Crude oil, Nickel, Aluminium & Mentha oil Tips & Updates

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MCX nickel’s Elliott wave projection (Target 1570)

Nickel has started moving forward since March 2021. It will complete the 5th wave soon.

According to Elliott wave projection, MCX nickel can touch 1570 to end the 5th wave.

Intraday & short-term traders can buy nickel for the target of 1485.6 – 1506 – 1532 – 1550 – 1570.

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Aluminium Should Run Up To 240+ In Next 30 Days

Key levels: 229 – 226.8

Aluminium has made an all-time new high of 236.3 and declined. It can dig more upside from here. Before that, we may see retesting of 229 – 226.8 levels.

Afterward, it can move for the target of 233.6 – 236 – 238+.

Latest Update: Crude Oil Call

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Crude oil has completed all targets in the previous week’s trading sessions.

free commodity menthaoil trading tips chart

Mentha oil has touched the second target.

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EWT Says: MCX Aluminium Will Come at 162 Level

free commodity aluminium tips chart

According to EWT, the 5th wave has been almost completed. The ABC correction will start soon. As mentioned in the chart, MCX aluminium will start collapsing for the target price of 176 – 172 – 168 – 162 soon.

At present, if we see for intraday traders, then it’s upward. Aluminium will touch 184 – 186 levels, and then ABC correction will start.

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MCX Aluminium 2021’s Supercycle

free commodity aluminium tips chart

MCX Aluminium is moving sharply. Its range is 21 to 23 bars or a month. It can fall back up to the support trendline (TP: 159 – 156).

According to this chart, aluminum will not stop here. It is further advance up to 168 – 172 – 176 levels.


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ABC Correction started for the EWT on Aluminium

free commodity aluminium tips chart

MCX Aluminium has started falling due to Elliott Wave’s ABC correction. Expected A is at 100% or 161% retracement of wave 5.

Therefore, it can start rising from here to the level of 164.4. The day traders can have the advantage of this impulsive ride of B.

According to ABC correction, we may see the Aluminium prices below 161.6 – 159.4 before the weekend.

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Aluminium – ADX & Fib Retracement Reverse signals & analysis

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At present, MCX aluminium playing on support trendline and drilling upward. Its volume is spiking 2X compares to average volume. Each spike is turning the existing trend. And moving average has tried to cross 50 MA with 20 MA but failed. That indicates continue uptrend ahead.

According to ADX & Fib retracement, the bullish trend will start after a crossover ADX value of 25 until intraday traders can keep selling Aluminium for the targets of 150.6 – 149.6.

What happens after ADX > 25?
Aluminium will start moving upside for 154 – 156.6 – 160+ levels.

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Aluminium Intraday Tips For Today

free aluminium tips

According to this chart, aluminium is moving flat under the rectangle pattern. The top of this rectangle is the resistance, and the bottom of this rectangle is the support. The trend is making frequent parallel channels between the support and resistance of this rectangle.

At present, aluminium is playing into support trendline (B). There is a crucial support. Fakeout, volume spike, massive buying pressure, and S-RSI crossover is made in that area.

So, break out of the crucial support means downfall for the levels of 143.6 – 142.6.

…but aluminium will try to climb because of 50 & 10 MA crossover. Therefore we may see prices at 146.6 – 147.4 – 148+ soon.

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