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Commodity Silver Ready To Explode, Tips & Updates

free silver tips chart

MCX Silver Complex Big Picture

In the last trading session, silver has gained +361 points. As we updated in previous newsletters, silver is flying with gold. Silver wings may cutoff after breaking out 60,000 levels and may fall till a hit of control price line. Hence, this breakout will lead the prices 59,000 to 58,000. Don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled at 5 MA (orange).

Currently silver is running above 61K. As per this 4-hourly chart, we can expect continuous uptrend for the levels of 62,000 – 63,360 – 65,000+. It could keep pushing upward until a crossover of 5 MA and 20 MA (blue). Further information I will update shortly.

I would like to keep your attention on the previous week’s major updates:
Copper Warning – This is Not a Selling Opportunity

I had written, “We may see at all-time high soon…”.

Zinc Trading Strategy & Tips with Hourly Chart

I had written, “Based on the current trend:
Uptrend targets: 165 – 170+…”.

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Gold & Copper Overall Outlook Is ‘Strongly Bullish’

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This Will Signal A Massive Gold Rally

After a short reversal, gold will start marching for 49060 – 49200. Don’t mess with gold below support trendline.

Can we expect a key level as a target? Yes, and I will update it into the next newsletter.

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Copper Warning – This is Not a Selling Opportunity

Copper has made a high of 509.25 and took U-turn. We may see at all-time high soon.

S-RSI is a key to take an entry.

Black Gold will explode soon. Read the previous report here: Crude Oil Trading Strategy & Calls

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MCX: Crude oil, Nickel, & Copper Tips & Updates

UPDATE: Will the Momentum in Crude oil Continue?

First, go and read crude oil special report: Crude oil Remain in an Uptrend?

We had written, “Above yesterday’s high and 4290 closing price, a massive upward rally will start for 4330 – 4390 – 4430 levels”.

Even our premium subscribers also bought crude oil at 4260 levels.

Crude oil calls the first target has achieved. Do you think it will touch the second & third targets?

free crude oil calls chart

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UPDATE: Nickel Reloads For Another Price Rally

Have you followed Nickel’s tips? If not, click here to read.

Nickel both side targets has blasted.
What else you want?

Copper Technical Perspective & Update

Two days ago, we had updated a copper positional call.
Read here: MCX Copper Confirm Signals

Do you think prices will hike? If yes! Our targets are 445.6 – 446.4+ levels.

But as we see, copper is cooking something else. Copper is playing between support trendline and support area. It has tested more than four times 444 level since yesterday. It can fall for support 440 soon.

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Positional Calls: MCX Copper Confirm Signals

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Copper rally can start from 444 level with consecutive two closing candles OR support trendline & support will generate higher buying pressure for 444.8 – 445.6 – 446.4+ levels.

Don’t forget to mark the first runaway gap and also mark the second gap. Below 440 level, copper future is dark for the short-term.

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Kindly note, the special offer is going to end soon.

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Crude oil & Copper Tips: Money making time

free crude oil tips charts

Hurdle: 3860
This hurdle is the game changer here. Smart investors know what do I mean.

Upward Targets: 4000 – 4080+
Downward Targets: 3700 – 3560 – 3400 – 3200

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