MCX Crude oil, Natural gas, Aluminum, Lead, Copper, Cotton, Cardamom & NCDEX Castor seed intraday tips

My last news letter was on MCX Crude oil, Natural gas, Aluminum and Cotton (CLICK ME TO READ IT AGAIN). Almost every commodity fired @ same day. First, let me start with Crude oil!

As I was said, crude oil run between 5639-5580 and my recommendation was if close 5580 level below for 1-2 consecutive days then it will start to move downward and if close above 5642 level then little uptrend. Same advice for this week!

MCX Natural gas

I was updated Natural gas chart for intraday tips and written targets: 235 – 233 – 230.5 when it was running 238.
@ same day NG hit first target and on next trading session, natural gas touched second target 233 with low 232.6. What else you traders want?

Now what will happen? Will it kiss my third target 230.5 or not?
For to know it, subscribe our commodity service!


What to do with aluminium, I had written on last Friday. As I expected, it closed below 118.4 level yesterday. From to today, you will look freefall upto 115.5. Check our newsletter again for to know intraday targets!
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mcx cotton

What I said about cotton? Click here to read it again
I was said, “Intraday traders can create 17220 level as target for day trading!”
@ same day, it made low 17160 and closed 17200. By means, our direct target touched without any interruption!

mcx lead chart tips

mcx copper

Sell sell sell… Sell on top and hold for short term
Unlimited Targets: 412 – 410.5 – 408.5 – 407 below
Hurdle: 421
More information, I will update due to market hours for premium subscriber only!

ncdex cardamom

No mixed opinion – No confusion – Direct decision..!!!
Sell on top, targets: 867-860-854


NCDEX Players, keep your eyes on castor seed. Our targets: 4473 – 4509
If you keep position in low then it will helpful to generate 1 week pocket money for you.
I will update due to market hours in bullion sector (Gold / Silver) for VIP Members only!

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MCX Natural gas, Aluminum, Cotton & Crude oil chart & tips

mcx natural gas chart tips

MCX Aluminium

MCX Aluminium is looking weak technically and fundamentally both type. Once it close below 118.4 level then we’ll look freefall upto 115.5 or below but it should be close below that level for consecutive 1-2 days. Freefall will be like 117.6-116.2-115.1
If aluminum stays above my level then we will see 120.8+ levels soon…

mcx cotton

MCX very weak commodity is cotton. If it will close below 17200 then no-one can stop it for big freefall. Intraday traders can create 17220 level as target for day trading!
More information will be update soon for premium members!


Crude oil is looking weak for next week also. You will find up down jumps between 5639-5580 and closing above 5642 by means little uptrend. If black gold close below 5580 then we will see again bloodbath otherwise you get upward move because of it strong volume + buyers.

Look, yesterday how my clients collected profit from Cardamom when MCX was volatile..!

MCX Cardamom tips

mcx cardamom tips

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FREE MCX Gold, Aluminium, Zinc & NCDEX Gurchmuzr tips


Comex Gold (XAU USD) is looking strong and we’ll see MCX Gold closing 28986+ soon. Big investors don’t need to accumulate their profit and small investor should to put their money here for short term but don’t forget to buy in deep.

MCX Aluminium

MCX Aluminium is 110% Hot commodity!
Every trader can Buy in deep. No risk!
Short term target: 126-127
Long term target: 129

mcx zinc

If you’re going to buy / sell zinc then wait for exact support & resistance.
Support: 139.2
Resistance: 145.6
Now smart trader can understand what to do with exact support and resistance!

ncdex cardamom

Small traders, Go and Buy MCX Cardamom. Targets: 987-993

NCDEX Gurchmuzr tips

NCDEX Gurchmuzr breaks almost 5 month low and closed @ 1153 in -9 rupees. NCDEX Intraday traders can go and sell it without any worry. Opening bell should be negative. Targets: 1144-1137

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Commodity MCX Gold, Silver, Crude oil, Copper, Aluminum… tips

MCX Crude oil

Let’s make some easy step for you! Hurdle: 6148
Closing above hurdle means: 6188-6246-6280+ (80% Strongly up!)
Continue closing below hurdle means: 6058-6010-5982
Trade without fear with!!!

mcx copper

Copper is 100% risky for everyone! If it close below 407 for two consecutive(strongly) trading session then think about for sell (404-400-397 levels) otherwise we’ll look at 415-420 level soon..!!!


Today If MCX Aluminum will close above or @ 105.3 level then we can expect jump 105.5 to 106-107.2+ or closing in downward continue for 1-2 consecutive days means 103 to 101 below!

mcx cpo

My Lion heart traders look once on MCX CPO. It’s dying day by day. No excuse – No Description = Direct targets: 526-523.5

mcx gold silver tips

Do you know where MCX Gold & Silver will go this week? Read our last published email / newsletter, if you don’t remember then click here to it tips / forecast.
Remember, always exact time + exact time + stoploss = for premium subscribers only!

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MCX Silver, Aluminum, CPO, Cardamom & NCDEX Dhaniya tips

mcx silver

Silver is looking upward for 2-3 days. Targets: 41247-41340-41400+
Hurdle: 40835
Closing below hurdle means 40582-40114

MCX Aluminium

Where to buy or sell MCX aluminium?
If MCX Aluminum close below 101.8 level for 2 consecutive days then sell for 100-99 otherwise BUY BUY BUY!
We’re looking uptrend – Targets: 103-104+

mcx cpo

Sell MCX CPO on Top for targets: 530-526-520 for short term & intraday…

ncdex cardamom free tips

If open negative then sell MCX Cardamom for 960-952 intraday targets…

Dhaniya ncdex tip

Dhaniya made new low and yesterday broken almost 1.5 month low. If it opens continue negative then today we’ll look again new low. Targets: 9136-9117

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Commodity MCX Silver, Natural gas, Aluminum & Cardamom tips

mcx silver

Silver tried well to come up but all fail. It comes on seller eyes and selling pressure pushing down continually. We’re looking more downward trend in Silver with Targets: 41250 – 41056 – 40836 – 40600 below and maximum 40.12K-39K.

Now, you’re thinking – from where to start moving up? Sorry but so many people’s paying us for some hidden secretes of commodity market and if I will share with you all then what kind of difference between free / paid subscribers? Thus, I will update it for my premium subscribers only!

mcx aluminium

From 2 last weeks, we’re saying everyone – sell aluminium..!!! Today, again but game is little bit different. It drops Rs.10 in just one month. Thus, if MCX Aluminum closes below 103.2 level then sell it for 102.2-101.9-100.5 and closing above 105.5 means, we will look @ 107-109 level again!


There’s no doubt, natural gas comes in downtrend. It drops almost Rs.15 in last week sessions. This week, if you see closing below 268.7 then it will come down 262-257 levels below.
Hurdle 279.5 level and if close above it that means 287-294-300+.

cardamom mcx ncdex

97% chance to go up and 100% hot commodity. If cardamom closes above 1081 level then just buy buy buy!!!
Short term targets: 1100-1130-1167+

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