Trading Strategy For 21st Oct’ 2013.

The Top 10 Mistakes Most New Traders Make

They trade first, educate themselves second. Read several books written by people that have made money in the markets. Research online about Rich Traders and their methods. Follow the twitter accounts of real traders that make money. Facebook friend successful traders if you have the opportunity. Learn to back test different systems to see how they performed historically. Study chart patterns and market history. Study, read, and grow.
They are quick to take profits and slow to take losses. This makes your profits small and your losses big not to mention just very stressful. Do the opposite, let your flowers grow until they stop growing and pull your weeds immediately.
New traders just trade too big. It is better to have a big win with a small position size than a small win with a big position size, why? Risk. You have to take small risks, like cutting losses when you are down 1% of total account equity on one trade. Why? So five to ten losses in a row do not remove you from trading sooner or later.
New traders let the ego take over. The ego is a terrible trader, it brags about its wins, denies its losses and never admits when it is wrong. Trade with a plan not with an ego.
They make up how to trade as they go. Before you place a trade you need to know your entry point, exit points, and the position size you will be trading and why you think it will be successful. Making this up as you go along is a formula for disaster.
They never choose a trading style. Investors turn into day traders when fear drives them out. Trend traders turn into swing traders when they lose many times in a row. Day traders turn into investors when they just can’t cut a big loss. Choose a strategy and time frame and stick with it.
They get greedy. Failing to know when to take a  profit off the table when it begins to retrace can turn a winner into a loser. Have a plan for a trailing stop and how to exit with profits.
Focusing all their efforts on entries and setups. The entry does not make you money the exit does. Focusing on how to cut losses when you are wrong about a trade and set trailing stops on winners is the real way to make money in the markets.
Focusing on hot tips instead of correct trading. Developing a winning method, managing risk, and clear thinking is what makes money in the markets in the long term not trying to trade tips or be given trades. Tips are for waiters trading set ups are for traders.
Following a guru. If a ‘guru’ is offering to sell you a secret system or formula instead of teaching you how to trade on your own then beware. You want to learn how to fish not be sold a fancy fishing pole they may only work in some waters.



Last Close : 6210

Today it should cross 6224 with volumes and sustains for 20 minutes then only  more Strength

Target :6240—6279———————6305 level in hrs only.

Very soon ,We see 6400-6420 level !!!!

3DEMA @ 6150 ,7DEMA @ 6105 levels will act as support levels.

Given Only To Subscriebrs…

SELL Nifty Future 6228 SL 6238 and Go for targets 6177 to 6144

Nifty Future 18 Oct. 2013


 Trader’s Real Opponent

The day the trader stops accusing the markets, businessmen, or ‘They’ and ‘Them’ for loss and begins taking accountability for their personal trading could be the day that they start to modification from losing finances to making money. In the ending the market is such as the sea and we are the surfer, we select the surfboard and the surf and the ocean really doesn’t worry what we do it’s just there. The excellence of our ability to ride a wave is created on our knowledge, method, and experience our feelings contain no edge. In the end we win or lose based on our ability to overcome our own weaknesses.
Market price activity is natural to our presence, it is our technique that determines our profits and we decide on how we will trade.
Profits occurs from our total trading profits being larger than our total trading losses, we manage our entries and exits.
The dimensions of all of our bring down in financing is motivated by the high quality of our risk management and we handle our own risk.
Trading also big for a trading fund size virtually guarantees failing, we managing our own situation sizing.
Profitability exclusively occurs from trading with an edge, we are responsible for finding and trading with our own edge.

Last Close : 6071

 Nifty closed down 43.20 points at 6045.85 while Nifty future closed at 6071, premium of 25.15 points…!!!

FIIs bought in Cash, net buy 1109.93 Crore while DIIs sold in Cash, net sell 1149.22 Crore. FIIs sold in Index Option, Stock future but bought in Index future, net sell 1591.45 Crore…!!!

FIIs bought 61166 contracts of Index futures and sold 56111 contracts of Index futures which come to net buy of 5055 contracts worth 155 Crores with net open attention increasing by 18311 contracts.

Looking at all above facts it seems that FIIs once again went short at higher levels, still cover Index futures which was initiated day before yesterday.

What for Today???

Today again will be the crucial day to watch out the activity of FIIs.

Nifty Future 17 Oct. 2013

master the market in 10 minute

The day the investor quits blaming the industries, political leaders, or ‘They’ and ‘Them’ for losses and initiate taking obligation for their own investing could be the day that they begin to modification from losing cash to making cash. In the ending the market is like the ocean and we are the surfer, we choose the surfboard and the ocean and the ocean really doesn’t attention what we do it’s just there. The quality of our capability to ride a wave is based on our skills, method, and experience our emotions include no edge. In the end we win or lose dependent on our capability to overcome our own weaknesses.

Market cost motion is basic to our existence, it is our technique that establishes our productivity and we choose how we will trade.

Profitability comes from our complete trading profits being bigger than our complete investing losses, we manage our entries and exits.

The size of our draw down in capital is determined by the quality of our risk management and we manage our individual risk.

Trading too big for a trading account size almost guarantees failure, we control our own position sizing.

Productivity only arrives from investing with an advantage, we are important for choosing and investing with our own advantage.



Last Close: 6110.65

Nifty closed down 23.65 points at 6089.05 while Nifty future closed at 6110.65, premium of 21.60 points. FIIs bought in Cash, net buy 1136.23 Crore while DIIs sold in Cash, net sell 1035.34 Crore. FIIs bought in Index future, Index Option but sold in Stock future, net buy 743.70 Crore..!!!

 FIIs bought 91975 contracts of Index futures and sold 66571 contracts of Index futures which come to net buy of 25404 contracts worth 795 Crores with net open interest increasing by 31836 contracts.

Considering all above facts it seems that FIIs again did short covering in Nifty Futures but started shorting Index futures. Today again will be the crucial day to watch out the activity of FIIs.

Nifty Future 15 Oct. 2013

Reasons Why My Trading Blog Is Different

There are lots of trading blogs out there but I genuinely know that my trading blog Money munch is a a variety of kind of blog and here is why:
     I am not trying to upward offer you to any other system that costs thousands of dollars. I do not have a newsletter, paid trading space, or training courses, I am a trader that blog basically for my own benefit. Blogging forces me to duty on increasing my trading every day.
   The trading instructions I speak regarding on my blog are from proper life experiences not principle or thinking.
thats why my Trading blog is Different.

Last close: 6143.35

niftyfutureYesterday FIIs bought 65602 contracts of Index futures and sold 42063 contracts of Index futures which come to net buy of 23539 contracts worth 709 Crores with net open interest increasing by 4985 contracts.
Thinking about all above basic facts it appears that FIIs once again did short covering in Nifty Futures, Still no indicator of fresh long. Today again will be the crucial day to watch out the activity of FIIs.
Today Market is expected to open higher following positive trend observed in another Asian markets, Reliance stock will stay in focus after reported profits which were largely in line with analyst expectations.



Nifty future short sell 6144 to 6188 for targets 6066 and 6044 if break and close below 6066,…then wait for targets 5988-5966


Trading Strategy For 14th Oct’ 2013.


The Keys that unlock Trading Success:

You need to trade a WINNING trading system: Your trading method must be legal and successful through previous markets. The ideal technique to succeed in the markets is actually to have a method that determines potential trends and provides you records and making a profit that put the possibilities on your side for winning trades. Lots of times these techniques will have awesome champions that pay for each the limited loss and generate you successful. Irrespective of time structure the biggest thing all traders are in browse of for profits is trend record. The secret is to get through traditional price tag information and observe how your technique would have carried out in various types of past markets, bull, bear, and sideways. Combined with some resident times like October 1987 and the Fall of 2008. A winning method either has to have a limited profits so huge that it offers for all the small losses or a very large winning amount that maintains the few losses from getting out of hand. Uncover your edge and study how to create it a worthwhile one. In case you have no edge and no winning method your trading account will be consumed separated bit by bit.  The market has an edge over you, it is counter user-friendly and decrease and percentage are drooling to start gnawing on your account.



Above is Daily CHART of Nifty Future ,Last Close : 6130 level

Above 6095 level ,Our Target intact of 6175-6200 level !!

Today ,Not crossing High of  6143  & trades below 6128 level with volumes then ???

Target :6084-6069 in panic is possible.

3DEMA @ 6070 ,7DEMA @ 6019 level.

investment Technique For 11th Oct ’2013!!


Last Close : 6060

Thirsty Traders :Watch 6069———————-6095 level are Hurdles & Targets.

Once crosses and closes above 6095 will take to 6175-6200 level in hrs only.

Do U know it kissed High of  6074 level & closed at 6060 level.