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Stock Tips for 3rd, June(RCOM, RELCAP, VIPIND etc)

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(Cash & Future)

Intraday 86-84-83 and Position 82-77

Just watch these targets below 91…!

(Sell and Sell and Sell at opening …!

Your Stoploss 91.5

Best selling levels 89-90-91


(Trade is Risky and Profit is heavy)

Selling pressure expected 895-801

(Worth is over and bulls will go away from this stock)

Intraday Expected Targets 772-757

Short term targets 720-743 after closing below 780


Last closed 512

Just watch 508 below…!

(Breaking and trading below this level…Stock will crach to 496-492 intraday)

Hold all your short position if closing 500 below for Positional Targets 489 and 464-444 this month

Opening Bell…!


Sell and sell and sell at opening…!

Intraday Targets 1019-1009

(Best selling levels 1056-1050 and Stoploss 1062)

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