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In the market, the customer does not get that benefit that he/she wants. Just because of their wrong strategies! That’s why the traders are losing their trading account within a few months. Are your ideas & trading strategies failing? Do you need to be perfect in each trade? Want to earn money without having a strategy? Try these commodity profit-sharing plans.

Minimum Risk – Maximum Profit
Weekly avg. up to 45% net profit of your investment

commodity profit sharing

My name is Dev. I’m working in the Indian/forex commodity market since 2003 and contributed more than 1200+ article.

You will get the most accurate trading calls (including intraday and positional) and up to 97% accuracy guarantee. You can use my trading skills, at the same time I double your money. From the profit, 60% to 70% profit yours and 30% to 40% mine. It is a Win:Win for both of us.

Start following my trading alerts (copy & paste) by the use of the below plans:

Pricing Plans
300% ROI and 90% Accuracy Guarantees

Starter19,999/one timeGreat for small investors

Estimated Profit
140% – 160% p.m

Sharing Ratio 60:40 (60% yours)

Managed by Dedicated Account Manager

Best Value & Return
Advanced39,999/one timeBest for all-type of traders

Estimated Profit
260% – 280% p.m

Sharing Ratio 65:35 (65% yours)

Managed by Dedicated Account Manager

Ultimate59,999/one timeMore power and money

Estimated Profit
300% – 400% p.m

Sharing Ratio 70:30 (70% yours)

Managed by Mr.Dev (CEO)

*The following commodities will include in these plans: Gold, Silver, and Crude oil.

Frequently Asked Questions By Traders

How does it work?

Step 1: Open a trading account.
Step 2: Deposit fund your trading account.
Step 3: Start trading on my calls.

How many funds required for the "starter" plan?

It depends upon your selected broker. Kindly ask them about margin, and exposure or leverage.

If your calls are profitable, why shouldn't you earn for yourself?

If I do the trades in my account, that helps me to build my wealth only …it’s not my motive! I’m helping all types of commodity traders since the 2003 year by sharing free commodity market research, reports, and calls through the Moneymunch platform.

Why taking the charges to start profit-sharing?

In the plans, the mentioned prices are for security purposes only. This money will deduct from the first profits.

What's the safety of my invested funds?

Your fund is in your trading account. It’s 100% safe.

Note: we recommend the trading account should be from regulated broker.

What's the time to share profit?

The profit would be settled on the weekend to continue the service.

How to cover the loss?

A loss will recover by trades. Who doesn’t have patience to tolerate a small loss, please use the premium trading alerts plans.

What's the trading frequency?

It depends upon the market fluctuations. And per day three to four trades can be expected.

I manage only those accounts which are having equity of $2000 or more and which are managed in a regulated financial environment. I don’t take risks more than 1% at holding positions, and a maximum of 3% on intraday trades of the account balance.

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