free gold calls chart

MCX Gold Intraday Trading Strategy for Today

free gold calls chart

Will Gold Hit Again 41000 Level?

As per the chart, the gold was under uptrend until a breakout of the lower trendline. But gold isn’t standing below 40760. The 40760 can drag down prices up to hurdle line.

And break out of hurdles is a direct sign for a downtrend up to S1 and S2. But a downtrend yet not confirmed. Until that, jump for R1 to R2.

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Do you want to short the stock which has a very near time to U-Turn?

After the long time, we are going update here FREE research on HCLTECH.

HCL TECHNOLOGIES which is trading at a place where it has very little risk to short this stock. The FEB. and Mar. The future for choosing to short is not a bad idea.

The mentioned in a chart about equity levels will help to decide where for booking profit.

You can also DOUBLE/ TRIPLE your money in OPTION TRADE for this stock if you act as right level.

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free crude oil tips chart

Gold, Silver, Crude oil, Jeera, & Guargum Tips & Updates

Gold and silver are moving as directed in a weekly report. Hence, if you want to know what will happen next, read that reports now.

Read here: Gold & Silver Positional Tips & Reports

free crude oil tips chart

What’s next in crude oil? This week we are going to send free/premium intraday trading alerts on gold, silver, and crude oil. Hence, keep subscribed!

Technical Perspective of Jeera

jeera tipsNCDEX Jeera may jump up to 14200 levels …but that doesn’t mean it will start moving upward until we see consecutive closing prices above it.

Bearish pressure will keep coming up to 13600 – 13260 levels.

Remember, don’t mess after crossover of 14200 levels.

Where’s the bottom of Guar Gum Futures?

Guar Gum’s strong support is at 6760. It has already broken in the previous trading sessions. You can start selling it after 6560 breakouts. This level will fall the prices up to 6400 – 6260.

But keep in mind, stay away after 6760 levels. Why? I will let you know in the next NCDEX Agri commodities report.

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free gold chart calls

MCX Gold Intraday Perspective & Tips

free gold chart calls

Do you think it is a tail? If it is, we will see 40320 – 40260 soon. Otherwise, be ready for 40460 – 40560.

Accurate entry-level, stop loss, and targets are available for the paid members only.

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free gold chart tips

Gold & Silver Technical Charts, Deep Research, & Tips

free gold chart tips

MCX Gold Looking Upside But Is It?

If gold breakdown a flat resistance line, it will fly in the sky. Gold will pressurize by speculators up to 41400 – 41600 – 42000 levels.

Remember, it could happen by a complete breakout of a flat resistance line only.

Hurdle or ascending support trendline breakout indicates to stop buying. It will fall the prices up to 39560 – 39260 level.

free gold intraday tips chart

For trend identification, check this 15 minutes intraday chart of gold. Keep eyes on a lower trendline before initiating a position. Further information will update soon for the premium subscribers only.

Here’s the One Silver Chart to Watch

free silver daily chart tips

Gold can influence the silver price upside up to the upper trendline. As per the technical analysis, currently, it’s under downtrend. As described in the above chart, It may keep falling for 45600 – 45000 levels.

free silver intraday calls chart

Look at the many times tested level, this can drag the silver price up to 46400 – 46600+.

This week a special offer is coming with limited member vacancies. Don’t miss out next update.

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To read all reports from 2009 to 2020 years


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