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Stocks Future with current opportunity…

ABAN Future

Best Buy level  388-390

Just, watch 684

(If trade below it…then exit from your long position)


Above 399…Targets 407-414 intraday

Note: if closing above 400…then hold your position for 418-426 and 434

Open this  Script on your Watch list(Yes-bank and LICHSGFIN),…and Wait for right level to sell…in coming days?




Best buy leve 552-555 and for Targets 562-566 (Just watch 568 above…then free 572-574-578)

Best for long if close 560 above…for targets 578-589



In this market, Best stock for trading is HINDUNILVR

Buy & buy & Buy…only 340 … but CMP 344

Therefore…You can grab 342-345 and 340

5-7 Days Targets 352-355 and above 358…then Free Targets 361-368-370





Above all levels of stock are with running trend,…if you are sharp traders…then keep small quantities only…

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