Dont miss this setup on option trade, with 7x to 20x PROFIT.

Option Trade Setup, with 7x to 20x PROFIT.
(for taking benefit of election smartly)

Since 1months, consecutively we(Paid Subscribers) are taking profit from this market in Future Stocks, Options. Point to point entry and exit with profit, NOW time to trade safe profit 7x to 20x money. For example, if you trade with 1-lac, then target will be between 7-lacs to 20-lacs profit.

Remarkable point is, safe trade and calculated trade. If you have more than 5 years experiences, you exactly know that in the each election we are achieving huge lottery profit from Option trade. This come only from experience and calculation game.

We will publish it FREE if possible.

Many things will happen in market that can not be thought of. The option is best weapon to treat and advantage of such things.

For example, We have publish NIFTY chart for you to buy point and target with value high. Exactly nifty moved from buy point to target. Bought at 11174 and sell at 11740 = difference 515 points.

Click here to see, what happened.

Now you are on a mode where huge profit possible if you maintain your risk, for example,
Plan with below questions after a trade setup is completed,

  1. How much risk is existed?
  2. Required to increase or reduce quantities?
  3. Should I have remaining spare margin to take another opportunities if more accurate than current?
  4. Thes pike & Big move is expected?
  5. Etc.

There are few important questions are always require before the take entry. We always train to SUBSCRIBERS.


NOTE: DON’T THINK that MARKET MOVE CONTINUE UP AND UP OR DOWN AND DOWN, its will huge volatile and move with GAP and GAP.

Try to catch what are doing by the long term traders, or smart money, or big institutions, whatever you want to call them, have a different, bigger perspective on the market than you and me. What they consider an advantageous price for entering the market in either direction, might not be perceived by us, the short term traders, as advantageous. Therefore, Take your position in Option only one the direction where these all are. From the chart, We usually detect their activities.

Yesterday Suggested …

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Support future nifty 11822-11860

crude oil tips charts

Will Gold & Crude oil Breakout Or Breakdown Next?

gold tips

Technical Perspective of Gold

Reversal range: 31760 – 31700
A complete breakout of reversal range indicates a downtrend trend. It could be up to 31500 – 31400 levels.
After touching the reversal range, gold prices can hike up to 32000 – 32200.

Q. Which level will give 100% confirmation for the uptrend?
A. Consecutively two days closing price above 32300 levels.

crude oil tips charts

As per the above chart, Crude oil bullish trend will confirm after 4490 levels. This level can hike the crude oil prices up to 4600 to 4700 levels.
If it prices will remain under the blue line, a downtrend will initiate. And crude oil prices will crash up to 4300 – 4260 – 4200 levels.

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Banknifty Footprit will guide exact trade entry.

These call were given to our paid subscriber  the target was achieved:

SHORT INDIGO fut 1514-1522 and stop-loss 1530 and targets 1464-1414

Yesterday target achieved…
BUY CADILAHC intraday cash 273.5-271 and stop-loss will be 270 below and 286-294 intraday if close above 285.. then hold it 301-314

  • There’re two excess found above the Value High. 
  • 3-price rotation, on the value area. 
  • Above the control price, there are not trading activities detected. 
  • Last closed price is at control price. 

Conclusion, Buyers always look at excess 28429 of value low and sellers attraction should be at excess 29316 of value high.

trading alerts & support

Announcing a New App for Commodity and Forex Subscribers

Important Note: We are going to discontinue support and trading alerts on the old app. This new app is available for compatible Android smartphones and BlackBerry as well as Windows Phone, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Desktop.

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A Good point for long traders on NIFTY

  • Fin. Retracement 61.8% at 11080.
  • Previous Highest High(b) at 11100.
  • Important level 10985, is at Lowest High(a).

At the expected excess-4, where trader’s attraction will create for long.

NOTE: above all levels are for SPOT nifty, i ll update for future level for subscribers.

Nifty spot updated on (20th, may 2019)

Look at the chart, spot nifty moved from 11174 to 11733 in 3 trading days. There was 550 points different.

Exactly I told you to BUY 11174 nearby in the chart with (c). and you know what happened.

I hope you also enjoyed our research, if not then still we are with you.

free crude oil tips

Crude Oil Price As Bearish as it Seems?

free crude oil tips

Crude oil Next Move

Crude oil may fall up to 4200 – 4130 but don’t initiate sell position above 4400 levels.

Further information will be updated soon for the premium subscribers in the mobile app.

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