NSE BANKNIFTY & FINNIFTY – Elliott Wave Projection

Timeframe: Daily

The bank nifty spot has broken down 10/35/50 Moving average and trading at 100 Exponential moving average that spots weakness. From the low of 44429 to the high of 47363, the ADX of the price fell to 15.92.

According to Elliott Wave, the current structure can be labeled A-B-C correction. It’s acceptable to expect a flat as wave B retraced 78.6%.

Alert bulls! There are only two opportunities:
(1) At the lower band after completion of wave C.
(2) Only after the breakout of wave (B).

Wave C can occur near wave the low of (C). sellers can extend targets after the aggressive breakdown of wave C. If the price is falling and reaching too far from the breakdown place, the move can be reliable as an impulsive.

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We had written clearly, “To take advantage of this potential upward movement, traders may want to consider entering trades as long as the price remains above 44091 for following targets: 44430 – 44840 – 44912+”.

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[28 June 2023]

  • 11:20 AM – Price touched the first target of 44430.

[30 June 2023]

  • 09:45 AM – Price made a new high of 44668.

[03 July 2023]

  • 09:15 AM – BANKNIFTY hit the second target of 44840.
  • 09:20 AM – BANKNIFTY hit The Final target of 44912.

[04 July 2023]

  • 01:15 PM – Price made a new high of 45654.

We will update further information soon.

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