Gold, Guinea, Silver, Crude oil & Jeera – Time to earn carefully!

gold intraday tips

This is the best time to think about Gold.

Perfect & Strong Hurdle: 27900
If it will remain below this level (hurdle) in this week then we will see 27500 – 27000 soon.
…But if you show closing above 28000 then aggressive buyers will drag gold upside up to 28400 – 28600 in this week.

And if MCX Gold remains down then you will see 22100 level in GoldGuinea too.

Silver Predication

If silver wants to come in positive trend then it needs to break 37800 38500 levels. Smart traders for this is sufficient information.

crude oil tips

Do you really think crude oil in the uptrend?

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Commodity Gold, Gold Guinea, Silver, Crude oil, Nickel, Zinc, Copper, Aluminium, Guar seed, Soyabean intraday tips & updates

free gold silver intraday tips

Gold and Silver both looking weak for the short term. Both commodities are looking for support so we could see some sideways moves in this week. Sideways movements are best for intraday trading if you know where you should jump and out.

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Write down anywhere, this week Nickel will show you 642 level.
Perfect entry level and Stoploss I will update due to market hours for premium subscribers.

mcx nickel tips

Zinc uptrend will remain to continue and it could hit 159.2 level before week ending. For more information, subscribe our service now!

mcx zinc tips

If tomorrow guar seed will fail to close below to 3510 levels then it may try to hit 3658 levels. 3658 is strong resistance so I would recommend to sellers for keep patience. And yes! If it will close below to 3510 then you may sell it without any worry for 3410-3355 levels.

ncdex guar seed

Soyabean last closed at 3367 levels with the loss. This week it may try to recover up to 3445 levels but downtrend will be stay continue so you may sell it on day high.

Intact Targets: 3310-3256-3173 levels

sybean soya bean tip
[ultimate_info_table design_style=”design02″ color_scheme=”blue” package_heading=”Flashback” package_sub_heading=”Let’s check what I had said in my last newsletter and what happened!”]CLICK HERE to read last week newsletter

  • CRUDE OIL: I said, “$47.6-$47.1 levels” and it touched both targets in the same day!
  • ALUMINIUM: I had boldly said, “…if aluminium go down to 110.5 levels then we will see 109.3-108.5-107.5 levels” and it had completed my first target!
  • NCDEX Index and Jeera both are following as per my instructions and Jeera will come to all targets shortly.

I also recommend to check my 1st Aug, 2016 newsletter by click here: I clearly said, “keep your eyes on 325.5 levels. It’s very crucial level and if the copper will test this level then we will see a big downtrend. It may drop up to 319-309 below levels.

Look now, copper is at 307.95 levels. What else you need from a guider?


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FREE Commodity MCX Gold, Silver & Natural gas tips

This time is to remind my 11th Feb 2015 newsletter! I had written there about Gold guinea and Silver. First click here and check out it again!

I said, “if gold guinea breaks 21700 and close it then we will see big bloodbath”…
Did you know after broken my level Gold guinea made low 21,351..!!!

silver mcx

What I said about MCX Silver? Read my newsletter again, click here.
I had written, “For silver just remember closing below 37000 means 36108-35763-35246-34700
Look now, silver is very near to my first target. What you expect now?
Will it touch my first target and go ahead or take u-turn?
Sorry, I am going to say it to my premium subscribers!

Natural gas tips update

Did you know, I sent free live tips to all on Natural gas?
I am very lazy for target done updates.. I was sent live call on last Friday (@afternoon)..

I said, “Sell natural gas 170 S/L 172 Targets: 168-166” …I don’t know about you but my premium subscribers booked profit at 166..!!!

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COMEX / MCX Gold, Guinea, Silver, Crude oil, Copper & NCDEX Soybean

Since, 2012 and for Long term / Short Term Comex Gold, MCX Gold and Gold Guinea are overall weak. MCX Gold can move up if it will cross once 28068 level. For intraday seller, keep your eyes on 27846 level. If it will close above this level that means trying to move up for this week and below sell sell sell..!!!
More information, I will update due to market hour for my premium members.

Last week, we generated only two call. Look below live tips images:

mcx gold tips
mcx gold tips

Gold almost fired and all traders booked profit

mcx silver tips
mcx silver tips
mcx silver tips

As you can see, silver touched all targets in just few hours… what else you need?

mcx silver tips

After some short covering, we will look silver @ 41490 level soon.
More panic update will provide by SMS to VIP Members only!

mcx crude oil tips

Crude oil solid support is coming.. If this support breaks then big blood bath will in energy sector. If you’re my paid member then Login to view full crude oil report.

sybean soya bean tip

NCDEX Soybean is very best agri-commodity players for intraday trading tips. If it crossover 3408 then sell it without any worry for 3390-3380.
I will update stoploss for my paid subscribers only!

Note: Don’t make any mistake with copper. Before tonight, I will update copper direction with chart and report!

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MCX Intraday Free Tips: Gold guinea, Natural gas, Nickel, Cardamom and Cotton


Buy MCX Gold Guinea @ 23690 and Targets: 23775-23860. I don’t think …here opening bell is important. I can’t imagine Gold guinea will go below 23461 level because once it cross then big blood bath happen in bullion sector. S/L role is very important here but your bad luck because it available for my paid members.

mcx natural gas

Check out Aug 05, 2013 Commodity newsletter. Click here to read that past newsletter. I said, “If Natural gas close below 202.5 then it will touch 198-195” and it moved as I said. After I said to paid subscribers, “It will kiss again 210-218+ levels”

So as I expect it’s moving upwardly. Today Natural gas is looking upside. Traders can make tons of money from natural gas. Here, opening bell is very important. Once it open upward then buy in deep and targets will be 208.3-210+. Remember, intraday hurdle is very important and I will say it to my paid members because once it cross then it will touch 203.2-201.6 levels.

mcx nickel

You should not wait, just go and buy Nickel @ opening bell with Targets: 913.5-918+. Remember, opening bell should be upward and it’s very important.

cardamom mcx ncdex

Only BLOOD..!!! Go and sell without lose opportunity. Targets: 810-802-795
Free users for S/L last high!

mcx ncdex kapas cutton

MCX Cotton is looking strong for 3 trading session. Where should I buy? @ opening bell? Sorry but I will say it to my commodity subscribers. Targets: 22000-22050-22095+
Remember, Exact time + Exact level + StopLoss = For paid subscribers only!

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Commodity Report: MCX Gold, Silver, Guinea, Oil, Mentha Oil, CPO, Castor Seed and more

MCX Silver and Gold have been rising in current weeks. The stock market and commodities have been rising recently in anticipation of a move by the Fed. The economy is still struggling plus most feel this shell game will maintain for a long time. If you watch the stock market, you can see a pattern of a slowly churning higher market. It is almost a 45 degree angle higher climb with a very tight range. This is point that the market will continue higher and you don’t want to fight it. The big players are controlling the market and they know what they’re doing. Crude oil could easily churn higher to the $100 level in the near future. Until sentiment in the market changes, you want to go with the flow. The stock market is the main indicator and the oil market will follow along.


Anyway, today I think MCX Gold and Gold Guinea both looking upside. Intraday traders have must eye on Guinea. It’ll kiss 24078-24101. What about Gold? I’ll write for my subscribers only!

mcx mentha oil

I see good opportunity for small traders in Mentha Oil. Yep, yesterday our subscribers minted money from it but today I think to pass for everyone. Remember, it small piece is unsafe. Targets: 1348-1356

mcx cpo

From past 2 months, MCX CPO is jumping like monkey and everyone know monkey is monkey. That’s why I’m not going to write more about it. Targets: 556.5-558


Lion Heart traders, open you heart now and Go with NCDEX Castor Seed flow. Targets: 4345-4366-4382

You want to know more about Gold plus Exact Time + Exact Level + S/L = For subscribers only!