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Don’t read about this crude oil report if you recently joined Moneymunch commodity newsletter. Who’s following Moneymunch from long time they know what I was saying about crude oil. If you forget it then click here and read it now.

I had clearly written, “You can sell crude oil while it will close or go below to 3055 level …crude oil can show fall upto 2900-2700 levels. This are seller’s area!”

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As we said, crude oil well played and hit our 1st target 2900 level and made low 2831 in yesterday trading session.

What are you expecting now? Will crude oil go more down or run up from here?
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Copper almost lost 6.2 rupees on last trading session. Today MCX Copper will try to recover yesterday loss and it may hit the 328 levels after opening bell.

If you would like to sell it then wait for the 324.8 levels. Once it will stay below to this level minimum 1 hour then in upcoming days it will show you 321.5-319.5 levels.


If I want to buy anything for sure profit then I would like to go with Crude Palm Oil (CPO).
Targets: 524.4-526.4

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Note: today I highly recommend to watch metal commodities. Aluminium, Copper, Lead, Nickel & Zinc are at turning points. For receive Metal commodities reports – subscribe our premium service.

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FREE COMEX Gold intraday charts signals

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FREE COMEX Gold intraday charts signals

Day traders must wait for 1319 levels. Aggressive traders go and sell gold now because it going to touch 1314.1-1311.1 below levels.

Keep your stoploss 1322.1 levels. If Gold will close above to this level then you may see unstoppable up moves.

Trade in silver with perfect levels or do not trade. DON’T SELL THE SILVER UNTIL BREAK YESTERDAY LOW (19.456). Because if it will breakout the yesterday low then we may see 19.245 level in just a  few hours.

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FREE Commodity MCX Lead tips

Get Ready For Commodity Intraday Trading Tips on MCX Lead

FREE Commodity MCX Lead tips

Look at the above chart of MCX Lead,
It’s showing buy signals for intraday traders. I would recommend to stay with trend and buy it for 125.4-127 levels. This calls will be active until it breaks the trendline.

Lead is overall weak so I suggest to sellers, wait for the 122.7 breakout. Once it will close below to this level consecutively 1-2 times in hours bar then lead intraday trend will changed. We will see aggressive selling pressure and lead will lift down 121.4 to 119 below in just few hours.

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