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Gold, Crude oil, Mentha & Pepper – Intraday Tips [Diwali Special]

gold tips

GOLD – Intermission

Gold isn’t safe anymore for short-term buy position. This Diwali Gold will change its rates for physical buyers. As per technical research, we may see 29600 – 29500 -29400 levels soon.

…But when exactly Gold will take reversal? I will inform that thing to my premium subscribers only!

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CRUDE OIL – Last 2 Rally is left for reversal

If Gold will follow as I mentioned above then crude oil will definitely hit 3400 – 3450+ levels!

My Next Newsletter comes on base metals: Aluminium & Zinc VS. Copper, Lead & Nickel – For premium subscribers only!

Do you know, our 3 Months Package charges are Rs.26,500. But in our Diwali Special Offer, You Will Get 1 Year service in the only Rs.24,500.
If you have interest in our Commodity Trading Alerts package, Click HereBecause you might not get a second chance.

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Mentha oil –New High!

Mentha oil was trying close above 1224 level more than 2 months and finally, it closed at 1253.6..!!!

Do you think we will show 1300 level before next week weekend?

ncdex pepper tips

Pepper – Diwali Complimentary

Believe me or NOT. Pepper will come down and hit 44000 – 43500 levels

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gold silver crude oil tips

MCX Silver & Natural gas Tips – Crucial Updates

Silver: Both Target Touched

Did you read my previous newsletter? No? Click Here to read!

…if silver will remain below the hurdle (39270) then sell with targets: 39000-38920

Silver touched both targets in day before yesterday trading session!

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Natural Gas: Will it touch last target?

What I had said in previous newsletter about Natural gas?

Click Here to read it

I said, “Yesterday natural gas breakout the August channel. That’s clear indication for short-term investors, it will come down soon up to 185 level.

Yesterday Natural gas made low 185.9.

Do you think, it will touch 185 level or not?

Free natural gas tips
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Do protected trade on ASHOKLEY & fill your pocket.

Look very, very closely at ASHOKLEY chart that you will get everything in it to trade but, Question is where to enter in it for short selling. You will get an answer the top of “B” box . Well, in this chart you will the Elite waves, astronomical thing, and more. But action will be on November future of ASHOKLEY respecting to equity market price.

access denied

Our focus will remain on the very safe trade with profitable target, so on we prefer sometime 38.2 entrancement as 114.5. But you can check the confluence zone at 108 to 109 before November end. However, we have updated cash level of this stock but, safe trade target is before ending of November, therefore you should November future respect of cash price.


Monring Call (11-10-2017) : BUY srf call of 1750 buy in range of 44-48 and target 72 and 78 intraday call sl 38

we have booked profit & enjoyed

book profit in srf call of 1750

Free Gold Tips

Gold, Silver & Natural gas Commodities Are about to Crash according To This Technical Research


Are you an intraday trader? You should try this Strategy today with silver.
Hurdle: 39270
If it will remain above to hurdle then you may see big buying pressure OR if it will remain below the hurdle then sell silver with targets: 39000 – 38920 levels

Free natural gas tips

Did you read my previous newsletter? No? Click here and read that first!

In the previous Natural gas report updated all targets are achieved. Yesterday Natural gas breakout the August uptrend channel. That’s clear indication for short-term investors, it will come down soon up to 185 level.

Natural gas Intraday trading tips / full reports available for premium subscribers only.

Free Gold Tips
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Nifty has scenario with timing that double top reversal and rectangle

We’ve not given any free calls since few days but, to the Subscribers sent that nifty future two calls successfully achieved targets. Yes, we also predicted greatest call was ITI but unable to send free Subscribers. ITI 40% up in 3 days trading and enjoy this by our Paid subscribers. Click here to see it. ITI bought @ 98 and throw it 138 above in 3 tradings days of holding.

Nifty future have created most overused pattern called as “double top reversal pattern” which is till not confirmed. However, if this pattern is existed practical thus we might turned to “the Major trend” downside.


Another scenario is rectangle possibility herein revealed in chart rapidly. Visualize it at support showed in chart at 9731 where is positive for minor trend to market. Primary trend cycle will observed pullback time start from the 2nd sept. 2017.

Yes, You can expect market downward OR sideways trend until next Monday. However, cause of low volatility seem then it can take support as 9790 nearby of balancing volume.

sent to subscriber : sell nifty future 9904-9916 with stoploss 9927 and targets 9868-9796-9786

There’re little bit correction about the Primary Cycle of up trend, We might be face up-trend on Friday 29th Sept 2017 because of holiday on 2nd Oct. 2017


  • Vivek Kumar

    Dear Dev, I had sold Natural gas 6 lots as per your email. I am not your premium subscriber but today or maybe tomorrow I'm going to join you. I've added your ICICI account and as per bank rules & regulations, it will take upto 24hr to approve new payee. Kindly email me ([email protected]) about Natural gas. Should I hold or book profit? Thank you! Vivek Kumar (8200XXXXXX)


    sir learn me how to predict market? i m reading your blog over 1month n almost your calls all are touching targets. please can u teach me? thanks - sarath

  • Swapnil

    Hello Moneymunch, Thanks for free call tips. I watched these calls. Really nice job. I'd like to join in your Diwali Offer. Please tell call me 9824XXXXXX.

  • sai

    excellent call. i had bough 3 lot of ng. booked profit now . thanks

  • Pawar

    Thanks for sharing! awesome calls.

  • Pinky Mehra

    excellent prediction aS usually but i dont enough balance my account all time. thank you Sir

  • ravi

    Ravi C.A. Bangalore Today i have transferred fund r,38500 by neft after 9 PM, waiting for activation tomorrow, I want to trade on ASHOKLEY. ref. 1876255


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Do protected trade on ASHOKLEY & fill your pocket.


Nifty has scenario with timing that double top reversal and rectangle


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