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Editorial Guidelines

Moneymunch is a financial education platform dedicated to empowering individuals to achieve financial independence and make informed investment decisions. We believe in providing our readers with high-quality content that is actionable, informative, and engaging. As part of our commitment to delivering top-notch content, we are always on the lookout for talented writers to join our team.

We understand that our writers’ time and efforts are valuable, and we compensate them accordingly. We pay above industry rates for high-quality content that meets our editorial guidelines. Moreover, we offer the opportunity for writers to build their portfolio, increase their visibility, and showcase their writing skills to a wide audience.

Our Mission: Helping the World Invest Better

If you have a passion for finance and investing and want to share your knowledge with our readers, we invite you to write for us. Here are our editorial guidelines to help you create content that aligns with our mission and values:

Content Guidelines for Moneymunch: What We Publish

At Moneymunch, we strive to provide our readers with informative, actionable, and insightful content that helps them make informed investment decisions. We are not a news service but rather aim to explain the significance and impact of market news and events. In other words, we seek to offer our readers your views on the market, economy, investment strategies, stocks, ETFs, or mutual funds, supported by accurate sources and strong arguments.

Every article we publish should be timely, relevant, and pertinent to our readers. We aim to produce the following types of content:

  • Quick Tips (500–700 words): These articles are short and focused, offering a solution to a common problem that investors frequently encounter. They are easy-to-read, actionable, and practical, providing our readers with a quick solution to their investment issues.
  • Articles (800–1500 words): Our articles cover a broad range of topics, including financial markets, technical analysis, tools, and unique perspectives on the current market situation. We want our articles to provide our readers with valuable insights into various investment topics, delivered in a clear, concise, and engaging manner.
  • Tutorials (1500-2000 words): Our tutorials are more in-depth articles that provide our readers with comprehensive and practical guidance on specific investment strategies or topics. They often include special reports, technical and fundamental analysis, and visual imagery, providing our readers with a more detailed understanding of the subject matter.
  • Video content: Depending on your area of expertise, we also welcome video content submissions. Videos can be an excellent medium to convey complex investment concepts or strategies, and we encourage our writers to be creative with their video content.

Focus: At Moneymunch, we value brevity and clarity. We believe that our readers prefer articles that focus on one central point or argument, rather than trying to cover too many topics at once. Therefore, we encourage our writers to stay focused and provide a strong, clear argument that is supported by reliable sources.

Sources: We require that all sources be publicly available, and we prefer URLs over other forms of references. Every article must include a list of sources to support your arguments and ensure accuracy.

Conclusion: At Moneymunch, we aim to provide our readers with the best possible content, delivered in an engaging and informative manner. If you have a passion for finance and investing and want to contribute to our platform, we welcome your submissions. Please follow our content guidelines and submit your articles, tutorials, or video content to our editor for consideration. We look forward to hearing from you!

Submission Guidelines

At Moneymunch, we take our content seriously and expect our writers to do the same. To ensure that your submission is considered, please adhere to the following guidelines:

A. Required information:

  • Title of the article or headline
  • Approximate word count
  • Category it best fits under (such as global market or basics of stock market)
  • Format (Quick Tip, Tutorial, etc.)
  • A clear and concise (1-3 lines) description of what the article is about
  • A short, bullet point list of ideas you will present in the article that support your viewpoint
  • A sentence explaining why the article is important
  • Samples of your writing (if available)

B. Check our article archives: Before submitting your pitch, search our site or via Google to ensure that the topic hasn’t already been covered on Moneymunch.

C. Pitch standards: Your pitch should focus on a single major point and present strong arguments backed up by accurate and trustworthy sources.

D. Article formats: We accept Quick Tips (500-700 words), Articles (800-1500 words), Tutorials (1500-2000 words), and Video content.

E. Article importance: Each submission should be fair, timely, and pertinent to our readers.

F. Article updates: If you suggest rewrites or revivals of previously published articles, please link the current article in your email, along with ways you will update the piece.

After reviewing your pitch, our editorial team will decide if your submission fits the Moneymunch brand. If we like what we read, we will reply to your email and move forward with the next stages. Please note that submissions that do not adhere to these guidelines may be automatically rejected.

Moneymunch's Plagiarism Policy

At Moneymunch, we are committed to providing our readers with original, high-quality content. We take plagiarism very seriously and use Plagiarisma to ensure that all submitted articles are free from plagiarism.

If we find that an article has been blatantly plagiarized from another writer, the author will be removed from the Moneymunch contributor dashboard, and their name will be blacklisted in our list of authors.

If you need to reference another source to support your viewpoint, please ensure that you properly credit them within the article. This can be done by linking to the original source or including the author’s name in brackets.

We uphold these standards to maintain the integrity of our content and ensure that our readers receive accurate and reliable information.

Copyright and Permissions

Note: Please note that the guidelines for translation only apply to content published on Moneymunch. If you wish to translate content from another source, you must obtain permission directly from the original source.

If you have any questions or concerns about our copyright policies, please email us at [email protected].

Author Requirements

We require authors who have passed financial markets exams, such as technical analysts, research analysts, and those with certifications from organizations such as the Association of Mutual Funds in India and the NSE Academy Certification in Financial Markets. In addition, we seek experienced traders who possess relevant qualifications and expertise.

To apply, please send us your resume via WhatsApp to our support number. Please note that we do not store any conversations or shared content on WhatsApp for an extended period.

Legal Terms for Article Submissions

Moneymunch has specific guidelines for article submissions to ensure high-quality content. We do not publish articles that aim to sell or promote products or lack credible sources. Additionally, we do not publish articles that contain offensive language, personal attacks, or discriminatory comments. We reserve the right to edit submissions to align with our writing and formatting standards.

By submitting an article, you agree to the following legal terms:

  • You must be at least 18 years old or have obtained written permission from your parents or guardians.
  • You grant us the right to display, publish, modify, sublicense, distribute, and syndicate your content in any media, without payment to you or any third party.
  • You represent that you have the legal right to use and authorize us to use any content included in your submission, that it is original, and does not infringe upon any third-party intellectual property rights or cause injury to any third party.
  • You consent to the use of your name in connection with displaying and distributing your submission.

At Moneymunch, we strive to maintain a professional and respectful tone in all of our content. We therefore reserve the right to remove any articles that include sensitive topics such as religion or other potentially divisive issues without prior notice. We understand that authors may have strong personal beliefs or opinions on such matters, but we ask that you refrain from including them in your submissions to avoid offending our readership. Instead, focus on providing valuable insights and analysis related to finance and business topics. We appreciate your cooperation in helping us maintain a welcoming and informative platform for all readers.

In conclusion, we at Moneymunch welcome submissions from experienced and knowledgeable individuals in the finance and business industries. To increase the chances of your submission being accepted, please follow our guidelines carefully and ensure that your content is well-written, backed up with sources, and free from plagiarism. We reserve the right to edit your submission and cannot guarantee publication. By submitting an article, you agree to our terms and conditions regarding copyright and content ownership. Thank you for your interest in writing for Moneymunch.