Commodity MCX Natural gas, CPO & Mentha oil Tips and Updates

What I had said about Natural gas on 20 Sep, 2016 (two days ago)?
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Hurdle: 194.4 levels …if it will stay above the hurdle, then we will see 197-198+ levels.

On the same day, it had crossed the hurdle and made high 204. Yesterday it also made high 207.6 too…

What you think about today? It will continue to move up or go down? Subscribe to our service to continue read…

Natural Gas

What I had said about CPO two days back?

I had said boldly,”It’s time to buy crude palm oil. 110% Positive & Hot!
Targets: 584.8-588″

CPO Touched both targets at same day.
It’s still looking hot. 110% it will hitsubscribe our service to continue read

mcx cpo tips

What I had written about Mentha oil in last report?
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I have said, “Sellers may keep selling it until mentha oil touch 883 levels.”

Mentha oil made low 880.5 at same day and touched the expected levels!

mcx mentha oil tips
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Commodity MCX Crude oil, Natural gas, CPO & Mentha oil intraday tips

Natural gas hurdle is 194.4 levels for intraday trading. If natural gas will break 194.4 levels then we may see 192-191.2 levels and if it will stay above the hurdle then we will see 197-198+ levels. Smart traders for gesture is enough and if you would like to get natural gas or crude oil trading alerts during market hours by SMS then subscribe now!

commodity natural gas intraday trading tips

Crude oil is looking weak. If it does not stay above the 2980 level, then it will hit 2930-2900 below levels.

MCX Crude oil tips

It’s time to buy crude palm oil. 110% Positive & Hot!
Targets: 584.8-588
Perfect entry level and stop loss available for premium subscribers only.

free cpo crude palm oil tips

Mentha oil slipping downside since 3 trading sessions and it could go more down if it will open again downward. Sellers may keep selling it until mentha oil touch 883 levels.

commodity mentha oil intraday tips
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MCX CPO Intraday Tips

What I was saying about CPO before market bell?

I had said, CPO is for small traders. They can buy for 548 levels. It’s flying bird!

yes girls gif

Today, Crude Palm Oil made high 549.8 and touched our target 548 levels.

Also, my premium subscribers bought CPO at 533 levels. Check out below screenshot of SMS:

CPO Tips by SMS

That’s why I always say, “Exact time + Perfect entry level + Stop loss = For premium subscribers only”.

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Commodity Intraday Tips on MCX Natural gas, Mentha oil & CPO

Targets: 169.3-165.3-162
Exact time + Perfect entry level + Stop loss = For premium subscribers only!

MCX Natural gas tips

Intraday traders may buy Mentha oil at opening bell with stop loss yesterday low.
Targets: 920-925

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mcx mentha oil tips

CPO is for small traders. They can buy for 548 levels. It’s flying bird!

free cpo crude palm oil tips
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FREE Commodity MCX Aluminium, Copper, Zinc & CPO intraday tips and weekly analysis

commodity aluminium intraday charts tips

MCX Aluminium tried well to recover previous week loss. Overall this week it gained only .65 rupees (last month contract). As per above chart, you can see it overall trend is upside, but last trading candle shows weakening, so it will continue to drill downwards.

If you would like to buy Aluminium Aug contract then wait for 110.2 levels above closing because once it will crossover for only 1-2 hours then it can fly up to 111.2-112.2-113 levels.

But 110.2 is the hurdle, so the seller can keep continuing selling below the hurdle for 108.2-107.3 below levels.

Look at MCX Copper intraday chart, 3 trading sessions back copper had closed below to the trendline. It was fake out or down signal generated? Copper at the turning point now. If you see copper above the 331 levels for 2-3 hours, then this week copper will go upside and hit 335-339 above levels. It will break July high in August month!

But keep your eyes on 325.5 levels. It’s very crucial level and if the copper will test this level then we will see a big downtrend. It may drop up to 319-309 below levels.

If zinc will go to 149.6 levels and hold for 1-2 hours, then traders may sell without any worry for 147.8-146.6 levels.

Don’t forget it’s strongly bullish to 150 levels, and it can hit 152-154 levels in just a few hours. Before sell, I would recommend keeping patience for minimum hours while it breaks the 149.6 levels.

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mcx zinc tips

CPO is the best for intraday trading. It’s raising up over 3 weeks and continues looking upside. Crude palm oil will touch 966-978-986 levels on next week.

crude palm oil CPO intraday tips
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FREE Commodity reports, updates & tips on Crude oil, Copper, CPO

Crude oil technical chart & tips

Don’t read about this crude oil report if you recently joined Moneymunch commodity newsletter. Who’s following Moneymunch from long time, they know what I was saying about crude oil. If you forget it then click here and read it now.

I had clearly written, “You can sell crude oil while it will close or go below to 3055 level …crude oil can show fall upto 2900-2700 levels. This are seller’s area!”

gif gun

As we said, crude oil well played and hit our 1st target 2900 level and made low 2831 in yesterday trading session.

What are you expecting now? Will crude oil go more down or run up from here?
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Copper almost lost 6.2 rupees on last trading session. Today, MCX Copper will try to recover yesterday loss, and it may hit the 328 levels after the opening bell.

If you would like to sell it, then wait for the 324.8 levels. Once it will stay below the level minimum 1 hour, then in upcoming days it will show you 321.5-319.5 levels.

free copper intraday tips

If I want to buy anything for sure profit, then I would like to go with Crude Palm Oil (CPO).
Targets: 524.4-526.4

Stop loss is available for premium members only!

mcx cpo tips

Note: today I highly recommend to watch metal commodities. Aluminium, Copper, Lead, Nickel & Zinc are at turning points. For receive Metal commodities reports – subscribe in our premium service.

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