Commodity Crude oil, Aluminum, CPO & Cardamom tips

mcx ncdex crude oil

MCX Crude oil intraday tips

Yesterday, crude oil made a new low and closed at $73.80. Today we will see upside opening bell in MCX Crude, but speculators can start selling after break 4620 level.
Intraday targets: 4592-4570
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MCX Aluminium

MCX Aluminium short term view

Yesterday MCX Aluminum closed 128.9 level first time after 6 years! If it not comes back below yesterday low in 2 consecutive days then we will see giant buying pressure and unpredictable upward movements.
Smart traders, here are your short term targets: 129.8 – 131.4

CPO & Cardamom Forecast

I don’t want to waste time of readers. Let’s come to the point, go and sell if open downwardly!
Intraday Targets for CPO: 441.5-440 and Cardamom: 833-826

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Commodity MCX Gold, Silver, Natural gas, CPO & NCDEX RMSEED, Barely tips

Commodity Gold and Silver tips for today

mcx gold and silver

Gold spot is looking strong for today and silver will go down continue. If silver crossover $15.65 level then we may see some in MCX silver otherwise you can continue sell it after break $15.4 for $15. For more information, you can subscribe to our free newsletter services. Our service is free for all.!

MCX Natural gas tips for today

Natural gas direction can flip either way before the end of this week, but for today we look only bear. Opening bell seller can easily eat some profit and target for them 255.5 level!
Buyers for golden opportunity are coming, but be aware with 255 level because it’s a hurdle.

mcx ncdex cpo
If you want to make some coins and need sure shot then go with MCX CPO flow because it will definitely move down.
Targets: 446.5 – 445
Free users for stoploss yesterday high!

ncdex rape mustard seed
NCDEX Rape mustard seed (RMSEED) is looking very strong and you can buy it @ opening for 3866-3876 level.
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No mixed opinions – direct trading decision if you believe on my target.
Short term target: 1650-1658

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MCX Gold, Silver, Lead, Natural gas, Zinc, CPO & Cotton

mcx cotton

Cotton future is very bright for sellers. Targets: 18600-18516-18334

mcx cpo

CPO is looking downside. Risky zone will start @ 536 level. Targets: 529.5-527-525

MCX Aluminium

MCX Aluminium will move continue upward, up to 123.5 level. Smart traders know – what to do with it!

MCX Natural gas

Take one look first @ my first chart of MCX Natural gas by Click Me. You can see, I am saying to sell Natural gas from last 3 weeks to everybody. What you expect now? My all targets were kissed but what now? I will say it our subscribers.

mcx zinc

Zinc is not good for everybody health. If you have lion hearts, then buys in deep and forget. Targets: 144-145-147


Buy buy buy for small traders… Targets: 133.8-134.3
Don’t forget to keep your eyes on opening bell…. Downside bell can make you fool…

mcx gold silver

MCX Gold / Silver are moving downward or upward? For to know it, subscribe now because only subscribers can read full article.

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MCX Silver, Aluminum, CPO, Cardamom & NCDEX Dhaniya tips

mcx silver

Silver is looking upward for 2-3 days. Targets: 41247-41340-41400+
Hurdle: 40835
Closing below hurdle means 40582-40114

MCX Aluminium

Where to buy or sell MCX aluminium?
If MCX Aluminum close below 101.8 level for 2 consecutive days then sell for 100-99 otherwise BUY BUY BUY!
We’re looking uptrend – Targets: 103-104+

mcx cpo

Sell MCX CPO on Top for targets: 530-526-520 for short term & intraday…

ncdex cardamom free tips

If open negative, then sell MCX Cardamom for 960-952 intraday targets…

Dhaniya ncdex tip

Dhaniya made new low and yesterday broken almost 1.5 month low. If it opens continue negative, then today we’ll look again new low. Targets: 9136-9117

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Commodity MCX Gold, Crude oil, Lead, CPO and NCDEX Guar gum tips – All targets touched!

mcx gold

Just two days back (29th April), what I said to you about Gold?
Click here to read it again
I had written,“If today gold close below 28960 then we can expect downside around 28700-28500 below.”
guitar gif
Look, Gold closed and crossed 28960 and kissed my first target on next day and second target from only -10 left to hit!
Mint money & Just enjoy!

ncdex gargum jdr

Just two days back before market opening bell what I said about Guargum?
Click here to see it
I said, “Just keep in mind, opening bell should be positive. Targets: 14,737-14,900+”
Guargum all targets completed @ same day..

mcx lead

What I said about Lead on 25 April to you?
Click here to read it
I said, “Wait for exact time and level because it go down from present position.
Note, if it close below 129 then it will kiss 126-124 level without any doubt.”

I told above statement when it was running at 130…
It kissed my first target day before yesterday, enjoy!
Now, what you expect? Where to put new position for upper side targets? I will say it to members only!

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mcx cpo

On 25th April, I had also written about CPO.
Click here to read it
I said, “Nowadays CPO is the best commodity. You should sell it on top as you can and forget it!
Targets: 563-560-558.5 below
Don’t forget to keep patience.”

gif gun
I said above when it was running at 567 level and just yesterday it kissed my all targets and made low 554.9.. Enjoy!

mcx-crude oil

What I said about crude oil on 23rd April?
Click here to see it
I said, “SELL MCX CRUDE OIL @ 6220 ABOVE/BELOW S/L 6242 TARGETS: 6190-6150

gif media politician
Next day, crude oil completed all targets!

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Commodity MCX Silver, Crude oil, Natural gas, Zinc, CPO, Kapas tips

mcx crude oil

For intraday trading, Crude oil is 70% looking downside. What to do today with it? If once open downward then sell it @ opening bell with targets: 6331-6307 and if open upward then I will say my subscribers, what to do!

natural gas

Do you remember free tips for everyone on Natural gas? If you don’t remember then click here to remind again natural gas live tips. On Feb 26th, 2014 I said, “SELL MCX NATURAL GAS @ 289 OR BELOW TARGETS: 286 – 280 – 277 S/L FOR SUBSCRIBERS

baby gif

On last 3 trading session – one by one & day by day, NG touched all targets!
What else you need, man!

On last trading session, why natural gas railed more than 1.7% after kiss our all targets? Behind this, is there technical or fundamental reason? You want to know next week direction with chart?


mcx zinc


Look above MCX Zinc chart: you can see strong buying signal. Where to buy and stop loss, I will not mention here but Targets are 131.8-133-134+ above.


mcx ncdex cpo

Let me introduce small & safe commodity to you and its CPO. Day to day our subscribers trading on it from last couple of weeks and earning lots of Money! Nowadays, looking new targets up to 620 level from 601.6 (last closed level).
Short term targets: 604-607+
Long term targets: 611-616-620

I am not saying today @ opening bell from it will move up or down, but it’s all about short term safe investment. Remember, stop loss is lifeline for day traders and I can’t say you because I am taking fees from members for some secretes.

Few peoples written comments about Kapas trend proposal and here is your answer: It’s not safe to make trade for short/long term investment. It’s just good for Intraday trading.

Note: lots of readers sending me constantly e-mail on the subject of Silver direction, but sorry to inform you. I cannot write regarding it because I previously wrote article on silver with technical chart on Feb 17, 2014 with upcoming big bang (dhamaka) for my members in password protected zone and I can’t unlock before all targets blast… Anyway keep mailing, I will try to respond you as much as possible.

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