.

PLAN A (trade in channel) : Intraday Resistance 11287-96 for nominal target 11144 nearby and final channel target 11052

PLAN B (after breaking channel): Long side for subscribers only

Note: above all levels are for spot nifty, nifty future levels will for subscribers only


Below levels are for short selling

nifty still weak after little bubble…
trade setup again for short side
Short  11370 with stoploss 11390 and with target 11266-11222 intraday

Customer chat with trade on short NIFTY as above short call

Customer 1 (chat)

Customer 2 (chat)

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