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lead tips chart

Outlook for Gold, Natural Gas, Lead & Mentha oil – Same but Different

Gold has successfully tested test level one and test level two. T3 will come soon. Further information on Gold updated here: click here

lead tips chart

Lead – Time to Jump

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Natural gas under bearish pressure?

free natural gas tipsKeep selling the natural gas.
Target: 187 – 185

Don’t forget to keep eyes on high of Natural gas futures $2.778. Perfect entry level and stop loss informed to Premium members by SMS.

New Targets Update of Mentha oil

free commodity mentha oil intraday tipsClick here to read the last report.
As per the previous report of Mentha oil 100% Bullish Signal. The target was 1450 – 1500.

It both targets has achieved.

If its closes again below the 1500 level then stop making a long position. It will come down.

But if you see closing price above the level of 1600 then start buying. 1660 – 1700 will be the next targets.

Announcement: After a long time, Special offers are coming soon Commodity Trading Alerts package.

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IRB’s bounce back key support:

The downside is well protected by the horizontal level around 177 which can now be expected to act as support again. The major support level around 182 to 177 which was tested as support  over the past five months.The  major target near  217 in sight with intermediate resistance to be expected around 202. The RSI Momentum line moved below buying zone and MACD is indicating to buy. So according to technical view Buy from 182 to 177 and Selling target will be  202 to 217.




Are you following moneymunch articles for a long time?Click here and read GBPUSD article.
GBPUSD left the green zone after created the 1.30489 level (28th June 2018).
According to the secret source, the buyer will be dominating on GBPUSD and you can see 1.3351 – 1.3450 – 1.3549 levels.
Keep in mind, If GBPUSD buyer fails to reattempt then you will see 1.2924 – 1.2788 levels.

usdjpy forecast

USD JPY index upside channel breakout is shown bullish signals for traders.
You can expect 113.41 – 114.37 – 115.14 levels.
Note : USDJPY continuation of bearish channel shows 109.43 – 108.23 – 104.68 levels.

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Are you till in PATIENCE?

As per our past updated, We have mentioned about Resistance 10947 which here : we had not taken any position over the short selling side. According to our last researched, we are till in patience. Now we’ve found new DURABLE resistance as showed in chart at 11124 near by.


Today, We have seen gap up and Average True Value is also on support. When you see ATR. at support, we found big on nearby. Now Question, What to do! Answer, you have to keep patience OR try to enter into PUT… Which STRIKE Price… 10800/10900.

Overview of Nifty:

Nifty is now trading near the resistance and presently all technical indicators are also in positive direction. But we are waiting for selling zone ie. (resistance) 10,915 to 10,930 and support is 10,755 to 10,737. 

silver tips chart

Silver, Nickel & Mentha Oil: Bullish Run Continue in July 2018?

Update 2: U-Turn Time of Silver

Did you read our previous report on Silver? If not, click here.

Now, look at the following chart:

silver tips chart


Silver performed as per our direction. It will keep continuing moving upside. New targets of silver will be updated shortly.

For the Gold & Crude oil report: Click here

nickel tips chart

Nickel: Long-term Buy Signal, Short term Mixed

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mcx mentha oil tips

Mentha oil 100% Bullish Signal

Patience till breakout & closing price above of the 1398 level.

Target: 1450 – 1500

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    AS PER YOUR PREVIOUS POST "selling zone ie. (resistance) 10,915 to 10,930" WHICH DIDN'T WORK.

  • Subhash Parab

    I have taken position in Nifty however it has gone up.

  • Ajay Kumar

    Seeking advise on as I am short position in Arvind at 400, TVS motor at 595, Axis Bank at 526 .. should I continue to hold or exit..

  • T Thirupathi

    Your chart and analysis are EXCELLENT and very educative.

  • parvathy

    what is happenning with cipla what is happening with cipla ??

  • k.n.shesha

    Hi. Though I was into fno but incurred heavy loss due to unknown movement of stock. Hence I stopped trading. So I am looking some one who can trade and manage trading. So I am still looking. Can u suggest Pl thanks

  • Raj

    I want to tread in commodity like copper zinc nickel natural gas. U help me how can tread because of I am confused in long term and short term. U confirmed that how can do commodity tread. I can't became greedy in market. I am happy Small earnings.

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