EWT: Will BANKNIFTY Hit The Final Target of 46124?

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We had written in clear words, Traders can use the reverse Fibonacci levels of the previous sub-wave (3) to (4) to set targets after the breakout of the corrective channel. These targets include 45320 – 45655 – 46124+

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[17 July 2023]

  • 03:00 PM – NSE BANKNIFTY Hit the first target of 45518.

[18 July 2023]

  • 09:15 AM – Price hit the second target of 45655.
  • 09:25 AM – Price made a new high of 45908.

If you have traded this setup, you could have made more than 950 points in just three trading sessions.

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NSE HDFCAMC – A Bullish Initiative

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We had written clearly, “For traders interested in this opportunity, long above the neckline at 2100, with the following price targets: 2314 – 2588 –  2795+”.

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[27 June 2023]

  • 01:00 PM – Price broken out wammies neckline.

[30 June 2023]

  • 09:30 AM – Price touched the first target of 2314.

[14 July 2023]

  • 02:30 PM – HDFCAMC has made a new high of 2386.6.

HDFCAMC has given a captivating return of more than 20% in 4 weeks. If you have traded this setup, you could have made 403 points or Rs. 39720 per 100 shares.
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NSE HEROMOTOCO: Are Bulls Strong Enough to Sustain Impulse?

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Timeframe: 30 min

Brief analysis:
HEROMOTOCO has started a five-wave impulse cycle from the low of 2745.5. Price has accomplished wave Y of wave (4) and started impulsive wave (5). Buyers will have an opportunity with a captivating risk reward to ride the trend after confirmation for the following targets: 3167 – 3210 – 3260+.

In-depth analysis:
NSE HEROMOTOCO has formed an impulsive cycle after an extreme low. In this case, the security is trading above the 20,50, 100, and 200 EMAs, which indicates that the bulls are in control. The formation of wave two was a running flat which retraced 0.618% of wave (1) at 2795. The third wave was an extensive wave that extended 3.618% of wave 1.Continue reading