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  • Jagrutiben Goswami said on Sunday 24th of September 2023

    Thanks for sharing your fantastic work, Kindly provide your long-term insight on Nifty and Banknifty.

  • Moran875765 said on Sunday 24th of September 2023

    Correction ke baad ka chart bhi daliye. I think we will be able to reach another high before december.

  • Anmol Pradeep said on Sunday 24th of September 2023

    Great study.

  • Wahid Khan said on Monday 18th of September 2023

    Insightful and much profitable.

  • anandkumar hiremath said on Monday 18th of September 2023

    Excellent Analysis!

  • Ajay Mehra said on Thursday 14th of September 2023

    Thank you for sharing this chart.

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