AB=CD at 12798 for NIFTY.

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Stop-loss 12014, ONLY 36 point stop-loss


500 POINTS PROFIT TAKEN, 500*75= 37,500 PROFIT

This defined the 12798 area as critical short-term resistance. It is important to note that the stock reversed after the AB=CD completion point will test. Although the BC projection was an important calculation within the PRZ of the pattern, the completion of the equivalent AB=CD structure was the defining limit. The chart of the price action in the PRZ shows the near-perfect reversal just the PRZ at 12798 nearby expecting…

I outlined that important level is at 12798 and Terminal Bar will decide for reversal confirmation.

I have mixed use Breakdown + Elliott Modied Basic Rules…

LUPIN The Precious Reversal after AB=CD and now Butterfly Pattern!

Precious seen AB=CD pattern on LUPIN. The “B” retraced at exact 61.8% and BC project at accurately 1.168%. After completing this pattern, extreme fall was seen in the price.
Bullish Butterfly pattern required “B” mid-point 78.6% retracement and The price can fall 1.27.

The reversal can push the price previous level first 938 and 980.

The price an rise near of the range 853 and 846.

Developing crab pattern in nifty:

The “B” mid-point is at 61.8% of XA leg.
(Alternate Bat required exact 38.2% B retracement)

For the Crab pattern or Gartley, the “B” can be 61.8% but D must me equal or more than 2 AB = CD.

By the looking on the chart, we have 2 best entry point to enter long side.

TATA MOTORS LTD. good opportunity to Invest in:

It is near the main support line and likely to take its support and move up direction.
At the current level there is two support acting, 1st main support and 2nd symmetrical triangle ascending lower trend so it has a strong support.
In the past it had already made a symmetrical triangle and is was so accurate the price target was perfectly followed, so it is concluded that that price will follow its support and move up, The triangle itself is neutral, it still favors the direction of the existing trend and traders look for breakouts in the direction of the trend.
BUY ZONE -128-123

BHARTIARTL investors eyes:

The bhartiartl has made double bottom and it is in support line.
A curve movement has occurred in this stock.
Investor generally invest in this point the risk factors become low.
In future how at every resistance can react in that point it is plotted.
The target is very high because every disciplined investor will look at the best possible higher targets.
The price movement is low.

The price moving towards the FIVE Wave in bulls market NIFTY!

FIRST Wave: (Leading Diagonal Contracting)
In the first wave, we have detected the Leading Diagonal contracted within two yellow-colored covering lines but the  leading diagonal occasionally appear in the first wave position of impulse. I have labeled by using roman numbers.

SECOND Wave: (The 50% Retraced)
Its a corrective wave formed A, B, and C. Its retraced 50% from the first wave and the price didn’t carry to a new low.

THIRD Wave: (Impulsive and Extended)
This wave is strong and broad with the Extension moved. The subdivisions of an extended wave are nearly the same amplitude and duration as required.

FOUR-Wave used Technique : (of Channeling to determine Five Wave)
I’ve used here channeling technique for confirmation of four-Wave completed perfectly. In this case, suppose to the fourth wave ends at a point touching the parallel channel.

FIVE Wave: (Price is currently toward this wave)
I have connected the ends of waves two and four to determine the five-wave causing wave one and three is normal.