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CNX Nifty Analysis By technical way


CNX NIFTY Analysis :

cnx-nifty-technical-analysisThis is one chart of CNX Nifty analysis that defied the predictive/forecasting model. And as evidenced by the older Trend lines left ghosted in the chart. Prior analysis indicated that, these former support were defined in chart as 8505 around. And if failure of nominal support then next support 8414 around. We are going to buy nifty future near this 1st support of the CNX nifty technical analysis mentioned.


Let’s move CNX Nifty technical analysis for past trend lines :

Traders should look for past levels, which have acted as support and resistance in historical. In the CNX Nifty analysis chart, 8353 is long term support and 8529 failer support but its also very import for acting as Resistance in future.

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S&P 500 Index and compare with CNX Nifty technical anlaysis :

cnx-nifty-chartThis is a setup for This is a setup for identifying buy signals in the market, particularly for S&P 500. The indicators we are using here are Bollinger Bands and the Volatility index, VIX.
I have shown two bollinger bands with different settings – one with 2 Standard Deviations from the MA. And the other with 3 Standard deviations away from the MA. To get the buy signal. We will use the outer bollinger bands, which is the 3 standard deviations BB.
The buy signal is trigger when the S&P 500 index hits the lower band of the 3 SD bollinger band. And the VIX peaks. For VIX, there is no particular level it should cross. But a relatively high peak, compared to the previous mini-peaks, will be a good signal.


Source and more about CNX Nifty analysis and basic :


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