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Moneymunch delivers financial news from around the world along with detailed analysis on Economy, Stocks (BSE & NSE), Commodities(MCX & NCDEX) and Forex for small/big traders. We strive to provide the best predictions to our customers and constantly improve as a company to make our products and services better, accurate, faster and more valuable. Moneymunch is rated among the top 10 advisor websites in the world by Business Magazine. It was established in 2006 by its founder Mr.Guru (Stock Advisor/Co-Founder) and was launched online in 2009 by Mr.Dev (Commodity Advisor / CEO) & (Forex Advisor / CEO), with a team of 43 people with office in Bhavnagar, Gujarat. The company is backed by iNiSolution Partners and Stocksduniya Partners. We reach thousands of patrons each month through our website, books, newspaper columns, television appearances, and subscription newsletters.


Best financial markets foretelling, analysis and news.


Free trading tips, newsletters and analysis services on Stock, Commodity and Forex Market.
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