Metal commodities wrap-up, Crude oil & CPO – At Turning Points?

Yesterday metal sector was going down. Look at Top Losers chart, if you will excerpt Agri commodities then metal sector commodities can be in top 5 losers list. If you’re planning to sell today any metal, then wait… Today it’s recovery time! But if we look at zinc, I don’t think we should wait for more. Look at my MCX Zinc report by click here.

You can see in the chart, Zinc support is 171.4 level. Yesterday, it had closed at 168.40 (-2.06%). Do you think Zinc will touch 163.2 level before this weekend?

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mcx top losers tips

Crude oil is going to show the negative price in opening bell. It’s a big trap! You must keep your eyes on $52.90 level. If crude oil breaks this level, then we can see $52.60 today.

If it will remain above to $52.90 then nobody can stop the crude oil to touch $53.20 – $53.40 level.

crude oil intraday trading tips
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FREE Commodity MCX Gold, Silver, Cotton & CPO intraday tips

Gold will definitely try to remain up after opening bell but sellers are waiting… Sell the gold anywhere!

Targets: 28830 – 28760

Only, 28980 levels can stop the downfall of Gold so be careful with this level. It can drag the gold from 28980 to 29040 – 29100 above!

mcx gold intraday tips updates

Crucial level: 42356

Don’t sell silver if it will remain above the crucial level. And yes, don’t forget to sell silver if it will break this level! Silver future is very dark below crucial level. It can go down up to 42180 – 42060 levels.

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Yesterday, so many people were talking about cotton unstoppable upside movements. You must read my Feb 27, 2017 report of cotton. Click here to read it

I had clearly mentioned in bold words, “I would like to keep your attention on MCX Cotton, it’s best for buy. I will not reveal perfect entry levels and stop loss here because it’s available for premium subscribers …but it targets is 21450-21600+ levels.

The first target has been achieved, and running around the second target!
It’s profit booking time for whose reading our reports regularly.

mcx cotton intraday tips
crude palm oil cpo intraday tips

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Commodity Gold, Silver, Aluminium, Zinc, Cotton & CPO Intraday tips & updates

gold silver crude oil intraday trading tips

I’m saying to buy Gold & Silver from 7 Feb, 2017.
If you forget it then click here and remind now.

I had said about Gold in bold words, “you must know that, if your day trader then keep in mind ‘gold will hit 29350-29550+ levels soon’.

And I was also written about Silver, “Hurdle: 42000. If silver will cross over and close above the hurdle then buy for 42630 – 43300+ level.


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Did you know, on last Thursday our premium subscribers sold Aluminium and booked profit in just 10 min!

Not only aluminium, we have also sold zinc and it touched all targets in just a few minutes too.


Many traders are avoiding other sector commodities, but I’ve one message for them, “in investing, what is comfortable is rarely profitable.

So I would like to keep your attention on MCX Cotton, it’s best for buy. I will not reveal perfect entry levels and stop loss here because it’s available for premium subscribers …but it targets is 21450-21600+ levels.

mcx cotton intraday tips

I hear lots of peoples are talking, “it’s time to pick CPO for short-term buy position.” And I agreed. You must buy …but when? Whenever it will close above to 552 levels. If Crude palm oil will close above to this level then it can hit 560 – 566+ levels.

CPO hurdle is 552 level, and you should keep selling until it breaks the hurdle.

Targets: 542 – 538 below levels

free cpo crude palm oil tips
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MCX Gold, Silver, Crude oil, Natural gas, Lead, Mentha oil, CPO & Cotton intraday tips

Gold is the best for intraday trading if you know where to buy / sell. I would like to say, if gold will breaks and close below last trading session low (31205 level) then it can drop up to 31000-30870-30700 levels.

And if it will move up and close above to 31380 levels then it can run up to 31500-32000 levels. Choice is yours!

mcx gold intraday tips updates

In COMEX commodities last week Top gainers was Silver. If silver will cross over / break $19.60 level, then traders should be sold it for $19 below levels.

If you would like to know about MCX Silver then subscribe our service.

mcx silver intraday tips
crude oil daily chart tips forecasts

NYMEX Natural gas performance 2.41% on last week, but buyers are waiting for the support and that is $2.887 level. MCX Natural gas will remain down until it show 192.5 levels. We may see high buying pressure after touching 195.5 levels. But I would recommend to keep selling up to 188.

Keep in mind, it overall trends is up so be careful before take any position.

mcx natural gas intraday tips

Last week lead had lost 1.85 rupees. Lead at the turning point, and we will see a U-turn soon.

Turning point level: 126.2

Sellers may keep selling until it touch the turning point level but once it touches that level or move around and jump up then you will see 130-132+ levels within 2-3 trading sessions.

But if lead will show closing below to 126.2 for 1-2 consecutive days then sellers can expect 124-121.8-120 levels.

mcx lead intraday tips

Mentha oil is drilling downward over 1 weeks, and it had lost almost 17.7 rupees on last week performance. If it closes below to 872.5 levels, then mentha oil will go in downtrend for short term.

Targets: 856.5-847.5-833.5-820 below!

CPO is the best MCX Commodity for the small traders / investors. Keep your eyes on 572 level, if CPO will touch or remains above this level then it could fly on sky and made new high for 2016 year!

Targets: 600-612

mcx cpo crude palm oil intraday tips

Sellers are digging downside cotton price. If it opens negative then traders should sell at opening bell or if cotton open upside then you may sell it on best top as per your knowledge. It will hit 20000-19700 levels before this week ending.

cotton tips
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