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Daily NIFTY Future (24-2-2011) Thursday





“Success it not about winning, it is about losing and deal with it”



3-Days of trading, NF closing 5549 above,…Then trend can be up…(Target will change to 5701-5776!

(Remark: below it,…NIFTY is weak to test 5321 and 5210 in short)

Don’t ask me before or After Expiry…?


My Subscribers given to Short Sell Call @ 5585-5595 on Friday…!

(We never take Risky, please Concentrate 5549)



Yesterday Performed our Stocks.

Sell NF 5495-5518 and Your Stoploss 5524 and Go for Targets 5400 and 5368-547 (NF Tested 5426)


Nifty looks very volatile for 1-2-3 days of trading…!

(Both side moves expected as of intraday)


Strong Support 5378-5492

This can give force to NF as 5509-5531

(Suppose to stay below this support…then NIFTY will test easily our targets 5322-5200

(Traders can take Risky at this support for long with your desire stoploss)


What for Today,…?

This will Update 8 o’ Clock

More update for Subscribers only…!

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