Commodity intraday tips update on MCX CPO

commodity cpo tips

What I was saying about CPO before market opening bell?

I had said, “Crude palm oil is the best commodity for today!
…but I’m expecting 387-384 below levels”

It just touched 387 level and completed 1st target!
So now, what you’re expecting?
Will it touch the second target?

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Commodity Crude oil, Aluminium & CPO intraday tips


Crude oil was falling non-stop over 2 weeks and that situation will stay as it is until the crude oil break and close above, 2805 level. If it stays above 2805 for 1-2 consecutive hours then we will see 2855-2888 levels. And if it’ll stay below the 2805 level, then nobody can stop to break 2682-2646-2600 below levels.

mcx aluminium intraday tips

Intraday Targets: 96-95.3
Above targets are intact, but you will need to find the top and exact entry level.
Exact time + Exact entry level + Stop loss = Premium subscribers only!

mcx cpo tips

Crude palm oil is the best commodity for today!

Just take care of previous closed level. If it breaks that, then we may see 395-397+ levels, but I’m expecting 387-384 below levels.

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FREE Commodity MCX gold, silver, CPO & NCDEX castor seed intraday tips

gold silver tips

Today gold will be stay underselling pressure and try to recover Monday opening bell abnormal moves, but I recommend if you don’t have perfect strategy to take position then take expert advice before investing because it’ll fire from the current position. If you’d like to get intraday gold & silver tips then subscribe to our service because everyday I can’t say everything!

mcx aluminium intraday tips

Aluminum looking for bottom and I don’t think yesterday closing price 100.85 level is bottom! Small up flaws, later we’ll see 100 and below levels.

CPO Crude palm oil tips

Crude palm oil is touching the sky and I don’t think it’ll be stopped here. 432 is perfect level for small investors and 430 is red line for buyers. Targets: 435-437+

ncdex castor seed tips image

If your real goal is to earn money then don’t hesitate to invest money into NCDEX Castor seed. The best intraday support level is 4141. Targets: 4170-4182-4190+

If the castor seed cross and close below to support then downtrend will be being!

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FREE Commodity MCX Gold, Silver, Nickel & CPO intraday tips

silver tips

On last trading session silver lost -173 point and closed at very crucial 35392 level. If the silver close or go below 35280 then we will see again 35000-34800 below levels in this week or if that close above 35500 then it’ll fly on sky and hit 35700-35900-36000

mcx comex gold spot tips

COMEX Gold will be stayed downward until that break and close above $1140.2 level. On next week it’ll show us $1090.6 level. And MCX Gold is looking pretty good against rather than gold spot, so use your login detail to read continue about MCX gold.

mcx nickel tips

MCX Nickel is closed at crucial level 663.4 and uptrend will being after it show closing above hurdle 672 level, so you can say downtrend will be stayed continue below the hurdle and touch 654-645-638 levels but if that close above the hurdle then we’ll 684-692 levels.

mcx cpo tips

CPO is sharply moving up from the last so many days.
Down signal: 377.8 and up signal: 381.7
Above-mentioned both level is explaining next week future of MCX CPO.

If the CPO cross and close above up signal level then definitely we’ll see 383-385-387.5+ OR if that close below the down signal level then no one can stop it to hit 375.5-373

Now the game is on your hand, so the choice is yours!

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Commodity Gold & CPO Updates + Special Offer

mcx gold bengals

What I said about Gold on April 23?
I had written, “I will not say in-detail but keep in mind 26500 level and whenever it touches that level I will remind you all
You really don’t remember it?

media comedian

Look, Gold hit my target!
What else you want for perfect investment?


mcx ncdex cpo

Not only Gold! I also said something for CPO while it was running at 443. If you don’t remember, then click me to see it again.

I said, “Short term targets: 430-426-420
Today CPO made low 436.5, what are you expecting now?
Will it hit my targets or not?
More details I will update for my premium subscribers!


Since 2012, my 1-year package price never goes down more than 16.5K but from last week I started getting too emails from small traders. As per small traders requests, I am changing my price from 34,500 to 15,500 (You save 19,000) for 1 year with 1-hour special training session.

15,500 1 year offer will be available only for today and tomorrow. It’s my gift for upcoming event Buddha Purnima.

Note: please don’t make any proposals like 1 month, half year or Monday I will subscribe. I will allow only limited subscribers until tomorrow evening.

For any inquiry or question related to special offer or commodity, you may contact me: [email protected] / +91 903 386 2706. (Please call us before deposit money.)

Thank you!
– Mr.Dev

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FREE Commodity MCX Gold, Crude oil & CPO intraday tips

mcx gold tips

Seriously, I am looking GOLD down!

I will not say in-detail but keep in mind 26500 level and whenever it touch that level than I’ll remind you all.


Crude oil is looking downward for today. We’re expecting it will move down, up to 3532 – 3510. More detail I will provide through SMS to our subscribers.

CPO is the best commodity for small traders and long term investors. Look at below chart, you can easily understand what to do..!

cpo 1 year chart 2015

Look in chart, you can see MCX CPO downtrend is near. I draw yellow dotted line to show how it will run and yellow circles displaying whenever it hit top stochastic oscillator it go down.

Short term targets: 430 – 426 – 420
Short term traders, don’t forget to keep your eyes on hurdle because once it closes above it then it may fly.
More information, I will update during market hours for premium subscribers.

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