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NSE: Is the RVNL Topping or Just Consolidating?

free rvnl stock tips chart

RVNL is fundamentally very strong. I have included this stock for your portfolio in my recent article (8 Indian Stocks That Can Turn 1 Lakh Into 10 Lakh by 2030).

Notice the volume bar spike. According to the volume study, this share price will consolidate here. And will hit the support trendline. RVNL stock price may touch the red support trendline due to the high volatility available there. Afterward, we may see a strong reversal. Be ready to see again Rs.40Rs.43.

And short-term and long-term targets are available in the previous newsletter.

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8 Indian Stocks That Can Turn 1 Lakh Into 10 Lakh by 2030

There are plenty of attractive investment opportunities in the Indian stock market right now, but these eight compounding machines you can feel comfortable owning for the long term. And you can get the ninefold return in 10 years.

I have chosen to buy these stocks because they’re ready to blast. You may find almost bottom in all below charts.

RVNL (Rail Vikas Nigam Limited) Stock Tips & Chart

1. RVNL (Rail Vikas Nigam Limited)

Target: Rs.66 – Rs.100+
See the chart above to get why you should invest in RVNL.

IDFC First Bank Stock Tips & Chart


Target: 124 – 190+
This chart does not need any description. IDFC First Bank’s stock price is worth buying now.

Kellton Tech Stock Tips & Chart

3. Kellton Tech

Target: 194 – 312+
Kellton Tech is AI (Artificial Intelligence), and it’s the future of the next generation. The company’s total revenue (TR) is stable even in a pandemic situation. See chart above its share price isn’t increasing compared to TR.

Engineers India Stock Tips & Chart

4. Engineers India Limited (EIL)

Targets: Rs.200 – Rs.432 – Rs.690+
EIL is a well-known government corporation, and the total revenue of ’21 is INR 31.44B. It has executed over 5000 assignments consisting of 400 major projects valued at over US$200 Bullion.

In the short term, we will see EIL shares price Rs.200. If you have plans to buy stocks for one decade, then this one is for you.

ITC Stock Tips & Chart

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Understand The Cycle Of Doom To Make Winning Trades

stock market cycle of doom

I am starting this topic with a simple question,
Are you finding consistent profit in your trading? If yes, then you can skip this article, and congratulations!

Now, Let’s discuss talk about the rest of the traders.
Indeed, most traders don’t find profits consistently instead end up losing their money. It does not matter which market they trade.

There can be many reasons for not getting consistent profits.
Like, it can be risk management, trading system. It can also be trading psychology.

But the truth is, you are trapped! Ladies and gentlemen, I am showing you the numerous powerful psychological trap ever.

The Cycle of Doom

The cycle of doom involves three phases.

  • Phase 1: The search
  • Phase 2: The action
  • Phase 3: The blame

To become a successful trader, however, you will have to get out of the cycle of doom.
How can you destroy the cycle of doom?
First of all, you have to understand the cycle.

You need to understand what is going on! So you can identify and move beyond the Cycle of Doom in the world of consistently profitable trading.

Phase 1: The search

In this phase, you are searching for Read more

NIFTY’s Elliott Wave Perspective for Today

free nse nifty stock tips daily chart

Nifty can bounce from 0.618%0.786% of retracement levels, and we may see 18350 again.

According to the Elliott Wave Principle, it can drop up to 1.00% of wave i. And a breakdown of wave ‘i‘ is a direct sign of a strong downtrend.

Buyers must note that the price has broken 200 EMA.

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NSE Asian Paint (EWT): Money printing time

free nse asianpaint daily chart tips

Asian paint has started the impulsive sub-wave ‘iii‘ of wave 5. Price has crossed the high of wave ‘i‘, which is the signal of impulsive behavior of wave 5.

A long position can be initiated after a pullback when price penetrates on wave ‘i‘ to take support. And that cannot be a barrier for long-term investors. They can jump on it.

But if you are a short-term investor or safe trader, you may lose this opportunity due to waiting for a pullback, but this is the only way to manage risk.

But if you want to moderate risk here, you may lose the opportunity due to waiting for a pullback. And if you are a premium member, then you don’t need to worry about it. Asian paint full report is available below.

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NSE – UPL Will Retests Support Trendline & Boom!!!

free nse UPL stocks tips chart

UPL is forming impulsive wave 5. Price was having complex correction of the wave 4. And wave 4 retraced 0.382% of wave 3, and the price increased sharply.

The price target for UPL is 964 because wave ((5)) ends at 161.8% of wave ((4)). Hence, the buyers can initiate the long position on a pullback.

If you are not a swing trader, you find sub-waves on smaller timeframes. Further information is updated below for premium members only.

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