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gbpusd forecast

UPDATE GBPUSD : Earn pips without loss
What had I written about GBPUSD in our previous article? Click here

Our preference
Short positions below 1.30749 with targets at 1.30464 – 1.29835 – 1.29079 – 1.28406 in extension.
Alternative scenario
Above 1.30749 look for further upside with 1.31376 – 1.31999 levels

Two targets has been achieved 1.30464 – 1.29835 level.

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UPDATE EURUSD : Follow chart and earn pips
As per our previous article on EURUSD index, (Symmetrical triangle – 2) has been broken.
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audusd forecast

AUDUSD : Be alert !
Our preference
Long positions below 0.74106 with targets 0.73274 – 0.72570 & 0.71386 in extension.
Alternative scenario
Above 0.74106 look for further upside with 0.74686 – 0.76017 & 0.79633 as targets.

usdchf forecast

Our preference
Long positions above 0.99637 with targets 0.99755 – 1.00577 – 1.01704 & 1.03208 in extension.
Alternative scenario
Below 0.99637 look for further upside with 0.98803 & 0.98300 as targets.

EURINR : bearish continuation
Our preference
Long positions below 79.5466 with targets 79.1242 – 78.8423 & 78.2908 in extension.
Alternative scenario
Above 79.5466 look for further upside with 79.7163 & 80.0387 as targets.

eurinr currency trading tips
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usdchf forex signals

USDCHF need support for achieving high levels (1.00027-1.00281-1.00945), you will see 0.98931-0.98745 levels for support.
If USDCHF index is close below the support level, you will see 0.98131-0.97714 levels.

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UPDATE: Is USDJPY change the track?

free AUDUSD signals

What i had written about AUDUSD index? click here…

I had strongly suggested “Before bouncing at the 0.80567-0.81305 levels you must see 0.79725 level.
Remember, If AUDUSD index crossover all close below 0.79390 level, you will see 0.78767-0.78194 levels.”

usdchf index forecast
Keep in mind 0.96736- 0.96523 levels.

resistance: 0.97057 level.

If USDCHF crossover or close above resistance level you can see 0.97163-0.97366 levels.

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