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Immediately turn your attention to NIFTY Future


Our analysts have discovered a potential triple-digit percent trade on option trade of NIFTY Fut.

We had bought 7650 Call option of nifty future at 50 around and sold 235-239

now keep patience for trade on option again… just look up chart…!

Immediately turn your attention to 7910

nse-nifty-futurewhat is for this reason that we are issuing an immediate alert on…. Let’see…


UPDATED on 20th APR, 2016

Ref. update for nifty future with overbought if trend is not missing by it. LOOK UP the chart and examine it.


updated time : 10 o clock morning

ready to sell nifty (no worry to sell nifty future 7972 around


updated 21th apr 2016 updated time: 2 o’clock

SELL CALL OF NIFTY 7650 @ 295-304 and 315 as much as you can…

Below Call was only for Subscribers (LOCKED call)

sell nifty call of strike price 7700 rs. 260  to 276 and for targets 178-152

Nifty future chart 22th, April 2016

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      1. sir, i have exited but today again i sold it 1 lot 7650 Nifty Call at Rs. 306

        i am getting good profit right now, can you guide me what should i do?
        Book profit????

      1. guruji, i already have it.

        i am waiting for your next advice. thank you.
        today i sold same call option 7 lots

        i have total 17 lots and average price Rs. 239

  1. please can you tell me how can i subscribe you?
    how much amount i have to pay?
    how can i get your service?
    is there any phone number?

    my friend is suggested me to connect with you.
    i am trying in all segments.

    thank you

  2. Dear sir/madam,

    I just transferred amount your icicibank, please let me know confirmation when you’re free. as soon as possible start my service.

    transaction ref. 475210

    Dr.Ravi Kumar
    Professor and Head

  3. Dear Sir,

    I am watching you email since 1 years but i did not acted. today i just sold option call as per you nifty update.
    my position

    1 lot 7700 CE of nifty : Rs. 248
    2 lot 7700 CE of nifty : Rs. 254

    i have 3 lots of 7700 call of nifty.

    i am in profit but i do not know where should i book the profit?

    thank you
    Ajoy Mehta (pune)

  4. plz favor me via mail about options where to enter & where to exit. i am facing losses only.

  5. sir as per your yahoo messenger

    i have sold 21 lots 7700 call of nifty
    my avg priced sold at rs 298.78

    can i book profit or hold as per your targets 198????

    please reply

  6. i also sold Rs.309 nifty call 7650

    please, inform me level for profit book.

  7. yesterday, i got your sms but i was busy, traded by me
    sold 7700 nifty call at Rs.272 – 2 lots
    sold 7650 call nifty at Rs. 299 – 3 lots

    any update for me? or wait for targets?

  8. thank you sir,

    i already booked much amount of profit. your calls are always perfect.
    sold nifty yesterday 7968 and booked today 7885
    thank you

    Kushal Pal Singh

  9. i am holding nifty 7700
    my friend suggested me your site, 1st my trade is short call option Rs.271.

    thanks a lot sir.

  10. excellent call.
    i booked profit Rs.28000 . thank you sir. hats of you.
    as usually i am your fan.

  11. I booked profit as per your target…. thank you.
    please, reply me as soon as possible, what amount i have to pay you

    i observering your free calls since 3months.

    1. guruji, i also want to subscribe you. please contact me. i am ready to be premium member.

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