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Editorial Guidelines

We always welcome having new writers join our team. They must have a strong desire to produce quality content with actionable advice – a lesson or new piece of knowledge that readers can apply to their investing after reading our content.

In return, we pay our writers above industry rates for their work.

Our Mission: Helping the World Invest Better

The Moneymunch helps millions of people attain financial freedom through our website, books, podcasts, mutual funds, and premium investing services.


We aren’t a news service, so we need to do more than report the facts — we need to explain what those facts mean and why it matters to the reader. In other words, we want your views on the market, on the economy, on the news, on a particular investment strategy, or on a stock, ETF, or mutual fund. But we also want those views to be backed up with accurate, trustworthy sources and strong arguments. Every article should be fair, timely, and pertinent to our readers.

(If you’re referring to anything outside your own brain and the movement of the market itself, please include sources at the end of the post. Sources must be publicly available; URLs are preferred.)

Focus: Our readers like to get to the point — which means every submission should focus on one major point and really argue or explain it rather than covering too many things at once. If you’ve got more to say, we’d love to see you write another post.

We produce the following kinds of content:

  • Quick Tips (500 – 700 words): These articles are short and simple, with a focus on a specific technique or approach. The idea is to provide a quick solution to a common problem many investors encounter.
  • Articles (800 – 1500 words): These articles cover a broad range of topics from financial markets, technical analysis, tools or providing a unique perspective on the current markets situation.
  • Tutorials (1500-2000 words): More in-depth articles that often include special reports, technical & fundamental analysis and a greater variety of visual imagery.
  • Video content: This is depend on what you’re want to publish.


Note: Submissions that do not follow this structure are in danger of being rejected automatically.

It must have the following:

  • Title of the article or Headline
  • Approximate word count
  • The category it best fits under (Global market, Basic of Stock market etc.)
  • Format (Quick Tip, Tutorial etc.)
  • A clear and concise (1-3 lines) description of what the article is about
  • A short, bullet point list of ideas you will present in the article that supports your viewpoint
  • A sentence explaining why the article is important
  • Samples of your writing (if you have any – we welcome first time writers too)

Please ensure that you have looked through our article archives beforehand to avoid pitching an article idea that we have already covered. This can be done via a search on our site or via Google.

You can also suggest rewrites/revivals of articles that you feel require updating. If so, please link the current article in your email, along with ways you will update the piece.

Once the pitch meets these standards, the editorial team will review it to see if it suits Moneymunch.

If we like what we read, we will reply to your email and move forward with the next stages.


We take plagiarism very seriously at Moneymunch. We use Plagiarisma to ensure all articles are original.

If you have blatantly plagiarized your article from another writer, we will find out. As consequence you will automatically be removed from the Moneymunch contributor dashboard, with your name blacklisted in our list of authors.

If you wish to cite another source to better explain your viewpoint, please properly credit them in the article by linking to the original source or adding the author’s name in brackets.


Contact Moneymunch for permission

Authors may publish an excerpt of their article, along with a link to the full version, on their personal site providing they have received permission first. Request this permission by emailing your editor and explaining where (with a link) the excerpt will be published.

We do not permit non-authors to republish articles elsewhere, regardless of the amount of material they plan to republish.

Attribution (and att text)
You must include the following text at the beginning of your excerpt:
This post was originally published [link to full article on Moneymunch].

Artwork and design
The design and artwork used in Moneymunch articles is copyrighted and may not be republished.

We consider translation requests on a case-by-case basis. Email [email protected] to ask about translating a given article. In some cases we have existing arrangements with translation companies, so we will not be able to grant permission in such cases.

Sites offering translations to Moneymunch content must be freely available, translate the work faithfully, and link to the original post:
This post has been translated. The English version was originally published [link to full article on Moneymunch].


Once you are selected, we will meet on Skype and provide you documentation that is for authors to refer to as they write their first article. It includes detailed, technical information about style guides, formats, code, accessibility and more.


All submissions are reviewed and published at The Moneymunch discretion. We won’t publish submissions that are trying to market or sell a product, and we won’t publish submissions that aren’t backed up with facts and sources.
We also won’t publish articles that include profanity, personal attacks, or discriminatory comments.
We reserve the right to edit your submission to conform to our professional standards of writing and format.

By submitting an article, you expressly agree to the following:

  • You are at least 18 years old or otherwise have first obtained your parents or guardians’ written permission before submitting any content.
  • By posting or submitting your blog/article you are giving us the right to display, publish, modify, sublicense, distribute and syndicate your content (in its entirety or a portion thereof, or in the form of a derivative or adapted work) in all media now known and later come into being, without payment to you or any third party.
  • You represent that with respect to any and all submissions: a) you have the full legal right to use and authorize us to use any content included in a submission; b) the submission is original and does not in any way infringe upon any intellectual property right (or rights) of any third party; and c) does not cause any injury to any third party.
  • You consent to us using your name in connection with displaying and distributing your submission.
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