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Superior Services for day traders

I have been following your site since almost its launch in 2009, your unbiased advice and analysis is remarkable in its accuracy and timing. I continuously follow and really impressed by there guidance.

Srinivas M from Lucknow

Reliability, Transparency and personal attention

Let me say this first “Outstanding and Profitable Nifty Trading Calls”. Premarket Nifty supports and resistances often turn out key levels intraday, this levels help immensely. Due to Moneymunch Nifty insights, I am able to better time my stock trades as well.

Nidhin Raj from Delhi

Most reliable and safe hands

I am highly satisfied with the calls given by the moneymunch. the service is excellent. when compare to other service providers I feel moneymunch is one of the best according to me. i am very much happy…


Accurate calls at all

Mr.Guru and Mr.Dev, I have enjoyed my 4 months membership so much. It’s cost me Rs.32,500 to belong and has cut 12 months off my target date for retirement, no kidding. Also I think the transparency and reliability of your administration and reporting (that’s you Dev) is a pleasure to experience.

Atul Narayan from Thanjavur

Profit making trades

If you are looking for truly independent advice then look no further than moneymunch. Mr.Dev is a master of MCX market and looking at price action, I have found him to always balance hid price analysis with an understanding of the fundamentals at play.

Varun Ahuja

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