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Crude oil & Natural gas: Potential Divergence and New Targets

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Why natural gas prices moved down? What’s next?

MCX natural gas traders must watch futures (CFD) 2.560 level. Everything is safe (up to 190 – 194) above this level for buyers. But below 2.560, a downtrend is up to 183 – 180 levels.

MCX Crude oil Price Technical Perspective

crude oil tips chart

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Gold, Silver & Crude oil: Trading tips & Updates

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How many of you read our 26 Aug Gold & Silver positional tips newsletter?
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We had written for gold: Gold futures closing price above 1550-1575 (C) can influence MCX gold up to 39200 – 39500 – 40000+.

The gold second target has come today. Do you think gold will touch the last target (40000) before the weekend? To know that take our premium membership.

We had written for silver: MCX Silver traders must put eyes on 44400 (C) levels. One or two consecutively closing above 44400 levels, silver may fly on the sky. It prices can hike up to 45260 – 46000 – 46600+.

Silver call’s all targets has already come.

Premium subscribers are also doing intraday, not only gold & silver. We’re also shorting crude oil. Look at today’s call screenshot →

crude oil tips sms

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MCX Crude oil should make a new high for Aug month

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Crude oil august month high is 4088. Do you think it will break today?
Uptrend channel touch can push up to 4090 – 4110 levels.

Crucial Hurdle: previous high.

Further information will reveal through SMS to the premium subscribers only.

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Special report: Crude oil Intraday Calls

free crude oil tips charts

Intraday traders can follow the hurdle.
Upper targets: 4100 – 4150 levels

Warning: 3990 breakouts will initiate high selling pressure.

Positional traders must read this article: Crude oil Short-term Trend Analysis & Tips

Exact entry level + Stop loss = Avaiable below for paid clients.

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Earning Time: Crude oil & Natural gas Tips

Crude oil Short-term Trend Analysis & Tips

crude oil tipsCrude oil needs to crossover 4100 levels completely to keep moving upward. Afterward, it will jump for the 4150 – 4200 – 4260 – 4300+.

Two consecutive closing price below to 3920 levels indicates a solid downtrend. It could be up to 3800 – 3700 – 3600 levels.

Natural gas prices will explode now

mcx natural gas intraday tipsBreakout of the last week low initiates a new sell position. Downside up to 148 – 146 – 144 – 142.

Caution: a complete breakout required. Respect the trend but prepare for a reversal.

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