Can the pattern on the chart will fill your pocket, Banknifty?

The Bank Nifty always repeating TRIANGLE pattern. We have detected perfect TRIANGLE on bank nifty. Yes, right action on the breakout will full and fill your pocket with money but, still, we have to wait and keep patience for that. By looking at the chart, you will understand the pattern exactly.

Support are in two phases,

  • Phase 1. 10885 and,
  • Phase 2. 10860.

We can take Biggest benefit when getting a breakout. Although you can get the profit from the current trend which mentioned by the legs(Waves).

Short view for BANKNIFTY with exact channel.

Banknifty opened at the resistance of (3) wave 27701 nearby which is at value high. This resistance pushes it toward the control value at 27463(gravitating) and (4rth) wave at value low. Looking at it seems that short declining wave can start for the target.

Above all levels are for a spot.

Trade plan will be for paid subscribers only.

From a strategic standpoint, the technical traders must decide two things: First, the trader must choose when to enter a position, and second, he or she must choose when to exit a position. Choosing when to exit a position is composed of two decisions. Exactly, and therefore our research give 90% above accurency.

Infosys has seen strong channel.

The price trading at a value high. I always prefer to trade on the excess. Resistance is 850 nearby for target 825.5 nearby at control price.

More detail is for subscribers.

Below call given to Subscribers…

Short INFY future 846-849 and stoploss 855 above, targets 835-832 intraday and positional 820-805


Fantastic real time TRIANGLE pattern on ITC

Fantastic real-time TRIANGLE pattern on ITC

This is NSE equity stock and all level are for equity.

This is a perfect example of Triangle and already completed 5 waves in it. Ready for a breakout. Suppose to breakout, you will get new direction with a spike.

How to detect the direction side of SPIKE(means big and surge move)…! The changing in volume will provide you single for direction move. I have plotted Average Volume when it break and crossover  2x or 3x in volume will lead you the direction of SPIKE.

Updated on 11th Sept. 2019

We already tested ITC future in profit. Now your food is going to cook. ITC is ready to break TRIANGLE with Spike.

Below call given to SUBSCRIBERS only.

Short sell ITC 245.7-246.4 and stoploss 247 and targets 243-1, if close below 243… then hold for 2-4 days for targets 238


Resulf of breakdown on ITC, we sold ITC in future and enjoying it

Breakdown strategy for Nifty scenario.

Statement (1): As per “No trading activities“, the price is not going to cross above the Control Price which drew by blue color.

Statement (2): Presently, Nifty is again going to high volatile as show by Remarkable box.

Statement (3): From the TimeCycle, approximately move projected by (A),(B) and (C).

As per channel, the main support is 10525 below where investors think for the long side. The price can consolidate between 11300 and 10600 range for 2-3months. Breaking this range will create a new spike.

Resistance 10925 for targets 10765-10622 if trade below 10950

Intraday TRADE for NITY SEPT. future and VEDL future

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Target was achieved on nifty more than 100 points, now?

Last two trade was very accurate on NIFTY future. Below call was sent to subscribers.

  • BUY NIFTY SEPT future 10890 (exact order was executed) and the target was 11022+ and made high 11076 (this was intraday call and ACHIEVED target)


These levels are for spot nifty analysis. Below 10865, Not good for long and down spike can be expected. Therefore, support 10865.

For subscribers only:

Sell NIFTY future sept 10890 below for targets 10822-10689

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We have done research on KOTAK BANK NSE equity, still, we did not execute it. This stock is trading at value low with an excess, We might take a long position on it if a change in average volume.

Updated on 1:30 PM 04th Sept 2019

Consistently, our trades are taking profit on nifty future sep. for subscribers. I hope you are also enjoying free research for nifty future. We are trying to keep our research very easy to understand for a non-technical person also.

In the below chart, There is narrow and small channel detected for spot nifty.

R1 at 10860 nearby and R2 10885 is our trade setup for subscribers…!

Subscribers levels for NIFTY FUTURE

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