NIFTY: high volatile with 350-200 points negative move.

Buy TATAMOTORS strike price of 220 @ 10.1 and targets are given 16-17 (Achieved).

BUY JUBLFOOD future 1376-1368(CMP 1378) with stoploss of 1362 and for targets 1401-1411 and 1432-1447 (achieved target and booked profit)

and a lot calls was for subscribers like, WIPRO etc

Sellers eye will be 11880-11925, though I have posted an update that nifty target is this range.

Next week, I am expecting a very high volatile with 350-200 points negative move. Be careful with the long and +ve thinker of the market.

This is spot nifty level, I will update very soon future level for trade.

  • The Market is going open positive today.
  • Asian shares were subdued on Thursday after a negative performance on Wall Street.
  • US stocks ended slightly lower on Wednesday as a drop .
  • Good Friday and Easter holidays keeping for tomorrow.
  • Oil prices edged down on Thursday.



Sellers attraction increase for price of WIPRO.

Last we have given 4 calls to paid subscribers and they enjoyed it. Moday, TATAMOTORS given by use to PAID SUBSCSRIBERS and they enjoyed it.

  • ATR is at 6.2
  • Common calculation base on ATR, closed price 287.7 + 6.2 = R 293.9
  • Magnetic Control price can attract price as target already.
  • Value high is little far, @297-298
  • Intraday R293.9 nearby.

This stock will attract by seller and pullback chance are higher. LIVE I WILL UPDATE THIS stock for Subscriber, if time permit then i will do here for you.


There’s no need to write or draw a lot, NIFTY.

We’re seeing Price Rotation at the all time. There’re two scenarios are here for traders as following;

  • 1) Gap up, then break-out.
  • 2) Form of strong downtrend bar(candle).

The 90 percent chance is up-breakout with GAP. Patience is an important factor everywhere, therefore keep patience. if you found any of both, then we will move in a direction.


I will update live for SUCRIBERS nifty future level. This is only cash level.


deepest research on JUBLANT FOODWORKS

We might see pullback 1364-1569 where buyers can attract this stock.
If you found TAIL around this area, can be big buyers entry.


You have lot of time to enter in this stock so, keep patience to trade.

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Words for nifty: choppy, range, side-way and break up-down…

In last update, We have book good amount of profit from the option trade:

Comment: BUY PUT OF NIFTY strike 11700 70-76 with stoploss 65 and targets 121-148 (CMP 79) wait for range
Comment: start booking on NIFTY PUT… CMP 102

Click here for last update:


From the daily chart view, is signaling a sideways range movement in the market. Short term trend of Nifty is choppy and will expect to trade in the range of 11547-11636 intraday. after breaking, up-side will require a new update and downside breaking will lead to attracting target 11476-11489.

Intraday resistance at 11636 nearby where sellers can start taking thier steps for target 11476-11489 if breaking down 11545.

  • The general trend, however, is expected to remain bullish. General elections on April 11.

crude oil tips chart

Money-making time: Gold, Silver & Crude oil Tips

free gold tips

Gold Price Setup for a Big Move

Targets: 32400 – 32480 – 32540+
Stop loss: yesterday’s low for a free subscriber.

Silver Technical Perspective

mcx silver tipsSilver’s trading time has come now. Our downside targets are clear and updated on the last report: click here
Hurdle: $15.020
Upward targets: 38400 – 38580 – 38800 – 39000+

A smart trend identifier traders can start investing as per our these reports.

Part 4: Weekly Analysis of Crude oil + New Update

commodity crude oil tips signals

How many of you followed our crude target levels after the breakout of 4100? Read the last 3-reports of crude oil.

We had written, “As per technical analysis and trendlines basis, crude oil is under uptrend. It prices can hike more if crude oil crossover and close (consecutively) above 4100 levels. It can jump up to 4200 – 4350 – 4500 levels”.

Yesterday crude oil made high of 4506. Our third target has come. Almost Rs.40,000 profit per lot!

Crude oil Price Breakout: Three Major Factors

Oil prices are fluctuating again. Don’t miss the opportunity!
Now is Perfect Time to trade.

crude oil tips chart

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To read all reports from 2009 to 2019 years


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    Nice Explanations in the chart of nifty

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    JUBLFOOD future 13771 i had buy and sell near 1430 and booked a lot profit. All the analysis was perfect. i want to take your paid service its really away-some call for buying and selling.

  • Dinesh Sajal Yadav

    Good observation and profitable also

  • Danish Shaikh

    TATAMOTORS: i have booked a lot of profit in tatamotors. Really it was a perfect call to buy. And in every call provided in the above.

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