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In last week gold gained +273 rupees. If MCX gold will close above to 30070 level then we can see upside rally up to 30300-30530 level.

Don’t forget: gold can show up a rally in only 1 condition “it will need to close at / above 30070 level“.

If that not happen then gold downtrend will begin soon and it can drop up to 29790-29650-29550 levels.

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Free commodity gold intraday tips

Silver is trying to recover 20 October loss but its failing. This week for intraday hurdle is 42040 level and if it will close above it then we can see 42106-42174 levels only. You must be thinking, why targets range is not big but look at its movement!

I don’t recommend to trade in Silver. Yes, the seller can get benefits because it’s become aggressive while got a chance to go down so I would recommend keeping selling silver until it remains below to the hurdle.

Target: 41822

If silver close or go below to 41800 level then my friends, Big Booooooom…!!! And my premium subscribers are waiting for that moment.

mcx silver tips

It’s time to earn money from crude oil. Buying pressure will generate on 3426 level and buyers may push up crude oil above 3500 levels within an hour.

Crude oil is going to open downside. It can play between 3426-3376 levels range. If crude oil will remain below to 3376 level for more than 15min then high selling pressure will generate and it can be oversold.

If you are smart enough then you can sell crude oil as per above mentioned instructions.
Targets will be 3310-3266 levels.

mcx crude oil tips

Last week updated Technical report in what I had said about Natural gas? If you don’t remember that then you may click here and read it again.

I have boldly said, “If MCX NG will try to break 215 levels or close below it then the natural gas could slip up to 210-203 levels.

And Natural gas exactly did that and closed at 201.5 level. Both targets have been achieved.

MCX Natural Gas tips

Mentha oil is trying to go up but waiting for the buyers and that buyer may come after hitting 794 level before next weekend. I would like to suggest you to keep selling mentha oil until it hit the 794 level. Once it touches that level after you may follow last week instruction for higher profit.

mcx mentha oil intraday tips

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Quickly building up towards a day of big profits from MFSL…

Herein, going to update some of experiencing a massive increase in activity & as momentum builds YOU could profit.

Momentum trades have become a staple in winning strategies…

This alert is special and it’s the type that requires immediate & swift action. Why? Because momentum is quickly building up for this stock and that’s important for anyone looking to book profits in one day.

Momentum helps traders book gains because it means that interest in the stock already exists and traders are willing to buy the stock and bet that it’s going higher.


This is chart of Max FINANCIAL SERVICES LTD(MFSL) equity market only. This stock can surge in coming days.


You have to watch and put ALERT of breaking Surge Protector daily… and act whenever it break. I will update for subscribers.

This stock is good for trading if you act at right time only, Remember its good if you act at right time only… You have to watch from opening if you wanna to trade on it. First, look at the chart and note down levels.


Commodity Natural gas tips & charts

Commodity Natural gas, Copper, Lead & Mentha oil Technical Analysis, Fundamental reports with charts & intraday tips

MCX Natural gas tips

This chart is a daily chart of natural gas. We can see natural gas started moving up after complete the first month (January) of 2016. In May month it made trap for greedy sellers (by fake out) and risen up till June end! But the main point is Natural gas well played in June ending because it had made one more trap for greedy buyers by price got rejected down initially in 29-06-2016 (look at above chart). But this all things are now a history.

Now what will be next move of natural gas?
Will natural gas remain bullish in 2017 too..???
Will NG hit 230-246-258-277 this levels before 2016 end?

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October month is fortunate for natural gas short-term buyers because it gained almost 24.1 rupees! Look at below chart:

Commodity Natural gas tips & charts

Natural gas may come down up to 216 to make a fake out but if I would recommend to stay with trend and buy natural gas for 225-230 levels.

If MCX NG will try to break 215 levels or close below it then the natural gas could slip up to 210-203 levels. And I think, this information enough for a smart traders and short-terms investors.

But I would like to remind you again this article readers, if you want to BUY / SELL natural gas for long-term and with less risk then I suggest to subscribe our service to read full Energy report.

FREE Copper tips & charts

Copper will move continuously upward in 2017 too? Well, I think I should to update that later. At the present time, copper is making bullish rising wedge and strong support trendline is suggesting upcoming days. It can generate fake out up to 308.5 levels before this month end but you may continue buying the copper for 319.9 levels!

Keep in mind, 308.5 levels below closing can drag the copper down up to solid support level.

If you want to analyze copper and aluminium technically then I must prefer to read my 1st Aug, 2016 newsletter. Click here to read old report of Copper & Aluminium

Commodity Lead tips & charts

Look at above MCX Lead daily chart. You may see MACD & Stochastic Oscillator indicating the down signals but small support is coming up at 130.7 level so what your strategy for intraday trading? You can share your view on lead in below comment box and I will update full report of MCX Lead for premium subscribers!

Commodity mentha oil tips & charts

Look at above MCX Mentha oil intraday chart. We will see shortly small selling pressure on mentha oil and it could slip up to 880 below levels.

If Mentha oil will close above to 920 level then then we will see 940-950 levels before 2016 year end!

I think, gesture is enough for smart traders so I’m not going to explain in details.

Read more




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