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MCX Gold’s Bullish Mode Activated

free commodity gold tips daily chart

Did you read the 26 Jan 2021 article on Gold?
Article: Don’t Get Yourself Into a Bull Trap With MCX Gold

Wherein I have highlighted a strong resistance (SR) which is 49280. It has broken down on 14 Feb 2022. That indicates the MCX gold uptrend is unfolding here. If it consecutively remains above the SR, we will see the gold price above 51160 51740.

The following indicators have been indicating impending advance:
ADX, DMI, and MA

Watch significant releases or events that may affect the movement of gold, silver, and crude oil.

Tuesday, Feb 22, 2022
19:30 S&P/CS HPI Composite – 20 n.s.a. (YoY) (Dec) – Medium Impact
20:15 Manufacturing, Markit Composite, & Services PMI (Feb) – Medium Impact
20:30 CB Consumer Confidence (Feb) – High Impact

Thursday, Feb 24, 2022
03:00 API Weekly Crude Oil Stock – Medium Impact
19:00 GDP (QoQ) (Q4), and Initial Jobless Claims – High Impact
21:00 Natural Gas Storage – Low Impact
21:30 Crude Oil Inventories – High Impact
22:30 FOMC Member Mester Speaks – Medium Impact

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2020’s Uptrend Channel Is Everything For MCX Nickel

free commodity mcx nickel daily chart tips

MCX Nickel is following the above uptrend channel from 23 Jan 2020. And making a good trade opportunity for commodity traders. Nickel’s upward trend is not over yet. But we may see a downfall below the control price, and it can be up to 1686 – 1620.

But what happens if it breaks the control price?

It’s a 100% sign for a buy signal. But intraday or short-term investors should confirm that breakout before proceeding. And they must look out for candle’s fakeout. Afterward, be ready for the targets of 1800 – 1840 – 1876+.

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Will ICOMODEX Energy Reach 7500 Before March End?

Free mcx energy index calls

ICOMODEX Energy is forming an impulsive wave 3.

Price has finished the corrective wave (iv) of wave 3, and the price is establishing an impulsive wave (v) of wave 3.

Price is about to make the last leg v. If the price breaks the high of wave iii, it can make an upward move of 7135 – 7290- 7355 -7477.

After the accomplishing of wave 3, the price will fall and break the acceleration channel.

What are the turning points for the prices?

+ Wave 3 can finish at 2.618 (7477) reverse Fibonacci retracements of wave iv.
+ Wave 3 can finish at 2.618 (7167) reverse Fibonacci of wave (iv)
+ 3rd wave can end after the breakdown of sub-channel.

I will upload further information for intraday traders.

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AUDJPY: Will AUDJPY Confirm Its Bull Run?

Free forex currency audjpy chart calls

AUDJPY is forming a contracting triangle. Price had completed the (D) wave, and I have given the short-term selling targets of wave (E) of wave ((4)).

In my previous article, I have mentioned thatWave (E) can complete between 0.618 to 0.786% Fibonacci levels. That’s why a trader can expect the following targets for wave (E) 83.44-82.50-81.03 as targets of wave E”.

Price has reached all of these targets.

Click Here to read the previous article.

The ending point of wave (E) is the starting point of an impulsive cycle.
Due to bearish sentiments, the price may touch the A-C trend line and start the bullish move.

Safe traders can enter after price make an excess on the lower band of the channel.
They can expect the following targets 82.565 – 83.850 – 84.185+.

Invalidation: Breakdown of the A-C trend line.

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EURCAD: Bullish Scenario is Active!

Free forex currency eurcad chart calls

EURCAD is forming a downtrend channel.
Price is establishing a final sub-wave 5 of wave (5).

In my previous idea, I have mentioned that, If the price breaks down channel C, the following targets for Wave 5 will be 1.4313 – 1.42520 – 1.41652- 1.41156.
Price reached all the targets of wave (5).

Click Here to Read previous article.

Currently, the price is heaving correction, but safe traders can enter after the breakout of the C channel.

After making wave (5), if the price breaks the B channel, it can go for 1.4377 – 1.4466 – 1.4569 – 1.4645+. And Price will start a new 5-wave impulse structure. Invalidation is available for premium subscribers.

Please note that without a breakout, trend changes may not be possible.

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EWT: Will Crude Oil Reach 7000?

Free mcx crude oil chart tips

Crude oil is forming impulsive waves ((5)).

After the completion of wave ((3)), the price had started complex running flat of the corrective wave ((4)).
Wave B has crossed the high of wave ((3)), but wave B couldn’t break the low of wave A.

Price has made a failure of swing low, which was a rejection of a downtrend, and crude oil gained momentum.
Price has exceeded the sub-wave B of wave ((4)).

Sub-wave 4 of wave ((5)) is in progress.

If their price breaks out the high of wave 3, we can expect the following target for final sub-wave 6697-6785-6865+. It means the price has bullish sentiments above wave three and vice versa.
Breakout of the parallel channel shows the weakness of the impulsive wave. Note that wave four can never overlap the starting point of wave 1.

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