Tips & Charts: Gold, Silver, & Crude oil Special Report

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MCX Gold at Support: the Upcoming Move

The last weekend moves had down. When the gold brake below the box, the bears can win this battle.
Output: 36800 – 36000 – 35360 levels (Beware to fake out)

If the gold breaks the box upside in the future, then these areas will be support areas that can keep the gold from falling. And the result will come out with the following levels: 39000 – 39600 – 40000+

For Intraday Traders:

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Silver Price Setting Up For A Downside Price Rotation?

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What If Crude Oil Is NOT In A New Bull Market?

Support trend line breakout is a clear sign for STOP BUYING. Crude oil selling will start right after redline. I will tell you in the next update what happens if it breaks that line.

Keep buying at/above the support trend line for 4280 – 4356 – 4400 levels.

Remember, this strategy works for intraday and short-term investors only.

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Counter-trend Rally: MCX Gold, Silver, Crude oil & Jeera

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Gold & Silver: Decision Time

Gold prices stuck in the range of 37500 – 38600 levels. What will happen next? The full Gold report will be updated soon for the premium subscribers only.

Silver’s traders can read our last report. It’s very close to our levels: MCX Silver Intraday Trend Analysis & Tips

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Crude oil Golden Long-Term Opportunity

As per the chart, the resistance trendline is crucial here. You can take the 4140 levels as a trend changer. Above resistance trendline, looks for further upside with 4240 – 4360 – 4440+.

But in the week beginning, 4100 – 4060 expected levels.

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Jeera – What Next?

Jeera’s next support level is 15700 level. After the breakout of support, we can expect 15500 – 15300 levels as targets.
Above 16340 (or upper trendline breakout) looks for further upside with 16600 – 16900 – 17160+ as targets.

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MCX Gold & Silver: Charts & Tips for today

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Time to pick up Silver

As per this chart, silver has created a tail under the control price line. Under the control price line, we can expect the following targets: 44360 – 44000 – 43500 levels below.

And above to the control price line, targets are 45000 – 45500+.

It’s just a short-term outlook of silver. If you watch out the below chart, the current trend of silver will come out. But for the intraday traders only.

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Only for the advanced traders:
Hurdle: 44580
Upward: 44800 – 44860 – 44900+ levels
Downward: 44500 – 44400 levels

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Technical Perspective of MCX Gold

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This week gold may jump up to 38460. The current trend can drag the gold prices up to 37700 – 37560 – 37400.

Weekly outlook
Trap levels: 38600 – 38700

This trap level can unlock 39000 – 39260.

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Special Report: MCX Gold & Silver Tips & Updates

Gold is still performing as per our technical analysis. We recommend reading the last report of Gold for this week: These Charts Will Confirm MCX Gold & Silver Next Move

In the above link, we have updated two silver targets after an upper breakout. Those targets have achieved successfully. Approximately 1500 points profit/lot.

Silver at Resistance: The Upcoming Move

Key: $18.180
A breakout of $18.180 levels will hike the MCX silver prices. Silver futures (CFD) can jump up to $18.240 – $18.310 – $18.400+.

Note: the closing price below $18 (into an hour candle) will end the uptrend for the short-term. Next? What will happen? We’ll update it soon for the premium subscribers.

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