FREE Commodity MCX Aluminium, Copper, Zinc & CPO intraday tips and weekly analysis

commodity aluminium intraday charts tips

MCX Aluminium tried well to recover previous week loss. Overall this week it gained only .65 rupees (last month contract). As per above chart, you can see it overall trend is upside but last trading candle shows weakening so it will continue drill downwards.

If you would like to buy Aluminium Aug contract then wait for 110.2 levels above closing because once it will crossover for only 1-2 hours then it can fly up to 111.2-112.2-113 levels.

But 110.2 is hurdle so the seller can keep continuing selling below the hurdle for 108.2-107.3 below levels.

Look at MCX Copper intraday chart, 3 trading session back copper had closed below to the trendline. It was fake out or down signal generated..??? Copper at the turning point now. If you will see copper above to 331 levels for 2-3 hours then this week copper will go upside and hit 335-339 above levels. It will break July high in August month!

But keep your eyes on 325.5 levels. It’s very crucial level and if the copper will test this level then we will see a big downtrend. It may drop up to 319-309 below levels.

If zinc will go to 149.6 levels and hold for 1-2 hours then traders may sell without any worry for 147.8-146.6 levels.

Don’t forget it’s strongly bullish to 150 levels and it can hit 152-154 levels in just a few hours. Before sell, I would recommend keeping patience for minimum a hours while it breaks the 149.6 levels.

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mcx zinc tips

CPO is the best for intraday trading. It’s raising up over 3 weeks and continues looking upside. Crude palm oil will touch 966-978-986 levels on next week.

crude palm oil CPO intraday tips
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COMMODITY TIPS, CHARTS & UPDATES: Gold & Aluminium Bearish Move Won’t End Soon

FREE Commodity Gold Intraday charts

Look at above chart, MCX Gold moving around the support 30610 level. Gold will test 30424 level soon. If it will break the support and stay below to 50% level then it may fall down up to 29900 – 29380 – 28760 levels below.

Keep in mind, don’t sell until it break the support (gold trend will stay up until breakout) or take some expert advice before investing. For intraday MCX Gold tips, subscribe our service.

So many traders send us emails for any recommendation on MCX Aluminium. I would like to say, aluminum buyer’s future is not bright for long-term. Look at the below weekly chart of Aluminium:

Sellers will pull down aluminium if shows closing below to 110 level. Above 110 level, aluminium will stay positive but last weekly candle indicating Monday opening bell is very important for buyers and sellers.

Lookout below intraday chart of Aluminium:

FREE MCX Aluminium Intraday charts and tips

MACD and RSI throwing sell signals on daily chart but don’t take any risk until it break 110 level. If aluminium show closing below to weekly chart strong sell signal (110 level) then it will hit 105.5-103.3 levels soon.

This week important global economic events for commodity traders:

18 July

19.30: US Housing Market Index

20 July

14.00: UK Unemployment Rate
20.00: US Crude Oil Inventories (IMPORTANT)

22 July

05.20: JP Trade Balance (IMPORTANT)
07.30: JP Flash Manufacturing PMI
18.30: US House Price Index MoM

19 July

14.00: UK Core CPI y/y, PPI
18.00: US Building Permits, Housing Starts

21 July

13.00: German Flash Manufacturing PMI
13.30: EU Flash Manufacturing / Services PMI
18.00: US Unemployment Claims
20.00: US Natural Gas Storage (IMPORTANT)

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COMMODITY UPDATES: Aluminium & CPO Intraday tips

Do you remember yesterday what I had said about Aluminium? No? Click here and remind it now.

Yesterday boldly I had written, “MCX Aluminium will continue drill downward. It should hit 105.4-104.4…”

Aluminium made low 103.85 and completed both targets in few hours!

mcx aluminium intraday tips

Yesterday what I was saying about CPO before market opening bell!? If you forget it then click here and read it again…

I said, “Crude palm oil moving higher and higher over 9 months… I’m expecting unbeatable up moves this week. …We will see 560-572+ levels.”

Yesterday CPO made high 564 and completed first target.

What are you expecting now? Will it hit 572 or not?
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free cpo crude palm oil tips
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Commodity Weekly Analysis & Tips: Aluminium, Lead & CPO

mcx lead 2 years charts intraday tips

This past week in lead has lost 3.9 rupees and on last trading session gained 1.1 rupees. Lead down moves are just stunts, overall trend is up until it breakout my support trend line (look at above chart) so I would like to recommend “buy in May and go away” – for short term investors.

For sellers: Do not forget to keep eyes on 113.5 level. If lead will break this level then we see big downtrend and it can touch 111-106 levels.

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mcx aluminium intraday tips

MCX Aluminium will continue drill downward. It should hit 105.4-104.4 before next Friday. Intraday traders must be keep eyes on opening bell. Negative opening will generate huge seller’s entry.

Buyers should wait for 104 level. It’s a small support of aluminium.

crude palm oil CPO intraday tips

Crude palm oil moving higher and higher over 9 months and from last 4-5 weeks it’s just adjusting corrections. This week is very crucial for the CPO because it goes down / close below to 544 level then it uptrend will be over this week.

I am expecting unbeatable up moves this week. If crude palm oil not break or stay above to 544 level then we will see 560-572+ levels. Short term investors may start buying from deep. More information I’ll be update during the market hours for premium subscribers.

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Commodity MCX & NCDEX Index, Crude oil and Aluminium intraday tips

mcx commodities intraday tips

MCX Index crucial level: 2554.5
Once MCX index will break then we may see continue downfall upto 2548-2540. Keep in mind, crucial level is just like a support so if it will hold above the crucial level then we may see 2565-2577-2583+ levels.

FREE ncdex agri commodities intraday tips

NCDEX Market index is rising since 4 weeks but yesterday market opening it had started falling. Agri-commodity traders must have eyes on 2919 level. The 2919 is a small support. If that breaks support then we may see downfall upto 2900 level.

crude oil tips

I’m damm sure it will open positive but not sure about today uptrend! Uptrend will being if crude oil breaks and stay above 2478 level. If that’ll happen then definitely we see 2525+ levels.

But in current situation we’re looking 2416-2382 levels.

mcx aluminium intraday tips

Hurdle: 101.1
Targets: 99.8-99.4

Hurdle level is very important. If it will hold the hurdle for 1-2 hours then it can hit 102-102.8+ levels in few hours. In commodity market aluminium is a sweet poison so always be careful with it.

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Commodity Crude oil, Aluminium & CPO intraday tips


Crude oil was falling non-stop over 2 weeks and that situation will stay as it is until the crude oil break and close above 2805 level. If it stays above 2805 for 1-2 consecutive hours then we will see 2855-2888 levels. And if it’ll stay below to 2805 level then nobody can stop to break 2682-2646-2600 below levels.

mcx aluminium intraday tips

Intraday Targets: 96-95.3
Above targets are intact but you will need to find top and exact entry level.
Exact time + Exact entry level + Stoploss = Premium subscribers only!

mcx cpo tips

Crude palm oil is the best commodity for today!

Just take care of previous closed level. If it breaks that then we may see 395-397+ levels but I’m expecting 387-384 below levels.

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