Indian NSE Currencies pairs – Collapse Continuation?

Technical Report of USDINR Pair

We have already recommended waiting for the crossover levels.

Bullish side rally will initiate after the crossover of 67.186 level. It will over after breakout of the following target: 67.492 – 67.852 – 68.105 levels.

Solid Support: 66.818

Support breakout means downtrend up to 66.674 – 66.444 – 66.204 levels.


GBPINR – Bearish Breakout

This pair price will drop in upcoming days. As per the technical analysis, it’s weakening.

Target: 88.927 – 88.361 – 88.046 level.

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EURINR is not bullish anymore!

Strong Resistance: 79.0064

Selling pressure will increase soon. It’s very close to the resistance level. It can be dropped up to 77.8244 – 77.2010 – 76.6865 levels.

But don’t sell after the breakout of the resistance level. Why? Because of technical indicators are indicating a solid uptrend after this level breakout. It can be up to 80.1007 level.

*Events : India Nikkei Services Purchasing Managers Index (PMI)

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Free Forex Forecast on EURINR, GBPINR & JPYINR

forex eurinr signals chart

What’s Next For EURINR

The EURINR is oversold in previous two trading sessions, but that does not seem to matter. NSE Currency traders may buy this pair nearby 80 level.
Target: 81 – 81.5 – 82

Is it the right time to pick GBPINR?

The day trader can buy GBPINR pair up to 94 rupees. We may see a reversal soon. After a reversal end, you could buy this pair for the 96 level.

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JPYINR Shorts Extreme

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Forex: High Volatility on Indian based currencies

jpyinr currency tips

What had I said about JPYINR?
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According to secret sources, JPYINR will try to break the 58 level. If this pair will show closing above 58 level then we may see 58.4-59 levels. And we see closing below the resistance line (red) can be a direct indication it will hit 56.8 – 56.2 levels soon.

Touch the first target 58.4 and going to touch the second target.

EURINR – Bullish Mode Activated!

EURINR suggesting a bullish pattern, support found at 78.4118 level.
You can see 79.1853 – 79.4737 – 80.0025 levels soon.
If crossover and close below the support level, you may see 78.1588-77.8300 levels.

eurinr currency trading tips

AUDINR – Must Watch

Australian Dollar, Indian Rupee technically stronger for buyers.
You can target 51.882 – 52.389 levels.
If AUD INR closes below the 51.298 level, you may see 50.992 – 50.612 levels.

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Indian Rupee Brazil Real

INRBRL is technically weak, you may see 0.04902 – 0.4855 – 0.04797 levels soon.
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Currency Tips: USDINR, EURINR & GBPINR Price on GDP Impact

USD to INR signals

USDINR index rising window pattern suggesting bullish signals for intraday traders.
You will see 65.351 – 65.462 – 65.594 levels soon.
For intraday traders, Stoploss is 65.073 level.
USDINR long term technical pattern suggest bearish signals. If USDINR index shows 64.917 level, then you can see 64.443 and 64.265 levels.

eur to inr signals
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