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Daily NIFTY Future : Monday

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(“The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather in a lack of will.“)

(Disclosure: Intraday target achieved as 5439 with NF high 5444 which is exact from our buy levels 5372)

Positional: “Our Short Term Targets 5590-5650”

Yesterday given For My Subscribers only below message:
BUY IVRCL-Infra 71 above, Stop loss 70.5 & Targets 73 …

Watch 73.5

(Crossover it and stay above…then ready to se 75-76 intraday short term 79-81)

What for Today,…?

Intraday Targets Watch 5432-5439

(Cross it AND trading above this range for 10-15min. …then 5466-6491…!)

Intraday Support 5351-5382

Suppose to break 5348 then… Ready for support 5294-5304

Where to buy for SUBSCRIBERS…Due to Live Market …?

I will update live and exact levels for Subscribers…!


TCS (future)


(BULLISH Long Term)

(Yes, My Subscriber might have good position in this stock)

Strong Buyers expected 1125-1137

Suppose to close 1125 below…Don’t keep long…!

Short Term Targets 1202-1245

Intraday 1165

(Crossover it…then ready for 1171-1177)






Selling Pressure: 85.8 – 86.9

Just, Watch 84

(Break it…then ready PANIC 83-81-80 intraday)

(87.5 Above…long & long for up move to 89-91)




(Opening Bell…!)

Selling Pressure will be see 75 around…!


After break 74, Intraday Targets 72.3 and 71

Stock ORCHIDCHEM,CHEMBLFERT, IBREALEST etc. Today for Subscribers


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