Will NIFTY Skyrocket or Collapse?

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In this outlook, we are covering two scenarios that will be helpful for day traders as well as investors. We should negate the possibilities because Murphy’s law says,

Whatever can happen will happen

Shall we direct jump on the pool? Yes, shallow ends first.

After creating a high of 18600, the price has occurred a double zigzag. Currently, we are riding on the impulsive wave sub-wave 4 of wave C of complex (Y).

Wave Structure:
Wave ((W)) – 16410
+ Internal structure – Triple Zigzag
+ Fibonacci relationship – 50% of wave ((5))
Wave ((X)) – 18350
+ Internal structure – Engaged corrective wave
+ Fibonacci relationship – 100% of wave ((W))
Wave ((Y)) – New low at 16203
+ Internal structure –  Zigzag correction
+ Fibonacci relationship – 100% of wave ((w)) at 16156.

Target projection for scenario 1:

  • Wave (C) can end near the 1.618% Fibonacci extension of the wave (A) at 15363.
  • Wave ((Y)) can cease at 100% Fibonacci extension of wave ((W)) at 16136, but if the price breaks this level, then the next Fibonacci level is 15600.

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Price has completed the double zigzag correction by completing wave C of wave (Y).

Wave ((Y)) has already traveled 100% of wave ((W)). Price will start an impulsive cycle, which will be the sub-wave of wave ((5)).

Price has to confirm its bullish move by breaking wave B at 17794.

Bullish sentiments can derive a price for 19000 and more.

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NSE AEGISCHEM More Selling Begins

nse AEGISCHEM daily chart tips

Aegis Logistics is seemed bearish more. It’s the top loser stock of last Friday’s market session. I have drawn this chart to show a bearish area to short-term investors. Wherein AEGISCHEM can show 150 – 138 – 118 levels into that area.

Intraday traders can sell for targets of 166 – 164 levels. And if it breaks the 164 level, then be ready for a downtrend.

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NSE Ajmera, Apollohos & 3MIndia – Update & Tips



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AJMER has completed the corrective wave B, where the price was preparing for final leg C.

I have written in clear words,” Traders can trade for the following targets: 360 – 356 – 342+.”

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23 Feb 2022 – AJMERA reached the first target of 360 and the second target of 356.

24 Feb 2022 – AJMERA touched the final target of 344.

Further, the price may retrace to the lower band of the parallel channel.

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Apollo Hospital

Did you read my previous research report on Apollo hospital?

Click here to read the previous research report.

Apollo hospital was unfolding triple zigzag correction wherein the price has formed wave C of wave (Z).

I have mentioned in clear words, “If the price sustains under the upper band of the channel, Traders can trade for the following targets: 4401-4345- 4208 and more.”

21 Feb 2022 – Apollo hospital reached the first target of 4401.

22 Feb 2022 – Apollo hospital reached the second target of 4345 and made a low of 4300.

Furthermore, Price is preparing for the final target.


3MINDIA have formed the impulsive wave 5 of wave (3).

The price has established the corrective wave (4), and it has broken down the wave iv of lower degrees. It was a clear indication of a bearish atmosphere.

I have mentioned in bold words, “Traders can initiate a short position for the following targets of 21010-20557.

Click Here to read the previous research report.

24 Feb 2022 – Price reached the first target of, 21010, and made a low of 20660.

I will update the further information for our premium subscribers in our application.

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MCX Gold & Nickel – Profit Booking Time

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Did you read the gold report? If not, click the below link.
22 Feb 2022: MCX Gold’s Bullish Mode Activated

While the gold price at 50532, I had written, “we will see the gold price above 51160 – 51740“.

Today, it has touched the first & second target. Who bought it? Profit per lot: Rs.1,20,800

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I have updated a full report of Nickel on Feb 6, 2022. Did you read it? If not, click the below link:
2020’s Uptrend Channel Is Everything For MCX Nickel

I had written, “It’s a 100% sign for a buy signal. But intraday or short-term investors should confirm that breakout before proceeding. And they must look out for candle’s fakeout. Afterward, be ready for the targets of 1800 – 1840 – 1876+“.

Today nickel has touched all targets. Who bought it? The target was 133.4 points. Profit per lot: Rs.2,00,100

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NSE UBL Is Declining, But Major Support Is Ahead

Time frame: Weekly

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UBL created an all-time high at 1785 and started declining to overcome the demand pressure.
Bulls pushed prices extremely high, and bear found that convenient to sell.

The stock has respected equilibrium in the parallel channel.
At this glance, the price is at the lower band of the parallel channel.

If the price breaks the parallel channel, it has to break the pivot level 1452. Or the price will give a fake-out and enter into the channel.

The level of 1452 was a monthly resistance level, which became the support level for the current price. We can strong move below this level, and rejection will lead us to the end of correction.

Timeframe: Daily

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After creating the extreme low of 749.50, UBL has started forming an ascending channel.


In this channel, we can see five excess at the upper band of the Parallel lines.

Excess – 1008

Excess – 1047

Excess – 1166

Excess – 1329

Excess – 1185

We also have two excess on the lower band of the parallel channel.

Excess – 912

Excess – 1051

It indicates that supply pressure has always tried to push the price up.

At high prices, bulls realized that They couldn’t push anymore. 

Seller started controlling demand pressure by supply.

Bull responded to selling pressure with a responsive move.

Less excess on the lower band means that buyers haven’t missed responding.

No trading zone:

No trading zone is an extent wherein speculators or investors are avoid trading.

At the upper band, the length of the no trading zones is similar.

Zone 1: 80 bars, 117 days

Zone 2: 82 bars,124 days

Control Line:

The Control line has provided nine touches to the price.

Price has tried to break the control line more to three times, but it couldn’t break the control line, and the price fell to the lower band of the parallel channel.

Stand Point:

We are using a pivot zone at 1452 to avoid fake-outs. If the price breaks the pivot level, it can go for 1390-1311. Hence, the price is bullish only above the pivot level.

I will upload further information before tomorrow’s market bell.

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