The Big Move In EURAUD May Be Right Now

free forex euraud tips chart

EURAUD price begins to accelerate higher faster than other currencies from the control price (CP). It can hit 1.63500 – 1.64060 after crossing the CP level.

Hurdle: 1.62150

This hurdle is a game-changer. It could explode downward and prices may fall 1.61850 to 1.61360 levels.

The above information is sufficient for a smart trader to start minting money.

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USDCHF Trend Analysis & Forecasts

free forex usdchf tips chart

As per this chart, the trend continuation will drag up to 9.94600 – 0.95000 levels.

Keep your eyes on the support trend line, USDCHF has broken it. If it’s not fake-out, 0.92360 – 0.91800 target levels.

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British Pound (GBPUSD) Struggling At This Support

free forex gbpusd chart tips

Keep your eyes peeled at the support trendline. It could fly from here for 1.25300 level. But this can happen only after two consecutive positive close.

As per the S RSI, it’s under downtrend. Hence, complete breakout means a direct target of 1.21000.

Note: beware of fake out.

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GBPUSD: Next Strong Probability

free gbpusd forecasts charts

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