Is Silver(XAGUSD) Ready For Trend Change?

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Silver(XAGUSD) has formed a downtrend channel for more than 48 weeks. Price has made a high of 30.03, and sellers entered the market.

Price Action Perspective:

Price has made a series of Lower Highs and Lower Lows, and the control line gives nine touches.

According to Dow theory, if the price breaks the previous LL, it will make a new LL. The upper band & lower band has provided strong reversals to the price.

After breaking the LL, if the price gives a breakout of the downtrend channel, it indicates the worst fundamentals. And if the price gets reversed to create the lower band of the downtrend channel, the price will march to the upper band touch.

Elliott Perspective:

Price has constituted a corrective structure, where price has completed double zigzag(w-x-y).

It will create the last leg wave Z in order to complete the Triple correction. After making the last leg Z, silver will start a five-wave impulsive wave.

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Will Gold (XAUUSD) Reach $2050 Before December 2022?

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XAUUSD is forming a triangle on the wave ((4)).

This correction has taken more than 17 months, but the triangle is not over yet. Price has completed wave D of the 4th wave triangle, and wave E of wave A is in progress.

After completing the wave sub-wave A, the price will start wave B & then wave C.

The ending point of wave E is the starting point of the impulsive cycle.

Calculation of wave E:

Wave E can end 100% of wave sub-wave A at 1726.

Wave E can end near previous sub-wave B at 1719

Wave E can end at 100% of wave D at 1704.

Traders can wait for the breakout of the B-D trend line. Note that if the price doesn’t break the B-D channel, sideways will be continued.

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Don’t Get Yourself Into a Bull Trap With MCX Gold

free commodity gold tips daily chart

Key levels: 47948 – 49290
Gold is rejecting uptrend and downtrend at the level of 47948. And we don’t see a powerful movement in the 2021 year, wherein it throwout the level of 49280 successfully.

Here, you will have a strong support level, wherein we may decide about buying or selling. And it is the level of 47948. Intraday traders can keep buying the gold for targets of 48360 – 48640 – 48890 – 49280 until it remains above the level of 47948.

But, if you see a breakout of the first ‘key’ level, then sell it for the targets of 47480 – 47060 below.

Buyers must be aware these days. Why?
The gold prices may push down with power compared to an uptrend because of Coronavirus (Omicron).

For advance traders, watch significant releases or events that may affect the movement of gold, silver, crude oil & natural gas:
Tuesday, Dec 28, 2021
20:30 CB Consumer Confidence (Dec) – High Impact

Wednesday, Dec 29, 2021
03:00 API Weekly Crude Oil Stock – Medium Impact
21:00 Crude Oil Inventories – High Impact

Thursday, Dec 30, 2021
19:00 Initial Jobless Claims – High Impact
21:00 Natural Gas Storage – Low Impact

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Gold Spot (XAUUSD) Time for Consolidation & Lower Volatility

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Click on the chart to enlarge

See the above chart wherein I have used the Gann Angles as support & resistance. As per the rules of All Angles, when the stock price breaks an Angle, it will rotate to the next Angle. Gold Spot is under a downtrend until the breakout of 8/1.

But that’s all about the long-term view. If you see the above Gold Spot’s hourly chart, there are two supports. And if XAUUSD repeats the game of excess & tail, then the downtrend will begin.

Hence, be ready for the levels of $1752 – $1726 – $1680 below.

Gold Spot can hold the downtrend by staying above 4/1. If it happens, then we will see $1830 – $1860 – $1900+ levels.

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Crude Oil Elliott Wave Cycles Point More Upside

free commodity crudeoil daily chart tips

Price had made an extreme low at 795 on 20 Apr ’20.
It had started a quick recovery after an inviolable bottom-out. Due to bearish sentiments and no evidence of the verified bottom, it had constructed 2nd wave correction. The second wave retraced 38.2% of wave 1, which indicates a sturdy bull trend is ahead!

The acceleration phase lasted for 246 days and, the Fibonacci extension of wave 3 was 161.8% of the wave.
The public participation increased when the price had broken up the high of the first wave. It has the signal for bulls that crude was likely to make a new high.

After the acceleration phase, the price has corrected the bull phase with a double zigzag. It had retraced 38.2% of wave 3.
This correction was sharp in comparison with 2nd wave.

According to the above chart,
Wave 2 has taken 89 trading sessions to correct wave 1.
Wave 4 has taken 45 trading sessions to correct wave 3.

Wave 4 was a surprising disappointment for the bull traders.

Here, wave 3 is not a power extended because it hadn’t moved across wave 1.618% of wave 1.

According to the Elliott wave principle, commodities are more often extending at the 5th wave.

Currently, the price has made a new high of 6428.
Price has entered the corrective phase.
It is constructing the 4th sub-wave of the impulsive wave ((5)).

There are two possibilities,
1. If the price breaks the parallel channel, we can expect 50% to 61.8% retracement for wave 4. Be aware of the fake breakout!
Remember, entry is also not possible without an exact reversal signal.
Caution: Wave 4 can never overlap the starting point of wave 1.

2. Price is on the control line of the base channel.
The safe trader can enter the buying position when price breaks the wave B.

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MCX Gold & Crude Oil: Downside Risk?

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Update 2: Gold Price Slowly Going Upside

Did you read the previous report of MCX Gold? If not, click the below link to read it.
Unlocking The Next Targets of MCX Gold, Crude oil, & Aluminium

I had written, “Key levels: 48113 – 47616
MCX gold has been moving under the range of 48113 – 47616. It’s a very crucial point. We may see a continued uptrend ahead if it breaks and close above 0.382 retracement level. That can be up to 48260 – 48490 – 48600 – 48700“.

Gold has taken a reversal after hitting the first target. Do you think it will go upside from here? Only premium subscribers can read the full report.

Update: Beware, Crude Oil Bulls – That’s the Beginning of the End

commodity crude oil tips signals
First, click the below link and read the full crude oil report.
Unlocking The Next Targets of MCX Gold, Crude oil, & Aluminium

Here I had written in clear words, “Crude oil may keep running upward for the levels of 6360 – 6500+. To maintain an uptrend, it has to crossover the hurdle level of 6290 by closing above”.

It has touched the first target and bounced off to entry-level again. MCX crude oil will keep moving forward until kick at the last TP.

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