Weekly outlook of MCX Gold & Silver, and Cardamom update

mcx gold girl

MCX Silver and Gold both is running opposite and for clear understanding, you should to compare with USDINR + GOLD + SILVER, it will give me exact direction idea!

Dear readers, I have one tip for you: New support 31,432 level

If gold close below my support then without any question, gold will go down 31,226 – 31,122 – 30,916 below and If it will not close below your support? Simple, 32000 – 32500 – 33000+
Now choice is yours!

silver hot girl

MCX Silver is very clear. If it closes below 52,431 level then it will downside 50,356 – 48,621 – 46,885 – 45,509. I am sure, this week Silver will show you strong movement but I expect it will dance between 57,313 to 52,431 levels.

There is clear signal for long term investor, once MCX Silver close above 57,313 then it will kiss 59,912 – 61,254 – 63,401+

Now you have a question, what about Intraday?

Obviously, silver is not good for intraday. I think it should become around 53,412 level, and it will try to test 52,431 level in between 2-3 trading sessions.

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cardamom mcx ncdex

I have seen some people are talking about Cardamom call. First of all let me show you something, read our below tweet:
Our subscribers and everyone booked full profit!
cardamom call
Moneymunch Twitter Profile: https://twitter.com/Money_Munch

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ncdex cardamom


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MCX GOLD & SILVER: Where are the stops? And Cardamom

mcx gold and silver

Yesterday, Gold made all time high against the Indian rupee and after Gold & Silver both crushed heavily. The price of gold has shot up in the past few days while U.S. Treasury 10-year bond yields have fallen. Today Gold open upward, what you expect about Intraday?

Oh yes, yesterday I said to subscribers , “Buy MCX Silver sep @ 58200 without S/L and Targets: 58800-59000
All my targets done!

I forget to say, yesterday subscribers also sold cardamom @ 770 with S/L 773 and targets was: 760-755 That one also hit all targets!

What you expect now about Gold and Silver? Where gold will go?

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Weekly update: MCX Gold, Silver, Crude oil, Natural gas, Copper, CPO, Cardamom


I was updated chart with Gold and silver direction on July 29, Click here to read it.
That time I said, BIG BOOM IS NEAR. I told you, “If MCX Gold close above 25482 level, then we’ll see 28751 – 29297 – 29801

In just 3-4 trading sessions, it kissed all targets.
And I also said, “40452 level is very dangerous for buyers because once close below then it will crush non-stop and touch 39916 – 39482 – 38980 below. But I am very glad to inform you, it trend is looking upward and targets 416468 – 41805 – 42105 – 42438 above.”
As I expected, it moved and kissed all targets!
Do you want to know more then you should to subscribe our service. Below, I going to write more about Gold and Silver.

mcx natural gas

Oh God, I have proof, I am not speaking lie to reader. Let me show you something. WATCH BELOW CHART:
Above 1st position chart was updated AUG 08 2013. CLICK HERE TO SEE IT AGAIN.
What I said, “First, If natural gas close below 202.5 then it will touch 198-195 level. Last Stop ! 195 Level, and then it will kiss 210-218+”
NATURAL GAS KISSED OUR FIRST TARGET! I also draw arrow there. Look out now. What else you need?

mcx ncdex crude oil

Crude oil made all time and closed 6754 level then obviously it will move upward more. To be alert when it open, once it crosses 6760 then buy without worry with my ultimate targets: 6785-6810+ and remember it not cross my level plus open in downside then sell.!
Always keep in mind: We will update further information soon for subscribers!

mcx copper

MCX Copper was breakout 2011 last high 465.45 level and closed 467.25 level. You should also think about copper. Definitely it will show you big surprise in the future. I recommend keep patience for while it closes 2-3 sessions downward OR upward. Yes, intraday traders can crunch few coins from it. Once it opens upward then buy at opening bell with targets: 470-472 and if open downward then forget it!

mcx ncdex cpo

110% Hot! Start counting: 525-526.5-528-530+
Stop loss and Exact level for our member.

cardamom mcx ncdex

I don’t need to write more. Sell, targets: 731-723-713

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MCX Intraday Free Tips: Gold guinea, Natural gas, Nickel, Cardamom & Cotton


Buy MCX Gold Guinea @ 23690 and Targets: 23775-23860. I don’t think here opening bell is important. I can’t imagine Gold guinea will go below 23461 level because once it crosses then big bloodbath happen in bullion sector. S/L role is very important here, but your bad luck because it is available for subscribers. To become a subscriber, subscribe to our free newsletter services. Our service is free for all.

mcx natural gas

Check out Aug 05, 2013 Commodity newsletter. Click here to read that past newsletter. I said, “If Natural gas close below 202.5 then it will touch 198-195” and it moved as I said. After I said to subscribers, “It will kiss again 210-218+ levels”

So as I expect it’s moving upwardly. Today, Natural gas is looking upside. Traders can make tons of money from natural gas. Here, the opening bell is very important. Once it opens upward then buy in deep and targets will be 208.3-210+. Remember, intraday hurdle is very important, and I will say it to subscribers because once it crosses then it will touch 203.2-201.6 levels.

mcx nickel

You should not wait, just go and buy Nickel @ opening bell with Targets: 913.5-918+. Remember, opening bell should be upward, and it’s very important.

cardamom mcx ncdex

Only BLOOD. Go and sell without lose opportunity. Targets: 810-802-795
Free users for S/L last high!

mcx ncdex kapas cutton

MCX Cotton is looking strong for 3 trading sessions. Where should I buy? @ opening bell? Sorry, but I will say it to my commodity subscribers. Targets: 22000-22050-22095+

We will update further information soon.

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COMMODITY UPDATE: MCX Potato and Cardamom – All Targets Done!

mcx potato
On 4th Jun what I had written about Potato?
Click here to see it
I said, “Go and sell potato. S/L is 927 and Targets: 917-912-909”
gif dancer
Yesterday potato kissed my all targets!

cardamom mcx ncdex
On 4th Jun I had written about cardamom?
Click here to read 4th Jun newsletter again
I said, “Cardamom is moving downward day by day, lets we collect some bucks from it. Targets: 702-697-693”
male gif dancer
Cardamom all targets touched!
What else you want from us?

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