COMMODITY UPDATE: MCX Crude oil, cardamom, lead, nickel & NCDEX Soy oil

niLet’s we start with our last newsletter. Our last newsletter published on 05/03/2013 at 9:30AM. If you forget then I should to remind you again. Click here to read it. Means two days back I said about Lead, Cardamom and Nickel.

On lead, I said,”Lead is moving downside day by day. Once open downward then sell it with targets: 121.7-121.1.”
But lead was opened upside and continuously moved downward after opening bell..that’s why I said to my subscribers sell it and see now…


It kissed all target in just 1 day. What you want more?
As you know, cardamom was kissed all targets on same day…

Today I am going to write about: MCX Crude oil/Cardamom/NCDEX Soy oil

If you want to see it and read it… then first click here and Subscribe our service!
Only our subscribers can read…

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COMMODITY NEW UPDATE: MCX Silver, Gold, Crude oil, Nickel, Cardamom & Lead

commodity market
On Feb 27, 2013 what I said about Crude oil?
Click here to read it
I told you,”Now you should to sell it. Short term targets: 4998-4974-4948″
Never Good Time
Yesterday crude oil touched our all short term target!
I hope, everybody enjoying!
Now where crude oil will go? Continue move down side or take U-Turn?
For to know it, subscribe our service.

Today, what you are expecting about Gold and Silver. I think, it should be die bit more. Anyway in-detail I will discuss with my subscribers.

mcx nickel
Expecting more blood from MCX Nickel. Listen, once Nickel open downward then you can sell it. Intraday Targets: 910-908

mcx ncdex cardamom
Let’s trade safely. Go and Sell Cardamom with Intraday targets: 921-915
Free users for S/L is yesterday high!

mcx lead
Lead is moving downside day by day. Today it’s opening bell is very important. Once open downward then sell it with targets: 121.7-121.1
Remember, 121 level is hurdle of MCX Lead. It can take U-Turn from the hurdle.

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New update: MCX Aluminum, Nickel, Silver, Cardamom, Kapas & Natural gas

MCX Aluminium

What you expect about MCX Aluminum?
Don’t expect anything, just go and sell it without worry.
Targets: 107.4-106.8

MCX Natural Gas

If you want to play safely then I recommend MCX Natural gas. Go and buy it and forget for short term.
Short-term targets: 197-199-201+

cardamom mcx ncdex

You want to earn only money and without any risk?
Don’t think much more… Buy MCX Cardamom and forget everything.
Ultimate targets: 1084-1110-1137-1147

mcx kapas

MCX Kapas is looking weak. Go and sell it @ opening bell
Intraday targets: 886-884-881

You want to know more about MCX Market? And specially wanna know about MCX Silver and Nickel?
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UPDATE: MCX Silver, Mentha oil and Cardamom – All targets done!!!

mcx silver

Yesterday what I said about Silver?
Click here to see it
I said,”Once silver touch our hurdle then you can sell it with targets: 62627-62400 and Our hurdle was 62952
All targets blasted in 1 hour. What else you want huh?
Our subscribers are minting money day by day and what about you huh?


mcx mentha oil

Yesterday I also said about Mentha oil
First click here and read it
I said,”sell menthe oil at opening bell with targets: 1418-1411-1403
At morning time, our subscribers sold mentha oil @ 1428 and booked profit at 1418. Yesterday without break our Stoploss, menthe oil kissed two times our first target.
Smart traders enjoyed and losers continue watch Pogo!

ncdex cardamom

Yesterday I said about MCX Cardamom and I hope you remember. If don’t then take one hammer and hit on your head.
I had written, “Play safely and earn easily. S/L is 908. Targets: 890-881-873
Cardamom touched first target and missed 1 rupee to kiss second target. Today I expect, it’ll finish every target.

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New update: MCX Silver, Nickel, Cardamom and Mentha oil

mcx silver

Let’s make beautiful day. Lion heart traders, are you ready for take risk? Start trading with MCX Silver.
You can buy silver with targets: 63575-63775-63817
Hurdle: 62952
Once silver touch our hurdle then you can it with targets: 62627-62400
Choice is yours!
Exact time – Exact level – Stop loss = For subscribers only!


Let’s we start to talk about Mentha oil. It’s looking downward for today. You need to watch it ride because it’s very important. Just sell it at opening bell. Targets: 1418-1411-1403
S/L is 1440 level. Remember stop loss is required, and it’s quite risky.

mcx nickel

MCX Nickel is playing both ways. Intraday traders for great opportunity available in Nickel and in coming days it’ll make unbelievable movement. Really sorry to say, but I’ll say about Nickel to my subscribers only.

cardamom mcx ncdex

Play safely and earn easily. S/L is 908. Targets: 890-881-873

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