Trading Strategy For 28th Nov’2013

nifty futureAbove is Daily Chart of Nifty Future.

Today’s Hurdle at 6096——-6096 level.

Now ,Once crosses 6096 with volumes and trades above this level for 20 minutes…………..Then 

Rally upto 6116—-6122 is possible !!

Nifty Future For 12th, Nov. 2013


Nifty Future Support 6109 as mentioned in chart

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Nifty Future Updated on 7th Nov, 2013.


Today, Support Nifty Future  6196

(This support can lead to nifty future to 6286 to 6312)

Suppose to crossover 6300,… NF can fire intraday 6344 to 6358


We are trading today on ABB of Cash NSE

Trading Strategy For 06th Nov’2013.

nifty future

Go short sell on NIFTY Future between 6322 to 6345 and SL 6365 Gof targets 6266… when you will see this …then trade only…

Buy will create only 6400 above

Nifty Future Updated on 1st nov.2013.


niftyfutureAbove is Daily CHART of Nifty FUTURE

November FUTURE closed at 6331 level.

Yesterday ,We had written above 6280 level it will zoom to kiss 6310-6320 level

Today Again ,We are writing :Rally can take NF to 6400-6450 level……………….(110% it will halt halt halt )

So Maximum 100-150 points from Yesterday’s close.

Channel -Hurdle @ 6440–6450 range.

Now Range will be 6200———6450 level for Nifty Future.

If Inverse Head & Shoulder have to show power then it will stay above 6200 level and will zoom upto 6400-6450 & will again retest this level of 6200 level

Yes ,We want NF should kiss 6400-6450 level………………………in this rally and should happen soon

Swing Traders & Trend Followers …………TAKING Risk or making position of 100-150 points ,On Rise …Sell slowly

(Short Term Range for Traders will be 6200—–6450 level )

Nifty Future Updated on 31th Oct. 2013


Today’s Target for NF 6288 and 6319

Yesterday, We have taken position in NF

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Spot Nifty: Life time high’s trend line around 6318-6333.  DJI coming down almost more than
150 points from high.  Wait and watch to add more shorts