UPDATE: MCX Crude oil, Aluminium, Natural Gas and NCDEX Cocudakl

mcx ncdex crude oil

What I said about Crude oil?
If you don’t remember then CLICK HERE and read it again.
I said, “Sell MCX Crude oil with Targets: 4624 -4608

Crude oil all targets blasted!!!


mcx aluminium

Yesterday what I said about MCX Aluminium?
I had written, “Go and Sell it with Targets: 108.3 – 108.1

Our all aluminium targets blast!!


MCX Natural Gas

What I had written about Natural Gas?
Click here to read it
I said you, sell it… whatever other peoples say bla bla bla! I don’t care…!!
Yesterday it missed just 1 point to kiss our first target and again I am saying……It’ll kiss our targets in between 3 trading sessions!

Note: yesterday our paid subscribers didn’t worked in NCDEX Cocudakl. I’m expecting between 2 trading sessions it’ll kiss our targets.


MCX Gold, Silver, Aluminium, Crude oil, Nickel, Zinc, Natural Gas and NCDEX Cocudakl

mcx gold silver
What you think all of you about Gold and Silver?
It’ll go UP or DOWN?
No, it’ll move like monkey.
I just want to say, safe traders don’t trade on it without any guidance.
If you can’t stand without guidance into commodity market, I welcome you to strongly stand in commodity market after become my subscriber!

MCX Aluminium

Let’s start trading with Aluminium
Go and sell it @ opening bell but after if it opening bell should be minus otherwise leave..
Targets: 108.3 – 108.1


If you want to trade in MCX Crude Oil then first keep silence.
Intraday Targets: 4624-4608
Stoploss: For my subscribers only!

mcx nickel

I don’t write everything about MCX Nickel here..
It’ll stop to run @ 979

mcx zinc

Small Traders for good opportunity..
If once close @ 105.3 or above then buy it and forget!
It’ll kiss 105.9-106.4
If Zinc will move downward and close then sell it without worry because it’ll touch 104.5 – 104.1
Now, choice is yours!

mcx natural gas

What you want to do with MCX Natural Gas?
Nothing, just go and sell it.
Targets: 121.7 – 119.3

ncdex cocudakl cotton seeds

Sell sell sell…. No worry…
Targets: 1122 – 1111
Stoploss yesterday high for free users!

Exact Time – Exact Level with Stoploss: For subscribers only!

NEW UPDATE: MCX Silver, Aluminium, Cardamom and NCDEX Turmeric, RMSEED…

carmcx silver tips

MCX Silver prices have dropped in the last couple months. I like to talk for Long-Term Traders. I happen to like buying in this area, but I would much rather buy silver around 51020. It’s not bad idea to buy half your investment at 54321 and buy the other half if silver does fall to 51020. I know well silver price crushing this days but I’m talking here….about future.

Let’s street to the point, short term traders should to wait for sell silver. Yep, sell. Once silver will close below 54321 then……you’ll see 53009 – 52684 – 51020 levels.

Today Intraday Traders, Go and Sell silver.
Targets: 54321 – 54233

Once touch the target then exit from it without any question. It’s looking hot and very risky (Opening bell should be negative).

More information about Silver, I’ll update for my subscribers only!

cardamom mcx ncdex

Anyone noticed Cardamom?
Once it open positive, Go & Buy it
Targets: 1351 – 1377

ncdex turmeric

Who want to play safely huh?
Okay, go and buy NCDEX Turmeric
Don’t ask me any other questions just make targets level: 3925 – 3988
Remember opening bell should be upper-side.

What you think about MCX Aluminum and NCDEX RMSEED..???
I’ll write for my subscribers only…!!


New Update: MCX Gold, Silver, Crude oil, Aluminium and more…

Nowadays Commodity market isn’t unsafe. Investors are still missing money from MCX and NCDEX and I don’t how, why? Where do I start writing with these wild days commodities? Today we see how the market will react. Let’s start with MCX Silver.

gold silver mcx tips

On 39th Feb 2012 I had written about Silver. Click here to see it Where, something in password protected zone. Today let me show you what I had written on password protected zone.

If silver will close below 57482 level then it’ll go more downwards and make low 56389 – 55826 soon… Technically silver looking upwards thus you can buy it above 57482 for targets: 58000 – 59000 – 60000. More information about silver will update soon by SMS!

Today is same, you can go with silver. Intraday Traders Make targets: 58988 – 59343 – 59820
More information about Silver for my paid subscribers!

crude oil

Buy MCX Crude oil NO WORRY!!
Targets: 5367 – 5400 – 5440
If you want to know stoploss then become paid member. Stoploss for subscribers only!

mcx aluminium

110% Hot commodity!
Buy aluminum @ 114.5 and Targets: 115.2 – 115.8
Trade with low qty – Bit Risky
Free users for stoploss yesterday low!!!

MCX Gold / Copper / Nickel also looking hot to me but for my subscribers only!
You want to know more about MCX/NCDEX Market?

New Update: Gold, Copper, Aluminum, RMSEED, Cocudakl, Soy oil and Dhaniya

Today I’ll write about Gold, Copper, Aluminum, RMSEED, Cocudakl, Soy oil and Dhaniya.

gold silver mcx tips

Nowadays Gold is consolidating. Yes, I’ll not write stop loss here because it’s for subscribers. Remember, Gold opening bell should be down side after work on it.
dhTargets: 27436 – 27400

mcx copper

Buy Copper around 417.5 with Stoploss: 416
Targets: 420 – 421
Exact time and Exact Level for Subscribers only!

NCDEX Players ready?
Go and Buy RMSEED
Targets, Stoploss and Exact level for Subscribers!

ncdex cocudakl cotton seeds

Just Buy & Forget!!!
Short Term Targets: 1344 – 1350 – 1353
Remember, opening bell should be upper side with stop loss 1319


It’s trying to move up side. Thus, work with soy oil very carefully
Targets: 703 – 699
Make stop loss 710.5

Dhaniya ncdex tip

99% Hot Commodity!
Let’s being game with Dhaniya
Sell it without worry!!!
Targets: 3858 – 3832 – 3799
Free users for stop loss yesterday high!

MCX Aluminium

I’m looking very consolidate. Thus, alert you by SMS – subscribers only.

Commodity Guesstimate (6-22-2011): MCX Gold, silver & Aluminium + NCDEX Cardamom

mcx gold silver

I had written so many times: “Gold overall trend is UP.” Watch now, Gold is running as I expect also silver making ride as I said on last newsletter. If once Gold close above 22798 after big storm comes in commodity market. I’ll write about Gold to my subscribers only.

MCX Aluminium
Aluminium wants to take U-Turn sharply. Yes, if want to earn short term base money then go with aluminium.
Short Term Targets: 116 – 117.5
Remember: If once break or close below 110 then aluminium can go in bloodbath.

mcx ncdex cardamom

What I said about cardamom?
It’ll go 831+. NCDEX Cardamom all targets blasted & as I said, it’s going still up.
What you expect now?

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