NSE DrReddys Fut, RBL, & UBL – Calls & Updates

How many of you traded on DRREDDYS FUT call?
Yesterday: NSE DrReddys Fut could crash more – Bearish Trend Continues?

I had written in bold words, “according to TA, we will see the target of 3780 – 3720 levels soon”.

It has touched all targets.

I have also said to sell RBL yesterday. Have you?
Yesterday: NSE RBL extending downtrend’s extent?

I had written, “Key level: 628
If it breaks the above level, then the stock price will hit the target level of 610 – 600 – 570“.

The first target of RBL had achieved yesterday. And the second target has come now (today). Will it touch the third target? Free subscribers can book profit here.

Did you read the UBL tips report?
Feb 22, 2022: NSE UBL Is Declining, But Major Support Is Ahead

Free nse stock upl daily chart tips

I had written, “we are using a pivot zone at 1452 to avoid fake-outs. If the price breaks the pivot level, it can go for 1390 – 1311“.

free nse ubl stock chart tips

UBL has touched the first target by making a low of 1381.5 yesterday. And it is very close to the second target. Free subscribers can book profit here.

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NSE Devyani Int – Buy This Stock NOW!

Free nse stock devyani chart calls

Read this full report carefully to get an accurate entry level for buyers. Devyani International has created an all-time high of 198.90. Price faced supply pressure that bulls couldn’t hold their power, and it has started correcting for upcoming impulsive structure. After counting the wave, we can name this correction 4th corrective wave, and the all-time high was impulsive wave 3.

Short-term traders can trade for the following targets: 172-180

Positional targets for 5th wave: 187 – 200 – 230+

Premium subscribers do not need to worry. We will update entry-level, stop loss, and targets during the market hours in our app.

We know one basic rule of wave principle, “the ending point of the corrective wave is the starting point of the impulsive wave.”

What pieces of evidence do we have for the ending point of a corrective wave?

+ Price retraced back from 61.8% at 142.50 (from the low of 107.55 to the high of 198.99)

+ Wave 4 can occur at the 4th wave of a lower degree.
The 4th wave has retraced back from the price territory of wave (4).
If Devyani breaks the low of wave (C), it may complete the final move near the price territory of wave (4).

+ Price has already retraced 61.8% of wave 3. Wave C has created a throw-out which suggests the accomplishment of wave (C). But I am not a big fan of deciding without confirmation. Let the market commit first before you commit to the market.

+ Wave (A) = Wave (C). Wave C has retraced 100% of wave A.

The trader can wait for a pullback to generate a new entry.
If Devyani international breaks wave (C), traders can wait for the gray zone.
Price has to break wave (B) to confirm its bull trend.

Further information will update soon.

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NSE DrReddys Fut & Ujjivan Fin & RBL – Bearish Trend Continues?

nse drreddy daily chart tips

DrReddys Fut could crash more

Dr. Reddys Labs Fut closed at a crucial level. It has to take a U-Turn from the current closing price. Otherwise, speculators will keep selling. And according to TA, we will see the target of 3780 – 3720 levels soon.

NSE RBL extending downtrend’s extent?

RBL (Rane Brake Lining) has started a downside rally since mid-2021. Its annual income drastically dropped. That’s all for long-term investors. If you are a day trader or short-term investor, you must sell it.

Key level: 628

If it breaks the above level, then the stock price will hit the target level of 610 – 600 – 570.

NSE Ujjivan Fin Serv Downtrend Intact

In bull or bear battle, the bear is winning here. Intraday traders must watch this stock. It’s a printing money machine.

Crucial level: 105
Targets: 100 – 98 – 94

Accurate entry-level, targets, and invalidation levels are available for premium subscribers only.

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NSE ASTRAL – Earn From Market Recovery

Free nse stock astral chart tips

The stock market has started recovering. Still, there’s a big question, is Russia and Ukraine war over yet? Start investing during stock market uncertainty using Elliott Wave Projection.

It looks like ASTRAL has accomplished the corrective structure and started forming motive waves.

Price has ceased the sub-wave 5 of motive wave ((c)), and the length of wave (A) is equal to wave (C). So, this is called wave equality, where wave (A) = wave (C).

If the price has bullish sentiments, the ASTRAL will not directly jump to complete the impulsive wave 3, but it will create sub-waves of motive wave 3.

If traders are willing to initiate a long with low-risk setup, they can wait for a pullback of the previous move to reduce the length of stop-loss.
Please note that wave two can never overlap the starting point of wave one.

If the current move exceeds the low of 1769, we can’t consider this an impulsive wave.
Wave three can travel for 161.8% Fibonacci extension of wave one at 2047, and power extension can derive price to 2217.

Traders can expect the following targets for the 3rd wave: 1976 – 2025 – 2144 – 2216.

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