MCX Gold Guinea’s Downtrend: Is This Just the Beginning?

free mcx gold guinea daily chart tips

MCX Gold Guinea is following a parallel channel since August 2020. Recently, it has touched the support trendline and started moving forward. Will it keep moving? How much? It will keep running for 37600 – 38000 levels.

But according to MA, Gold Guinea should keep falling. And for the following levels: 36800 – 36400 – 36000

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What’s Next for MCX Gold Guinea Price Trend Forecast

free commodity goldguinea daily tips chart

MCX Gold Guinea is making a triangle pattern. As per the ADX, the trend is weak and, +DI is above the -DI. That indicates an uptrend ahead. Additionally, 200 MA isn’t broken.

According to DMI & MA, we have chances to see 40260 – 40500+ levels.

But, if you look at the triangle pattern, it seems bearish. We have more chances to see downward (huge selling pressure) if it breaks the support line (dashed). And 50 MA is indicating the same.

Hence, once it breaks the support line, intraday traders can sell for the following targets: 39460 – 39260

Do you want to know where MCX Gold will go? Read Here →

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Gold & Gold Guinea Tips & Updates

Gold has started rising from U.S. Presidential Election. I have said in the previous newsletters, bullion sector commodities are strongly bullish. How many of you bought Gold and Gold Guinea?

MCX Gold Measured Moves

free commodity gold calls daily chart

I had written for the intraday traders that, “…the day traders can follow the following targets: 51000 – 51360 – 51860+
And short-term investors can hold for 52000 – 53000 – 53560+ levels”.

Intraday Calls Profit: Rs.1,16,100+
Short-term Calls Profit: Rs.1,30,100+

Gold Guinea price setting up for a big rally

I had written in bold word, “…intraday & short-term traders can buy using this strategy to make some money. Targets: 41800 – 42200 – 43000+“.

Profit: 600+ Points

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NOTE: We are going to close the Diwali Special offer soon.

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MCX Gold, Gold Guinea, & Copper Detailed Reports & Tips

free commodity copper tips chart

If You Own MCX Copper, Look Out Below

MCX Copper is playing under a parallel channel. Currently, it’s at the support trendline. Additionally, there’s a Fibonacci retracement value of 0.886.

The best trading strategy for the day traders is:
According to a moving average and parallel channel’s support trendline, copper is strongly bullish. It can show us an all-time new high before the end of this month. So, the day traders can buy for the levels of 536 – 540 – 556+.

Important – Due to the election of the USA.
From where it starts collapsing?
You can sell the copper at/below parallel channel or Fib retracement value 0.886 for the targets of 516 – 506.

free mcx gold guinea calls chart

MCX Gold Guinea price setting up for a big rally

U.S election results will come soon. Today, we have chances to see solid movements in MCX’s bullion sector commodities. And Gold Guinea crossed 50 MA upper side.

Intraday & short-term traders can buy using this strategy to make some money. Targets: 41800 – 42200 – 43000+

If it closes below 50 MA, then don’t hold your position in loss. I prefer to exit after it.

Do you want to know about MCX Gold?
Gold has touched the first two intraday targets: Click Here to Read Now

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Save These MCX Charts: Gold, Gold Guinea & Silver

gold tips charts

Second Update: Will Gold Go Up?

While gold was running around 33300 level, we have told you to buy. Do you forget it? Click here and read the gold report.

We had written, “The all-time high of gold is level 35074. Gold will start moving upside for the following targets soon.
Upcoming Levels: 33642 – 33860 – 34300 – 34500
…But after a reversal”.

In last week, gold has made 34034 high level. Do you think, it will touch our remaining target levels?

free gold guinea tips charts

Gold Guinea is Set for a Good Move

I don’t think I have to write anything about Gold Guinea. The chart is saying everything about its short-term future. To know more, subscribe now!

free silver tips chart

Silver Chart Show Some Likely Up-Moves Ahead

Targets: 40600 – 41000 – 41250 – 41500
…But after a reversal.

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UPDATE II: Gold & Silver Could Explode in Coming Weeks

Update: Are MCX Gold Stocks Preparing for A Rally?

gold tipsTo read yesterday’s Gold, Gold Guinea & Gold Petal’s Foretelling: Click here.

In the premarket newsletter, I had written in clear words, “As per the technical analysis, we will see the gold’s price at 32000. It’s the best time for the intraday traders. And we will see the gold petal’s at 3150 level soon. And also gold guinea will jump up to 25300 – 25500″.

  • MCX Gold has hit our target 32000.
  • Gold Patel also touched 3150 level target.
  • Gold Guinea has touched the first target 25300. Yesterday it made 25445 high and closed at 25336 level.

Update: Silver Is Up But Bears Still Have The Advantage

mcx silver tipsTo read yesterday’s Silver Report: Click here.

I had written in clear words, “For advanced traders, silver’s targets & turning points: 38200 – 38560”.

Yesterday silver made 38480 and closed at 38369. Our first target has complete. Enjoy our free commodity calls.

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