free crude oil tips charts

Special report: Crude oil Intraday Calls

free crude oil tips charts

Intraday traders can follow the hurdle.
Upper targets: 4100 – 4150 levels

Warning: 3990 breakouts will initiate high selling pressure.

Positional traders must read this article: Crude oil Short-term Trend Analysis & Tips

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Earning Time: Crude oil & Natural gas Tips

Crude oil Short-term Trend Analysis & Tips

crude oil tipsCrude oil needs to crossover 4100 levels completely to keep moving upward. Afterward, it will jump for the 4150 – 4200 – 4260 – 4300+.

Two consecutive closing price below to 3920 levels indicates a solid downtrend. It could be up to 3800 – 3700 – 3600 levels.

Natural gas prices will explode now

mcx natural gas intraday tipsBreakout of the last week low initiates a new sell position. Downside up to 148 – 146 – 144 – 142.

Caution: a complete breakout required. Respect the trend but prepare for a reversal.

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