FREE GOLD & CARDAMOM: Intraday tips for day traders

indian gold tips image

Are you expecting gold will go down more from here?
Oh, yes! It will… we’ll see 26254-26180 levels soon…
 Hurdle: 26472 level 
Once it breaks out that hurdle, then it can look up extremely up rides to 26550-26600+
Now, smart traders know what to do!

free cardamom tips image

Cardamom is falling down over 15 days, and we’re expecting more blood from it. Its hurdle is 818 level. If that close above the hurdle, then it may start moving up and touch the sky, but I’d recommend selling it for 810-807 level.

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Free commodity MCX Gold, Crude oil, Cardamom and NCDEX Jeera tips

Bullion and Metal sector commodities are looking weak. Crude oil too looking weak! But don’t sell it without my command, I will send alert through SMS.

ncdex cardamom

Yesterday it was dropped almost -71 point. Still, I am not looking recovery point here.
Targets: 866 – 852

NCDEX jeera

NCDEX Jeera will go down if it opens downward.
Targets: 17324 – 17170

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FREE MCX Cardamom and NCDEX Guar seed & Rape mustard seed intraday tips

ncdex cardamom free tips

Cardamom is looking weak. If it opens with a down gap than sell it without any worry.
Targets: 821-806

ncdex rape mustard seed

If NCDEX rape mustard seed will open positive, don’t ask anyone. Just go and buy it.
Targets: 3915-3942

ncdex Guar Seeds

Guar seed is running up. Intraday traders just keep your eyes on opening bell and once it opens up than buy it.
Targets: 5340-5440
Hurdle: 5460
NCDEX Short term investors can pick at my hurdle. If once it closes above to my hurdle than one can stop it to touch 6000 level.
Short term Targets: 5780-6000

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MCX Gold, Crude oil & Cardamom intraday tips update

mcx ncdex crude oil

Before market opening, what I said about Crude oil?
I said, “Looking opening weak and trend down! I had written down targets: 2983-2961

money munch mcx ncdex bag

Crude oil hit my both targets!
What else you need?

ncdex cardamom

What I said in morning @ 9.30AM about Cardamom?
I said, “No mixed opinion – Direct decision, Targets: 873 – 866

gif gun

Cardamom All target achieved, enjoy!

mcx gold

Do you know, today’s morning our premium subscribers Sold gold @ 26270.
Look below screenshot of my SMS:

Gold tips sms

GOLD HIT MY TARGET! What you else expect more from one guider.

Our Forex subscribers also sold and hold on Gold from 03-26-2015 and booked profit today. Look below screenshot:

gold spot tips

Gold Warning Report for Intraday Traders:

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FREE Commodity MCX Crude oil, Cardamom and NCDEX Castor seed & Turmeric tips


Yesterday crude oil closed in no loss and no profit but I am looking opening weak and trend down!
Don’t forget, you may also see solid up moves so take profit @ 2983 – 2961
Short term traders wait and watch because we will see 3100 level shortly!

cardamom mcx ncdex

Great opportunity is looking on MCX Cardamom.
No mixed opinion – Direct decision
Targets: 873 – 866

MCX Hit: Metal sectors are looking strong for today. Think before sell any commodities.
More information I will update soon for premium subscribers only!


Some of agri-commodities don’t care about NCDEX Index direction, like Castor seed. If you want to earn in morning first call, then go with Castor seed!

Targets: 3666 – 3643
Free user for S/L yesterday high!

ncdex turmeric

Keep your sharp eyes on NCDEX Turmeric. It will fly on sky soon but may be today it can go down so wait and watch.

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FREE Commodity MCX Gold, Crude oil, Nickel & Cardamom tips

MCX Nickel Chart tips

Nickel breaks small support 857.8 and closed at 850.3 level. Small traders can sell it for short term level 843-835 and stop loss will be yesterday high.

If opening bell make you confuse, then sell above or at 857.8 level.

mcx gold


ncdex cardamom

MCX Cardamom is looking very hot commodity. –ve opening will make it crazy and go down. You may see some up ride, but 1000 level isn’t to fall away.

Intraday traders for targets: 1015 – 1010
More information I will update during market hour for premium members.

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