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Intraday Tips & Reports: NCDEX Jeera, Soyabean, Guargum, Castor seed & Turmeric

Jeera Special Report

In the previous trading session, NCDEX Jeera tried to break January low 20790 level. The negative opening attracted buyers and demand were increased so it closes at 21000. Is this signals that we could see 21500 level in future?

Let’s expose Jeera: It was fake movement. Jeera may show us higher demand for 1-2 days more but it is in a downtrend as per short-term view.

This information is sufficient for agri-commodity traders and investors! For more information subscribe our service.

free ncdex soya oil soyabean tips

Soyabean Price Can Increase

Soyabean prices are continually upstairs after last November month! It’s amazing moving upside without any stop! We will see 3400 – 3480 levels soon!

Guargum demand will increase

Guar gum negative movements are indicating demand will go higher in future.

Hurdle: 8800
Target: 9500

Note: Hurdle breakout can increase supply and we could see price 8500.

ncdex agri castorseed intraday tips

Castor seed price will keep continuing falling down

What are you waiting for? Go and start sell…
Targets: 3910 – 3860

For premium members only: Exact entry level will be revealed after the commodity market opening bell.

turmeric tips

What’s Next for the Turmeric?

What do you think about Turmeric future price? Is it in uptrend or downtrend?

access denied
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jpyinr signals

USDINR & JPYINR: Moving Sharply

jpyinr signals

JPYINR – Continued Bullish Pressures

According to secret sources, JPYINR will try to break the 58 level. If this pair will show closing above 58 level then we may see 58.4-59 levels. And we see closing below to resistance line (red) can be a direct indication it will hit 56.8 – 56.2 levels soon.


USDINR – Continued Weakness But…

Support: 63.75 level
Strong Support: 63.5 level

Supports breakout will indicate a downtrend. I recommend selling after the breakout of support levels.

Targets: 63.15 – 62.6 levels

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Sellers have high probability on nifty index as per technical indications

Sellers have high probability on nifty index as per technical indications, therefore PUT of nifty jan. 2018 can buy 21-25 for targets 37 to 41 and after possibility for positional targets as 66-79 in 3-5 tradings days.


Concluded by cycle analysis, it may come 180-300 points fall nifty in period short of time. In the above chart, “measured broad cycle size” is showing that it can fall and also observed all recently fall are same size as mentioned by box. Fall is not not far so, be careful if you’re in long side.

  • All below “Moving Averages” are positive but ATR (average true value have strong support which can indicated big move on a day) ATR is at 84 points and today low is 10665 and high is 10754. Result of ATR tells us intraday bulls are over at 10765.

MA 10
MA 30
MA 50

  • RSI (relative strength index) is representing at overbought.
  • World markets are negative

On 18th January 2018, China will declare quarterly GDP which historical GDP of china plotted on nifty for understanding affect of it.


comparison of IIP data with nifty and will declare on 12th Janunary 2018

IIP (Index of industrial production) data for November month and CPI data for December month are going to declare on 12th Jan. 2018 at 5:30 PM which are generally minor affect to index nifty for short term period. Therefore, we have created chart of IIP data with nifty future here will useful for traders.

HTML document for the World Wide Web

Data for 01/09/2018

Exp TrendN/A
Open Int.0
Price Chg.13.40

IIP and CPI data are declare on Friday then result of it will be on Monday. If there’re not good news or unable to support globe atmosphere will lead to fall in market.

IIP data source from.


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