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There’s no need to write or draw a lot, NIFTY.

We’re seeing Price Rotation at the all time. There’re two scenarios are here for traders as following;

  • 1) Gap up, then break-out.
  • 2) Form of strong downtrend bar(candle).

The 90 percent chance is up-breakout with GAP. Patience is an important factor everywhere, therefore keep patience. if you found any of both, then we will move in a direction.


I will update live for SUCRIBERS nifty future level. This is only cash level.

deepest research on JUBLANT FOODWORKS

We might see pullback 1364-1569 where buyers can attract this stock.
If you found TAIL around this area, can be big buyers entry.


You have lot of time to enter in this stock so, keep patience to trade.

Words for nifty: choppy, range, side-way and break up-down…

In last update, We have book good amount of profit from the option trade:

Comment: BUY PUT OF NIFTY strike 11700 70-76 with stoploss 65 and targets 121-148 (CMP 79) wait for range
Comment: start booking on NIFTY PUT… CMP 102

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From the daily chart view, is signaling a sideways range movement in the market. Short term trend of Nifty is choppy and will expect to trade in the range of 11547-11636 intraday. after breaking, up-side will require a new update and downside breaking will lead to attracting target 11476-11489.

Intraday resistance at 11636 nearby where sellers can start taking thier steps for target 11476-11489 if breaking down 11545.

  • The general trend, however, is expected to remain bullish. General elections on April 11.

Its time to take advantage of knowledge over the NIFTY, studied.

Last friday, NIFTY future was followed accurately our intraday trading level. I got lot of email since 3 trading day for offer in packages.


The right side of NIFTY chart, we have found that price rotation and higher trading activities plotted it by using a rectangle . Price value gravitating by control value. Suppose, it’s true then, nice can move upto 11780 again. above 11626 we can think the bullish for the short term.

Price ration between buyers and seller are in the range of 11598-11678 appeared. (avoid the 3% penetration, any side price can see fire move)

In fact, there are the number of 5 excess, but I have shown 4 five excesses. Each excess has given single direction move and we are at 4th excess.


We have seen very high trading activities when price moves away from VALUE LOW. its means, a war begins between buyers and seller at VALUE LOW. Sellers are ready to sell NIFTY if the price moves up, in another way buyers defeating with sellers.

just keep patience wait for break the price… This is a critical situation. Just try to know which side seeing smart money, pension fund, hedge, insurance company, bank, broker, large individual traders or what every you called…

Clear projection for NIFTY and Nifty future, will not fall…!

Yesterday, Exactly Nifty future followed my level. I had written that selling will come to 11758 and NF made high of 11754. Target was achieved by NIFTY as 11667.

11700 PUT of NIFTY was achived target 128 and made high (138) from Rs. 22.


This is spot Nifty chart.

Resistance is for spot nifty at 11674 nearby (suppose to not corss it and stay above it): If cross it then, we can face this level as fair value.

Targets for Spot nifty 11529-11518

Nifty future

Resistance 11738 and 11756 (selling expected),
if cross the price 11750 and stay for 15min above it. then NF can move up.
Support and targets 11654-11664 intraday.

Trade picture for tomorrow NIFTY, [email protected]

Yesterday we sent to subscribers: Sell NF 11789-11798 with stop loss of 11824 targets 11724 and 11611-11578

First target has been achieved.


Nifty closed at S. 11624 which give it move.
Short trader should keep stop-loss 11679 above as trial.

Intraday R. 11659 nearby (seller can come to this point intraday) with intraday support @ 11575 nearby.


Pivot S 11702,
Intraday targets 11668-11676 and this is support also.
Suppose to not break 11670 below, then its can bounce uptp 11724-11748 and upto resistance 11770.
Below to 11670, NF is not can fall 100-130 points.
Resistance is too far at 11776.


Nifty ATR is at 111 which means if short term downtrend started, then 11635 -111 = 11524 below.
Double Top is not clear still.

  • RBI monetary policy on April 4.
  • The selling in the last hour.
  • Forming ‘Bearish Engulfing’ pattern on daily chart .
  • The short term trend of Nifty is weak.

NOTE: Both charts are for SPOT NIFTY.