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MCX Gold Report

MCX Crude Oil report

MCX Crude palm oil report

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COMMODITY UPDATES: Aluminium & CPO Intraday tips

Do you remember yesterday what I had said about Aluminium? No? Click here and remind it now.

Yesterday, boldly I had written, “MCX Aluminium will continue drill downward. It should hit 105.4-104.4…”

Aluminium made low 103.85 and completed both targets in few hours!

mcx aluminium intraday tips

Yesterday what I was saying about CPO before market opening bell!? If you forget it then click here and read it again…

I said, “Crude palm oil moving higher and higher over 9 months… I’m expecting unbeatable up moves this week. …We will see 560-572+ levels.”

Yesterday CPO made high 564 and completed first target.

What are you expecting now? Will it hit 572 or not?
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free cpo crude palm oil tips
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Commodity Weekly Analysis & Tips: Aluminium, Lead & CPO

mcx lead 2 years charts intraday tips

This past week in lead has lost 3.9 rupees and on last trading session gained 1.1 rupees. Lead down moves are just stunts, overall trend is up until it break out my support trend line (look at above chart) so I would like to recommend “buy in May and go away” – for short term investors.

For sellers: Do not forget to keep eyes on 113.5 level. If lead will break this level then we see big downtrend, and it can touch 111-106 levels.

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mcx aluminium intraday tips

MCX Aluminium will continue to drill downward. It should hit 105.4-104.4 before next Friday. Intraday traders must be keep eyes on opening bell. Negative opening will generate huge seller’s entry.

Buyers should wait for 104 level. It’s a small support of aluminium.

crude palm oil CPO intraday tips

Crude palm oil moving higher and higher over 9 months and from last 4-5 weeks it’s just adjusting corrections. This week is very crucial for the CPO because it goes down / close below the 544 level, then the uptrend will be over this week.

I am expecting unbeatable up moves this week. If crude palm oil not break or stay above the 544 level, then we will see 560-572+ levels. Short term investors may start buying from deep. More information, I’ll be updated during the market hours for premium subscribers.

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COMMODITY UPDATES: Gold, CPO & Cotton intraday tips

mcx gold tips

What I had said about Gold 3 days ago?
If you don’t remember then click here and read it again.

I said, “Buying opportunity will knock the door while gold stay above to volatile zone levels (28040 to 27850) and it can break 28600-29000-29500+ levels!

Gold had touched the first target the next day.

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What I had said day before yesterday about cotton?
If you don’t remember then click here and read it again.

I had written, “I should recommend to intraday trader to go with it for 16426-16474 levels. Lion heart traders can hold until cotton break 16540 levels.

As per my words cotton is flying on sky, and yesterday it had made 16500 high.
I hope, everyone must be enjoying free tips.

mcx cotton intraday tips

Note: day before yesterday I’ve also said to bought CPO, and it’s on the way to complete targets. I will update soon about it. But always remember, exact entry level and stoploss for premium subscribers only.

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Commodity MCX Cotton, CPO & Cardamom intraday trading tips

FREE MCX Cotton tips

Whenever I see the moves of cotton, I remind one thing what Warren said, “I will tell you how to become rich. Close the doors. Be fearful when others are greedy. Be greedy when others are fearful.”

Now, I don’t think I need to explain more about cotton. On last week cotton had gained 470 rupees, and yesterday it earned 140 points, so I should recommend to intraday trader to go with it for 16426-16474 levels. Lion heart traders can hold until cotton break 16540 levels.


MCX CPO Intraday Tips
mcx cardamom intraday tips



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FREE Commodity MCX Gold & CPO intraday tips

free gold intraday tips

Crucial Level: 25500
Now intraday traders must be thinking why crucial level to gold last closing rate between 409 point different? Because the gold sellers are too many but buyers are silent and waiting for exact entry level and that exact entry level for buyer is 25500 (for this week).

Selling gold is safe until it break 25350 levels because the gold will hit 24850-24678 below levels soon.

Once gold will break, 25500 then do you know what gonna happen?
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mcx cpo tips

You may buy crude palm oil continue up to 400 level. It will take a U-turn from this level and hit 391-388 below level.

And if it will hold for 1-2 hour above 403 levels, then we’ll see 412-418 levels.
Always remember, exact time + perfect entry + stoploss = for premium subscribers only!

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