EDELWEISS on the radar of up spike.

EDELWEISS (positional)
Roughly Head & Shoulders pattern
Previous Resistance @70 already become current support with created a TAIL.

Protective for swing trader 92 below.
Safe and easy target is 128 above.

We might see spike if price not move below 92.

Upcoming Research will be on below stocks…

EDELWEISS on the radar of up spike.

Intraday update for a nifty spot with breakout point.

After “Price Rotation” on daily chart in last nifty update, we have completely 400 points upward moved. Now uploaded Intraday 30minitues chart for spot nifty.

11900 nearby support as per channel and time-cycle, break this or closing below it with volume at 2 clocks today can see downward move. There is a chance to create (5th) wave of upward from channel support. Buyers will continue above 11900 buying yet, sellers can be active below this level.

free silver calls chart

Special Report: MCX Gold & Silver Tips & Updates

Gold is still performing as per our technical analysis. We recommend reading the last report of Gold for this week: These Charts Will Confirm MCX Gold & Silver Next Move

In the above link, we have updated two silver targets after an upper breakout. Those targets have achieved successfully. Approximately 1500 points profit/lot.

Silver at Resistance: The Upcoming Move

Key: $18.180
A breakout of $18.180 levels will hike the MCX silver prices. Silver futures (CFD) can jump up to $18.240 – $18.310 – $18.400+.

Note: the closing price below $18 (into an hour candle) will end the uptrend for the short-term. Next? What will happen? We’ll update it soon for the premium subscribers.

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Identify the direction of nifty of 400points will fill your pocket.

The switch between supply and demand is started at an excess point of the channel which means, its fight between bear and bulls called price rotation. I already predicted this excess earlier. In the recent day, we have a high spot nifty 11714 which is an investor’s memory level.

There is this kind of price rotation which forces to spot nifty to move either 11918 otherwise 11200 can force. Which direction will our is important for traders, Volume of the future will perform great to identify a certain direction.

We going to spike over nifty shortly will 1x to 5x your portfolio in an options trade.

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What about U-turn for nifty?

still, nothing changes, spot nifty is trading at a value high with an excess formed already.

We have published the last Free article for Nifty is following;
Where is U-turn for NIFTY?
When we published this article, we claimed an excess(orange circle) which seen.

There is not confirm about U-turn(reversal) but there are many opportunity for this to happen.