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free gold tips chart

MCX Gold Will Show 2000 Points Movement Soon

free gold tips chart

The 3-impulsive Wave was considered extended with 316% of the 1-Wave included numbers of gaps. A, B, C, and D is a parallel channel of the 4-wave. The price was traveled to appro. 38.2 retraced from 3-wave.

The 5-wave minor crossed of 3-wave on the account of extended move seen 3rd wave.

We then came down to the level marked wave 4, but I have put a question mark there. This is because there is a small chance that we are in the middle of a complex correction and so wave 4 might have finished at the point where I have tentatively placed the number (A) to the right. As far as the investor is concerned, he should have gotten out of this stock at the point marked wave 5 top because that was as high as one could ride his luck in an extended fifth wave. In the not too distant future, we should expect Gold to be dumped and for it to reach the low 41000 levels.

Attention: it can surge for 49000 to 50000 after a breakout of wave fifth top.

Check the previous chart (27 April 2020) to know more.
Link: MCX Gold vs. Crude oil – Tips & Update

…and also refers to the 11 May 2020 article: MCX Gold Long-Term Trend Analysis & Tips (As mentioned, the gold made the final rally and hit 48000. What else you want?)

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Paid Attention to rhythm of the wave, AUROPHARMA….!!!!

Elliott’s wave theory

The wave A and B in both sets parallel channel and Wave C will be set of mnext 5th Wave.

Elliott’s cycle of the 5th Wave is under-construction. 3rd wave was extensive in price and after it, Two Sets of AB and C with slanting parallel channel.

-> Bottom Out: You have figured out that Wave 4 would normally retrace 0.618% of Wave 3.

Wave Personality : I won’t expect 5th too much extensive than 3rd wave that why A, B, and C cycle fall projected in the chart.

Footmark of HINDUNILVR with (Speculative, Waves, Channel etc)…

  • Buying in pull-back 2001 nearby.
  • Put the alert in your trade-terminal.
  • Expected more than 200 points move in next.


————————WEEKLY CHART——————————–

Last week has reversal pin-bar and next week expected move 222 point
from 7-Days AT from the closing.
The price follows to lower bound & upper bound of Parallel Channel.

————————DAILY CHART——————————–

Start looking from left to right, Impulsive & Corrective Waves.
Impulse legs in 1 to 5 and Correct legs has A,B and C waves. Presently, we are going up wave.

free coriander chart calls

Cotton, Coriander, & Soybean Trading Tips & Charts

Coriander Price Setting Up For A Upside Price Rotation

free coriander chart calls

Soybean – Moon Rising

NCDEX Soybean futures price is moving higher. As per the current situation and fundamental view, its demand is increasing. It could jump for 4000 – 4160 levels.

Technically, 4200 is a hurdle.
Red zone: 3700 – 4200

MCX Cotton near to Resistance: the Upcoming Move

As per the following chart, the cotton price may hit 15460 – 15200 – 15000 below soon.

mcx cotton tips chart

Don’t forget to keep your eyes on the resistance line.

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