New update: MCX Crude oil, CPO and Mentha oil

MCX Crude oil

Let’s we make this Wednesday beautiful. Start trading with Energy sector crude oil. As I said on my past newsletter (Click here to read my last commodity report), black gold has been bouncing in a range between 85 and 90 for quite a while. Buy crude oil @ opening bell. Crucial Targets: 4841-4852-4860 and Hurdle: 4815. If crude oil opens downward and cross the hurdle then targets will be 4807-4784.

mcx ncdex cpo

Today, a small trader for earning chance is in MCX CPO and when you are trading with CPO that time does not fear to die. Just opening bell is requiring to downward. Targets: 402-401



One of my favorite, go and sell it everybody. Targets: 1318-1312-1300. Sorry gals and guys, Stop loss is available only for subscribers. Yep, free users for S/L is yesterday high!

Today we will update soon about MCX Gold, Silver and Zinc with Chart but for my subscribers only. If you want to know more about MCX/NCDEX Market then click here and subscribe now our services. Yes if you have any problem or stuck on any commodities, ask me ([email protected]) or call me: +91 9033862706. I’ll definitely try to get back you everyone as possible.

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New update: Barley, Aluminum, Kapas, Cocudakl, CPO etc

mcx barley calls

In commodity sector, I am looking only one item looking hot. It’s barley. If you want really earn money from commodity market then go and buy barley today.
Short term targets: 1367-1384
Intraday targets: 1350+


MCX Aluminium Tips

Aluminum is trying to take U-Turn. Small investors can invest money on it. Once MCX Aluminum close 107.6 level or upto then definitely it’ll touch 108.6-109 levels.
What about intraday trading? Uh! I’ll update at market hours for subscribers only!


mcx kapas calls

Trade without worry!
Just and buy Kapas @ opening bell
Short Term Targets: 982-992
Intraday Targets: 970-977

For to know more about Commodity Market Cocudakl, CPO etc subscribe because only subscribers can see.

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Commodity Report: MCX Gold, Silver, Guinea, Oil, Mentha Oil, CPO, Castor Seed and more

MCX Silver and Gold have been rising in current weeks. The stock market and commodities have been rising recently in anticipation of a move by the Fed. The economy is still struggling plus most feel this shell game will maintain for a long time. If you watch the stock market, you can see a pattern of a slowly churning higher market. It is almost a 45 degree angle higher climb with a very tight range. This is point that the market will continue higher and you don’t want to fight it. The big players are controlling the market and they know what they’re doing. Crude oil could easily churn higher to the $100 level in the near future. Until sentiment in the market changes, you want to go with the flow. The stock market is the main indicator and the oil market will follow along.


Anyway, today I think MCX Gold and Gold Guinea both looking upside. Intraday traders have must eye on Guinea. It’ll kiss 24078-24101. What about Gold? I’ll write for my subscribers only!

mcx mentha oil

I see good opportunity for small traders in Mentha Oil. Yep, yesterday our subscribers minted money from it but today I think to pass for everyone. Remember, it small piece is unsafe. Targets: 1348-1356

mcx cpo

From past 2 months, MCX CPO is jumping like monkey and everyone know monkey is monkey. That’s why I’m not going to write more about it. Targets: 556.5-558


Lion Heart traders, open you heart now and Go with NCDEX Castor Seed flow. Targets: 4345-4366-4382

You want to know more about Gold plus Exact Time + Exact Level + S/L = For subscribers only!

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Crude oil – All targets done plus Chana, CPO, Copper and Soybean

MCX Crude oil, Chana, CPO, Copper, and Soybean

Yesterday MCX Crude oil made high 4973. On 17th July 9:30AM we said buy crude oil without worry. Click here to see our 17th July newsletter. When MCX Crude oil was run 4822 that time I said 3 targets of crude oil: 4895-4947-4990+. I written 4990+ means Crude oil will move upside more… Anyway, in between 3 days crude oil kissed all targets one by one (Profit point 168+). Enjoy everyone!
ncdex chana charddel
You know friends, I had written about Chana on 3rd July 2012? If you don’t remember than click here and remind it again because I said, “Chana future I’m looking very bright! Small traders for good opportunity. Yep, I’ll say about chana to my subscribers only!”
You know what I said? Just buy and forget!

Anyway, today I have some special calls for my subscribers only (in CPO/Copper/Soybean). You want it? Then subscribe now!

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