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This chart is illustrates how nifty responses to significant investors.

This chart is illustrates how nifty responses to significant investors. There’re flag patterns, triangle and clear channel.

The “Control Price” tries to gravitating nifty value towards itself since 2007. Looking by attention, its was 3rd times to touch “control price” but eventually failed cross it.

As per timeCycle and falling wave, nifty should not cross 11675 above if next target is 10000 nearby.

Let think think oppositely, If nifty is going to toward control price again at 12400 above, it will cross and close 11675 level.

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  • Head and Shoulder Pattern
  • Channel
  • Triangle

3 Pattern is found on daily chart and negativeness on nifty are still existed.

Look closely downtrend channel

More deeper picture of next nifty move projection with channel on daily chart.

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