Part 1 – Monthly Examination of EUR/USD Utilizing Varied Approaches

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Price action Breakdown Analysis:

It is the EURUSD monthly timeframe, and it shows a downtrend for more than 15 years. The price has settled in a downward value area.

Elements of price action Breakdown:

  1. Excess:
    There are nine price excesses, four on the upper band and five on the lower band. It shows that the sellers were too aggressive when the price touched the upper band of the channel in comparison with the lower band at buyers. Buyers/Bulls tries makes the initiative to breakout the structure but end up when another party finds the price convenient for them. 
  2. Control line:
    The control line represents the gravitational force to the price. The price can’t stay away until it breaks the range. There are twelve touches on the control line, and few are mentioned on the chart.
  3. No Trading Activity Zone:
    No trading activity is the zone where one party, either bull or bear, takes control and outnumbers the other. There are a total of 14 no-trading activities zone. Both of the participants have seen each other.
  4. Sub-value area:
    A rectangle sub-value area has taken place from March 2015 till now. An excess became a great place to buy the move, yet the upper band of the sub-value area provides strong resistance. The control line of this value area at 1.1480 is sharp enough to act as a pivot level. It could be a resistance to the current price.
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NASDAQ AMAZON – Wave Strength Analysis On Daily Chart

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NASDAQ AMZN has started an impulsive cycle from 81.33, and the price is forming the final wave (5). The price has accomplished a corrective wave (4) and formed sub-waves of the impulsive wave (5).

Wave Formation & Fibonacci relationships:

Wave (2):

  • Wave 2 has formed an expanded flat with a 3-3-5 structure.
  • Price retraced 78.6% of wave (1).

Wave (3):

  • Wave 3 has constructed a motive structure.
  • Wave 3 is an extensive wave with a 3.618 multiple of wave (1).
  • The sub-structure and element structure is visible.

Wave (4)

  • Wave 4 is a zigzag formation and can be mentioned as a triangle by changing the labels.
  • Wave (4) retraced 50% of wave (3).

Wave (5)

  • The structure of wave (5) does not look like an ending diagonal. So, the last option for us is to assume it is an impulse.
  • The common Fibonacci relationships are:
    – Wave 5 = Wave 1
    – Wave 5 = 0.618 reverse Fibonacci of wave 4
    – Wave 5 = 0.618 X Waves 1 through 3
    – The upper band of the parallel channel and throw-out out in many cases.

ADX (average directional index):
The ADX (14-day setting) shows strength coming but doesn’t advocate the cause of the shart surge. Traders must note to take high probability traders after ADX crosses 30. It only measures whatever trend it is, should one trade or not, by measuring the strength of the trend.

ADX level of 22 shows that the market can be choppy in many instances.

Weekly Trend:

The weekly trend looks strong, as the price has broken out a crucial resistance zone at 143. If the weekly trend & Daily trend are bullish, day traders can take long traders to be within the trend.

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SPX – A Peculiar Reversal Or Straight Continuation

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Timeframe: 4h

SPX has formed a corrective A-B-C zigzag formation on the hourly timeframe chart. The price has accomplished wave (b) at 4561, creating the final wave C of the corrective wave (c). SPX has occurred sub-wave 4 at 4333 and started forming sub-wave (5) of wave (C).

According to the Elliott wave principle, an impulsive cycle can only start after the breakout of the sub-wave (4). SPX has taken third support on the dynamic support line. Another clue could be the descending channel of subwave 2-4, and the breakout able to reach wave (B). If the price breakout wave sub-wave 4 of wave (C) at 4333, traders can trade for the following targets: 4416 – 4486 – 4540+.

We can see that the mid-term trendline is holding the price movement, and failure to sustain above the dynamic support can lead to worse conditions even if the price has retraced 61.8% of the overall move. Moving averages are trading above the price, and a rising RSI shows the strenth is about to come.

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