NSE BAJAJHLDNG – Elliott Waves Trend Forecast

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NSE BAJAJ HOLDING has been forming the correction for 19 weeks. Price has established an ending diagonal in wave C, which signals the downward move is not strong enough for a sharp fall.

According to Elliott waves, if the price sustains above the previous wave (4), traders can trade for the following targets: 6120 – 6229 – 6324+.

As you can see, the price has formed a double bottom on the daily timeframe chart, and 6000 is the neckline of the channel. The corrective structure has retraced 61.8% Fibonacci retracement of its previous move.

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NSE AXISBANK – Tips & Update

Do you remember NSE AXISBANK Wave Analysis?
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I have mentioned clearly, “Wave 4 is a crucial support level for the prices. If the price breaks down 4th wave at 905, traders can sell for the following targets: 880 – 857 – 832+. Safe traders can wait for a pullback to minimize their risks.”


[23 January 2023]

  • 09:40 AM – Price gave a pullback by making a lower high of 939.5.

[27 January 2023]

  • 9:15 AM – Price touched the first target of 880.

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NSE ADANIPORTS – Price Action Analysis

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I have written clearly,”If the price breaks down the control line of the channel, traders can sell for the following targets: 762 – 748 – 727.”

Free nse adaniports chart callsAFTER


[24 January 2023]

  • 03:10 PM – Price touched the first target of 762.

[25 January 2023]

  • 09:18 AM – Price reached the second target of 748.
  • 09:37 AM – NSE ADANIPORTS Achieved the final target of 727, and made a new low of 723.

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Will TECHM Reach The Final Target?

TECHM CALL: Buy from the Bottom

We updated NSE TECHMfree trade setup on 17 January 2023 at 9:02 AM.
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I have mentioned clearly,”Traders can initiate a long position if the price sustains above 1025 for the following targets: 1042 – 1060 – 1088.”


[17 January 2023]

  • 10:15 AM – Price reached the first target of 1042.

[23 January 2023]

  • 01:30 PM  – Price touched the second target of 1060.

[24 January 2023]

  • 09:30 AM  – NSE TECHM made a new high of 1074.

I will update further information soon. Continue reading

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