UPDATE: MCX Nickel, Kapas and Cardamom – All targets touched!!!

ncdex cardamom tips

11 Sep 2012, what I said about Cardamom?
I had written, “MCX Small players Go and sell cardamom as you can. It’ll kiss 750 shortly!
I said everyone to sell cardamom when it was run @ 829
Yesterday cardamom all targets blasted!
Oh! I forget to say you, yesterday my subscribers Sold again cardamom @ 745 with Targets: 726-705
What you think about this?
Everyday mint money with Moneymunch..!

media comedian

You know friends, yesterday what I had written in Password protected zone for subscribers?
Let me say you, I said,

1. Sell Nickel @ 926 with Target:921 – Yesterday Target hit
2. Sell Kapas @ opening bell Targets: 990-986 – First Target hit!
3. sell cardamom @ 745 with Targets: 726-705 – Short Term Call


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What you think about Gold, Cardamom and Pepper?


Umm… Gold.. Do you remember what I had written about Gold two times.. Click here to see it. I said, “Gold will touch 29456 – 29429 – 29360“. Yesterday Gold all targets blasted!
Today I’m bit worry about Gold because it closed at Hurdle 29264. It’ll take U-Turn or not from Hurdle? Sorry but today I’ll write for my subscribers. Not only about Gold but I’ll say about Castor seed, Pepper and more…


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Commodity newsletter: Gold, Crude oil, Nickel and Cardamom + SURPRISE!

commodity market

You know friends what I had written on my last two newsletters? You don’t know then click here read last newsletter and for Nickel call Click Here.

Let’s start talk about Nickel..
I said on 4th July 2012: Sell nickel without worry with targets: 932 – 930 – 928 and yep, our subscribers also sold it @ 939 and just today booked profit. What else you want more from us?


Oh yeah! I also said about Cardamom, I hope you read my last guesstimate carefully. I told you to buy cardamom when it was run around 1336-40 and yep that day it was kiss our cardamom all targets. Today also my subscribers bought cardamom at morning by sms, “BUY CARDAMOM @ 1454 AND BOOKED PROFIT 1482 LEVEL.

I was also mentioned about Crude oil on 5th July but I said strictly to everyone – IF ONCE OPEN UPSIDE THEN DON’T SELL IT. I hope everyone listen carefully and leave to trade on it. Why I am saying here again because some peoples call me said to me, “I sell crude oil at opening bell.” Oops! When I was listening that time I got dizzy really.

That day also said same about Gold and yep.. I said my subscribers close eyes and sell it and forget! Also Gold was opened down side as I said and we sold it and still hold. I’m thinking it’ll crush more but I will update about Gold for my subscribers only!

Oh I forget to say you, what was surprise, I’m sorry about this but no problem tomorrow I’ll say it. Don’t forget to read my tomorrow newsletter!

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MCX Gold, Silver, Crude oil, Cardamom and NCDEX Steel long

mcx gold & silver tips

This Monday morning bring the biggest surprises. Let’s come to the point, MCX Gold and Silver both is running totally opposite to Global Market. Dow Jones will kiss 13224 in coming days as well as FTSE 100 also touch 5759 level… Silver maybe crush and close below 51460 then market will crush heavily. Intraday traders and Long-Short Term Traders please don’t work without any guidance otherwise you will lose all money, which you earned by trading.

Today, if gold make red light at opening bell then sell it. Targets: 29456 – 29429 – 29360. Stop to trade with Silver without guidance.
Choice is yours!


mcx crude oil tips

MCX Crude oil is looking bit weak. Once it open downside then Sell it with targets: 4742 – 4718 – 4704. If it’ll open upside then leave to trade with Crude Oil and keep patience.


cardamom mcx ncdex calls

Cardamom is mom of every commodity. Mom always ups in our heart that’s why I’m saying to everyone Buy it!
Targets: 1355 – 1361
Yep, don’t hold long otherwise mom will hit you…


steel long ncdex tips

Steel long already made good low and in bloodbath rightnow. I say, it’ll stop to crush in between 3 trading sessions but Intraday player go and sell it. Targets: 31674 – 31635 – 31590


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NEW UPDATE: MCX Gold, Silver, Lead, Copper & NCDEX Cardamom, Steel Long, Dhaniya

mcx silver tips

What I said about Silver outlook?
First, click here and read it again
As I said, silver had broken my hurdle 54321 and moving downwards. Now you’ll see big bloodbath and Short Term buyers will cry and Sellers enjoy every moment.
Who you are? Decide yourself because I said everyone before start crushing silver. Now you’ll see silver at 53271 – 52732 – 51673

mcx gold calls

Gold is looking bit upset. I think it’ll close today downside. Thus, we should to sell it.
Targets: 28139 – 28116 – 28058

mcx lead calls

MCX Small Traders for good opportunity in Lead. Go and Sell it without question. Targets: 109.1 – 108.6
Free users for stoploss yesterday high!

mcx copper tips

What you say about MCX Copper?
Today it’ll go down side huh?
Me too but Targets – Stoploss – Entry level?
Sorry but I’ll say it to my subscribers only!

cardamom mcx ncdex calls

Cardamom looking upside and it’ll touch 1400 – 1500 very soon…
Today what to do?
Go & Buy cardamom @ opening bell
Targets: 1400 – 1444 – 1500

steel long ncdex tips

Lets street to the point directly, Go and Sell NCDEX Steel Long
Targets: 33232 – 33117

Dhaniya ncdex tip

Close your eyes and Sell NCDEX Dhaniya without worry!
Targets: 3492 – 3464

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NEW UPDATE: MCX Silver, Aluminium, Cardamom and NCDEX Turmeric, RMSEED…

mcx silver tips

MCX Silver prices have dropped in the last couple months. I like to talk for Long-Term Traders. I happen to like buying in this area, but I would much rather buy silver around 51020. It’s not bad idea to buy half your investment at 54321 and buy the other half if silver does fall to 51020. I know well silver price crushing these days, but I’m talking here….about future.

Let’s street to the point, short term traders should to wait for sell silver. Yep, sell. Once silver will close below 54321 then… you’ll see 53009 – 52684 – 51020 levels.

Today Intraday Traders, Go and Sell silver.
Targets: 54321 – 54233

Once touch the target then exit from it without any question. It’s looking hot and very risky (Opening bell should be negative).

More information about Silver, I’ll update for my subscribers only!

cardamom mcx ncdex tips

Anyone noticed Cardamom?
Once it open positive, Go & Buy it
Targets: 1351 – 1377

ncdex turmeric tips

Who want to play safely, huh?
Okay, go and buy NCDEX Turmeric
Don’t ask me any other questions just make targets level: 3925 – 3988
Remember opening bell should be upper-side.

What you think about MCX Aluminum and NCDEX RMSEED?
I’ll write for my subscribers only…!


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