Commodity MCX Gold, Silver, Cardamom & NCDEX Intraday Tips

cardamom tips sms In last newsletter I was provided intraday and short term tips on Crude oil, Aluminium, CPO and Cardamom. Click here to read it again!
My all calls touched almost each target, and I hope everyone enjoyed!
That day our premium members earned high profit from Cardamom, look below screenshot of my cell phone:

I cannot upload here afterward sent calls screenshot otherwise you will get bore and start talking like, ‘Moneymunch Mr.Dev updating only what clients got but nothing for free readers!’ Ha ha ha.

Yes, I would like to say you today you can sell it without any worry. Targets: 780-776

Today I will write for MCX and NCDEX traders because nowadays receiving so many emails from readers, and they are asking for NCDEX update!

mcx gold silver

Let’s start with Gold and Silver short term and intraday tips:

First, I recommend reading my 21 Nov 2014 newsletter: Gold & Silver forecast with charts
Let me learn you, how to detect gold trend in recent days. Just simply note down my hurdle: 26,795 above uptrend and below downtrend.

Intraday traders: Go and Sell it!
Targets: 26,267 – 26,224
Exit level and stop loss will be provided by SMS to premium subscribers due to market hours!

MCX Silver uptrend will start after closing above 36,963 level and smart traders for gesture is enough!

ncdex chart

NCDEX Historical Chart

Look above NCDEX Chart, you can see clear downtrend but remember bloodbath after some up moves!

In next newsletter, I will expose with reason why some agri-commodities started moving down!

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Commodity Crude oil, Aluminum, CPO & Cardamom tips

mcx ncdex crude oil

MCX Crude oil intraday tips

Yesterday, crude oil made a new low and closed at $73.80. Today we will see upside opening bell in MCX Crude, but speculators can start selling after break 4620 level.
Intraday targets: 4592-4570
Stoploss we will provide due to market hours only our premium subscribers!

MCX Aluminium

MCX Aluminium short term view

Yesterday MCX Aluminum closed 128.9 level first time after 6 years! If it not comes back below yesterday low in 2 consecutive days then we will see giant buying pressure and unpredictable upward movements.
Smart traders, here are your short term targets: 129.8 – 131.4

CPO & Cardamom Forecast

I don’t want to waste time of readers. Let’s come to the point, go and sell if open downwardly!
Intraday Targets for CPO: 441.5-440 and Cardamom: 833-826

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Commodity MCX Gold, Silver, Mentha oil & Cardamom tips

Why Gold is moving up & Silver down?

mcx gold silver
Over the past few weeks, we found high volatility in foreign exchanges and the US dollar is much overbought. As I told you before so many times, gold and silver prices have been decreasing since 2011 and now the US dollar looking at u-turn point. Safe investors can understand what I am trying to say you because these days big boom is not far. Why big boom is not far? I will say in depth to premium subscribers and when it going being.

mcx mentha oil

Mentha oil is looking under selling pressure and chances to crash after some positivity. You should sell on top for take good benefit for your Dusssera pocket money!
Intraday Targets: 664.5-662.5
Free users for stoploss yesterday high!

ncdex cardamom

No need any explanation for this hot commodity! Sell on top or @ opening bell and stay!
Targets: 825-813

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UPDATE + Special Offer: MCX Gold, Silver, Copper & Cardamom tips!

 Yesterday, what my premium subscribers got – look below photos:

Copper and Cardamom intraday tips
copper cardamom intraday tips

Copper and Cardamom targets achieved!
copper n cardamom target achieved

My premium subscribers are eating money daily. Today, it’s time to work with Gold and Silver.

Subscribe to our service and get today Gold and Silver market report and intraday / positional tips!

Oh yes, I forget to say …. Happy Navratri to my all dear free readers and subscribers!
-Mr. Dev

Special News:
On Navratri festival, I am happy to announce – we lunched special offer on commodity packages.
Commodity 1 year tips for Rs.15,500 only!

Note: Hurry up because I will accept limited people and it will expire after 2 days.

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MCX Silver, Aluminum, CPO, Cardamom & NCDEX Dhaniya tips

mcx silver

Silver is looking upward for 2-3 days. Targets: 41247-41340-41400+
Hurdle: 40835
Closing below hurdle means 40582-40114

MCX Aluminium

Where to buy or sell MCX aluminium?
If MCX Aluminum close below 101.8 level for 2 consecutive days then sell for 100-99 otherwise BUY BUY BUY!
We’re looking uptrend – Targets: 103-104+

mcx cpo

Sell MCX CPO on Top for targets: 530-526-520 for short term & intraday…

ncdex cardamom free tips

If open negative, then sell MCX Cardamom for 960-952 intraday targets…

Dhaniya ncdex tip

Dhaniya made new low and yesterday broken almost 1.5 month low. If it opens continue negative, then today we’ll look again new low. Targets: 9136-9117

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Commodity MCX Silver, Natural gas, Aluminum & Cardamom tips

mcx silver

Silver tried well to come up but all fail. It comes on seller eyes and selling pressure pushing down continually. We’re looking more downward trend in Silver with Targets: 41250 – 41056 – 40836 – 40600 below and maximum 40.12K-39K.

Now, you’re thinking – from where to start moving up? Sorry but so many people’s paying us for some hidden secretes of commodity market and if I will share with you all then what kind of difference between free / paid subscribers? Thus, I will update it for my premium subscribers only!

mcx aluminium

From 2 last weeks, we’re saying everyone – sell aluminium! Today, again, but the game is a little different. It drops Rs.10 in just one month. Thus, if MCX Aluminum closes below 103.2 level then sell it for 102.2-101.9-100.5 and closing above 105.5 means, we will look @ 107-109 level again!


There’s no doubt, natural gas comes in downtrend. It drops almost Rs.15 in last week sessions. This week, if you see closing below 268.7 then it will come down to 262-257 levels below.
Hurdle 279.5 level and if close above it that means 287-294-300+.

cardamom mcx ncdex

97% chance to go up and 100% hot commodity. If cardamom closes above 1081 level, then just buy buy buy!
Short term targets: 1100-1130-1167+

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