Will Nifty Hit 2nd Target?

How many of you traded on Nifty call?
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I had written in the pre-market newsletter, “If nifty sustains below 16400, traders can expect the following swing targets: 16161 – 16088 – 16014“.

Nifty has achieved the first target of 16161 (239 Points Profit Per Lot). What else do you want in the free subscription?

Now the question is:
Will it touch the 2nd target of 16088 and the 3rd target of 16014? Read more

Gold’s Next Bull Leg In Progress

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Bull Gateway: 1852
Gold has created three consecutive positive bars in the last 25 trading sessions (36 days) for the first time. And it’s above 200 MA. That’s a good sign for buyers! If gold breaks the parallel channel, my upside targets Read more

NSE TECHM: Multiple Timeframe Analysis

I’m using 3 different chart patterns to find out NSE Tech Mahindra stock trend for upcoming days.

  • Monthly Chart: Price Action
  • Weekly Chart: Head and Shoulders Pattern
  • Daily Timeframe Chart: Ellott Wave Theory
Free nse stock techm monthly chart calls
I. Monthly Timeframe Chart – Price Action Read more

AXIS BANK: Peculiar Reversion Or Trend continuation?

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Axis bank has been in the consolidation phase for more than 15 months. Prices fall rapidly after the crossover of 50 & 200 EMA. We can draw two control lines, which can be helpful for target measurement.

If the price enters into the parallel channel, and after retracement sustains above 680, traders can trade for the following target of Read more